I can see a lot of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange supporters who are mystified by what Bill Binney has recently been tweeting/talking about.

I have zero doubt that Bill is telling the truth. He should be supported.

My 2016 reporting proved DEW's existed & were in use long ago: ImageImageImageImage

My reporting is based off files I found in WikiLeaks 'Hacking Team' release

Reports from a defense marketing company revealed the name of manufacturers, distributors, purchasers, DEW programs worldwide ImageImageImageImage
The above is just a selection of what I found. You can find more yourself by going to WikiLeaks.org and typing "Directed Energy Weapons" into the search (include the quotation marks)

This evidence has been around for years but completely ignored by so-called media.

• • •

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17 Jun
It's not lone wolf infiltrators operating. There are teams of them, orchestrating, working together to pick people off & use them as cover.

They encircle & influence their "useful idiot", then get the useful idiot to front the attacks, creating deniability for themselves... 1/2
..so that the useful idiot draws the return fire, leaving an appearance of friend fighting friend, which the agencies consider a win-win.

But scratch beneath the surface & there the infiltrators are, constantly shit stirring & breaking solidarity & wrecking relationships & lives
I want to be clear that I do not believe there is presently any infiltration of Panquake. Our team is solid, old hands. That's why Panquake has been attacked so much. If they were controlling it, the smears would stop. But they aren't, so they denigrate us til they can get inside
Read 4 tweets
9 Jun
Ask me *anything*!

Anything at all, no holds barred.

& I'll respond to YOU in a 2 minute video :)

$40,815 & counting down.

Let's do this!

Ready, set, GO!!!

* The 10 ppl I referred to are our paid employees who've been generously funded by our community. We also have 20 great volunteers

* My responses may not be a full 2-minutes, depending & may be filmed (tastefully) while in bed, the bath, out walking/with no makeup!
* As well as answering serious questions, I'm game to answer silly questions, personal questions, unrelated questions or joke questions, anything that is in good faith

* I may even answer trolls or smear merchants

* I will not answer anything that would violate anyones privacy
Read 9 tweets
30 May
Spoiler alert!

THREAD: All the details of tonight's Panquake public delivery meeting can be found below

Multiple huge new announcements & a progress report on this month's MASSIVE development progress

(The event video will be in the final tweet of the thread)

Tonight the @pan_quake Community was called on to hit our GoGetFunding.com/panquake Beta Development target by June 26th. An ambitious target but an important one. Why? Because we revealed that doing so will trigger Beta Delivery & Support phase. That means: Panquake in your hands!
The major success of April's fundraising meant in May, we brought on multiple new devs & as you'll see in the tweets that follow, those devs have performed so well that we are currently ahead of our production schedule. More project funds directly translates into faster delivery!
Read 16 tweets
5 May
Lots of people wondering why I've been so quiet - I'm really sorry, the truth is because I have been heads down & tails up with the development team for hours and hours every single day building the greatest social media application we've ever seen, for you all! We progress daily
...and often when my head and my focus is constantly immersed in technical detail like that, the outside world blurs and the days melt into one another and my awareness centers around build requirements & delivery deadlines (which I never, ever miss as I'm sure you've noticed!)
In the not too distant future, someone far cooler, more adept, more interesting & better at the role than me will become the public face of @pan_quake & I'm really excited for that.

In the meantime, I'm building them & you all a product that lives up to all promises & beyond <3
Read 4 tweets
1 May
A note about the Fediverse:

I think the Fediverse is a wonderful thing. That's why I've ensured @pan_quake will be interoperable with it. PQ will contribute to the strength & growth of the Fediverse.

But those telling you that the Fediverse is "free" are lying to your face.
While being promoted as free, paid Fediverse hosting services are attractive to some users precisely because of the hardware costs, technical know-how barrier & ongoing funds required if you self-host instances. The more users in your instance the higher the costs you must meet.
Better worded: while the Fediverse is promoted as "free" participating in it often isn't free at all. Nor is it effortless. Should we invest effort in obtaining digital freedom? Absolutely. Is the Fediverse better than Big Tech? Vastly. But barriers to mainstream adoption remain.
Read 7 tweets
25 Apr
Tonight was without doubt the greatest @pan_quake delivery meeting so far

Thrilled to be able to announce so many new features & updates within a single event.

Check out all the details in the below thread. Event video will be published in the final tweet


As usual, we kicked it off by reviewing the updated campaign statistics for the last 4 weeks.

Huge news that THANKS TO YOU! we now have 4 full time development contractors & 1 part time paid contractor working very hard daily to deliver this groundbreaking next gen product

Remember last month when we announced 3 new marketing projects? We've delivered on all 3.

The first short thematic vid premiered at the end of the event & will be up on Instagram & other social media shortly.

Goodies page is live on site

Shop merchandise catalog follows

Read 18 tweets

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