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14 Dec, 16 tweets, 5 min read
Beautiful DF thanks for the invitation. And now the same thread and message in English.
Let's talk about twin flames! In my case from what I intuit, know and see, from here Nikos DM!
#TwinFlames #TwinFlameReunion #divinefeminine #divinemasculine
Let's talk about the sensations, both the annoying and the pleasant ones.
We are going to a better place, but walking with our steps and actions to travel that journey. Only we can carry us and walk our way.
In the case of sensations and emotions, beautiful and annoying: Let's be honest, what hurts is ours, whether we are DM or DF. This like everything has its origin in mirror work.
To understand this, let's understand what is happening: EVERYONE is being pushed and accelerated be it LLG, or Lightworkers or Starseeds.
They are pushed to awaken (yes, there are still laggards), heal, manifest, and integrate, anchoring the new energies.
And let's also talk about what the TF link is, and what is currently happening!
In the case of those who have twins (and reached the near end of their evolution in biological kingdoms, TF) and both are currently incarnated.
The union is being made from the upper planes down in 3D (many unions are close together).
So why does TW's contact "upset" us? Because we are complementary opposites, but what does it mean?
It means that if the DM learned and healed a list of experiences from "A to M". The DF did it from "N to Z".
And again why does it "upset" us? because if the DM's mirror approaches, having learned experience "A", to the DF who has a type "A" wound.
That experience is transmitted to her, and shakes her until she manages to integrate it, producing an accelerated healing process and intense, from his type "A" wound.
That is where we feel "upset or hurt."
So when we feel upset, let's look inside, look at the wound that we were hiding. And we heal with the new information we have acquired.
And what do I know about the divine? (of those who were the first to awaken in consciousness, be these DMs or DFs).
I am going to talk about the DMs that have awakened in consciousness and activity, before the DFs. This is my case.
To many, and seriously there are many, we have not been seen before.
But I assure you that we have been working for decades, behind the main stage. This was and is part of the plan, and is being lifted recently. A few have had prior public visibility.
About the DFs that have awakened before their DMs. You beautiful, many of you, have had the possibility to work visibly in the world. Thank you for so much, you are loved and very much!
And your DMs are there, waking up or half awake. I invite you, in meditation, to recognize him and invite him to take the step of revealing their faces and identities in 3D. And the process will begin, for DFs that still do not know the face of their DMs in 3D.
I invite you to activate the call.
The time is now, and it is also correct, you will have answers in one way or another that will bring you peace.
From now on, with all the love and strength of affection that is my own,
If you require my help or collaboration, in what I can contribute I am there for you. Just write.

• • •

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15 Dec
Well then today we talk about spiritual bonds! If you allow me, I will put it together like a thread here!
#twinflames #twinflame #twinsoul #soulmate #KarmicMates #KarmicRelationships
They have as their origin the same consciousness of a higher degree (atman). That in the process of incarnating and descending on the planes, to gain experience. It does this by separating its energies into two independent evolutionary plans.
Energetically it separates into complementary opposites, generally divine masculine and divine feminine.
Their encounters and union processes, when both are incarnated, is a complex process (generally this happens when it is not well understood) and coordinated.
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14 Dec
Gracias por la invitación bella DF. Si te parece? vamos por aquí! Hablamos de llamas gemelas! En mi caso desde lo que intuyo, se y veo, desde aquí Nikos DM!
Hablemos sobre las sensaciones tanto las molestas como las placenteras.
Estamos yendo a un lugar mejor, pero caminando con nuestros pasos y acciones para transitar ese viaje. Nadie puede caminarlo por nosotros.
#llamasgemelas #LLG
Sobre las sensaciones, hermosas y molestas. Seamos sinceros, son nuestras duelan lo que duela, seamos DM o DF. Esto como todo tiene su origen en trabajo del espejo.
Para entender esto, entendamos que esta pasando.
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3 Dec
Hola y bienvenidos a mi vida y mi presencia online!
Hace ya unas décadas estoy estudiando y practicando mis habilidades en diferentes ramas. Las cuales me permitieron conectar mis mundos (físico y espiritual), trabajar en mi y colaborar con mis mas cercanos.
Llevo trabajando en mi desarrollo conscientemente desde mis 16 años. Actualmente respondo a un llamado interior de aumentar mi presencia y acompañar colaborando y guiando para ayudar a otros a transitar los momentos actuales globales, personales e internos.
Estamos una era de transición final, del despertar global y completo de todas las consciencias encarnadas sobre Gaia actualmente. Hay compañeros de viaje, almas semillas estelares, trabajadores de la Luz, chelas, y nuevos despertados. Las ayudas están tomemos un momento de calma
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