Pornhub just announced huge changes: a.) allow uploads only from verified users; b.) no downloads; c.) improvements in moderation. Initial take: A great deal depends on how responsibly Pornhub implements these, and it hasn't earned my trust at all, but these seem significant.
Here's Pornhub's announcements of the new measures:… A great deal will also depend on whether past content, already on the site, is vetted or removed.
I'd add that continued monitoring and pressure will be necessary, and that we should also widen the lens to look at other companies. XVideos already has a bigger audience than Pornhub, and fewer scruples, and they should be forced to adopt similar measures -- and make them work.
A special thanks to those young women and men who shared their stories and documentation about Pornhub, because they didn't want other kids to endure what they had suffered. It was their courage, their stories, that made this happen. Teens like Serena:
Pornhub told me that the new policies applies to all Mindgeek sites, not just Pornhub. Again, a great deal depends on implementation, and skepticism is warranted, but this is still a huge deal. Canadians also get credit for the national debate lately about hosting Mindgeek.

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4 Dec
I've spent the last few months reporting this piece about Pornhub. What most people don't realize is that it's infested with rape videos. I talked to child trafficking survivors whose rape videos the company had distributed and monetized. Unconscionable:…
I owe a special thanks to so many young women and men who shared humiliating stories and documentation to spare other kids what they went through. Brava to Serena Fleites, whose photo runs with the piece; at 14, her life was upended by naked videos on Pornhub.
Let's be clear: The issue is not porn, it's rape. Just as the problem with Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby wasn't the sex but the lack of consent, it's the same with Pornhub. Search "13yo" on Pornhub, and you get more than 100,000 videos. There are playlists called Under Age.
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9 Oct
Congrats to the U.N.'s World Food Program on winning the Nobel Peace Prize! Bravo to @WFP aid workers in remote or dangerous areas trying to make sure children get the nutrients they need -- especially this year, when the Covid epidemic is followed by an epidemic of malnutrition.
@WFP The World Food Program is also really smart about how to promote nutrition, from school lunches to food fortification to breastfeeding support. WFP has been in front of the growing recognition that when young children don't get adequate nutrients, they are set back for life.
The World Food Program is also an extraordinary logistics organization, getting food trucks into war zones, past warlords, into damaged ports, over rumors of roads. I've camped with WFP in South Sudan as they organized food drops from planes to save lives.
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27 Sep
President Trump paid $750 in federal income taxes the year he was elected president. He paid another $750 in 2017. He paid zero in 10 of the previous 15 years. Extraordinary investigation shows Trump's truth is so different from his claims:…
This outrage belongs not only to Trump, but also to a tax system that favors real estate tycoons. This just underscores that what America needed wasn't the GOP tax cut for the rich, but a tax reform -- and wealth tax -- to help those who struggle.
Trump's taxes also show that he's an utterly incompetent manager who can't even run the family business that he inherited. He has a certain talent for self-promotion, but none for management. Tragically, he went from failing at managing a business to failing at managing a nation
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16 Sep
My new column on the second-round effects in the developing world of Covid-19, which are likely to be greater than the direct effects: A Cataclysm of Hunger, Disease and Illiteracy… Sadly, the rich world is myopic, self-absorbed and stingy.
Consider: The @UN estimates that there will be an extra 13 million child marriages because of Covid. That children will go blind because Vitamin A distribution is suspended. That polio eradication is set back, AIDS medication sometimes unavailable, and malaria control disrupted.
The great triumph of the modern world has been huge gains over the last 30 years against global poverty, illiteracy and child mortality. That long trend is now reversed, with a surge in extreme poverty this year.
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6 Jun
My Sunday column is now online, asking: "What if there had been no George Floyd video?" I look at structural racism throughout society: It doesn't go viral, but it is just as lethal and pernicious I welcome your thoughts.
Consider that a black boy born today in Washington, DC, Missouri, Louisiana or several other states has a shorter life expectancy than a boy born in Bangladesh or India. Or that a black infant is twice as likely to die before age 1 than a white baby.
Or that despite Brown vs Board of Education, the reality is that racial segregation has been INCREASING since 1988. Some 15 percent of black kids in the US now attend "apartheid schools" in which fewer than 1% of students are white.
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30 May
If Native American tribes were counted as states, the five most infected states in the US would all be native tribes, with NY dropping to No. 6. Here's my new column from the front line in Navajo Nation, with photos by @AZehbrauskas
@AZehbrauskas It's worth noting that the Navajo are vulnerable to the coronavirus because of decades of discrimination, exploitation and neglect. Even before Covid-19, life expectancy in Navajo lands was shorter than in Guatemala -- and now it will be shorter still.
After the coronavirus hit, South Korea and Ireland offered heartfelt assistance to Navajo Nation, in gratitude for help they had received in the past from Native Americans. The U.S. government, in contrast, has been more grudging in its help for Native communities.
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