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I don't hope, I build: @Pan_quake. Like surveillance, censorship is a for-profit industry that requires perpetual growth. Building tools to push back. Join us!
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5 May
Lots of people wondering why I've been so quiet - I'm really sorry, the truth is because I have been heads down & tails up with the development team for hours and hours every single day building the greatest social media application we've ever seen, for you all! We progress daily
...and often when my head and my focus is constantly immersed in technical detail like that, the outside world blurs and the days melt into one another and my awareness centers around build requirements & delivery deadlines (which I never, ever miss as I'm sure you've noticed!)
In the not too distant future, someone far cooler, more adept, more interesting & better at the role than me will become the public face of @pan_quake & I'm really excited for that.

In the meantime, I'm building them & you all a product that lives up to all promises & beyond <3
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1 May
A note about the Fediverse:

I think the Fediverse is a wonderful thing. That's why I've ensured @pan_quake will be interoperable with it. PQ will contribute to the strength & growth of the Fediverse.

But those telling you that the Fediverse is "free" are lying to your face.
While being promoted as free, paid Fediverse hosting services are attractive to some users precisely because of the hardware costs, technical know-how barrier & ongoing funds required if you self-host instances. The more users in your instance the higher the costs you must meet.
Better worded: while the Fediverse is promoted as "free" participating in it often isn't free at all. Nor is it effortless. Should we invest effort in obtaining digital freedom? Absolutely. Is the Fediverse better than Big Tech? Vastly. But barriers to mainstream adoption remain.
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25 Apr
Tonight was without doubt the greatest @pan_quake delivery meeting so far

Thrilled to be able to announce so many new features & updates within a single event.

Check out all the details in the below thread. Event video will be published in the final tweet


As usual, we kicked it off by reviewing the updated campaign statistics for the last 4 weeks.

Huge news that THANKS TO YOU! we now have 4 full time development contractors & 1 part time paid contractor working very hard daily to deliver this groundbreaking next gen product

Remember last month when we announced 3 new marketing projects? We've delivered on all 3.

The first short thematic vid premiered at the end of the event & will be up on Instagram & other social media shortly.

Goodies page is live on site

Shop merchandise catalog follows

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8 Apr
Your chance at social media liberation is under threat

@Pan_quake endorsers, donors, supporters & staff are being sent a document full of audacious lies to attempt to break trust & derail development

I'm live-blogging a debunking of the lies here:…

On the surface, I'm the target of the lies but in truth, we all are.

Because I am live-blogging my response, please periodically update the page to see new content. It may take several hours to complete. Once finished, I will present the key evidences in the below thread.

OK, here we go. The article is finished - for now - and here is the tl;dr thread as promised.

Follow along with me below:

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4 Apr
How to become a beloved mainstream liberal politician:

1. Smile no matter what you're saying
2. Embrace Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, & every other war criminal you meet
3. Secretly facilitate US-led drone bombing "missions" & kill POC daily

4. Use "diversity" as a cover for reinforcing the military industrial complex & your business-as-usual (ie. killing for $$) stance
5. Spend tens of millions of dollars of public money on PR campaigns to teach people how great you are, then celebrate your greatness at every chance
6. Advance "total awareness" intelligence agency agendas, violating your citizen's homes, schools, workplaces, vehicles, streets with ubiquitous spying hardware & software at a level that would put China to shame
7. Make your citizenry a police force, turning them upon each other
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28 Mar
THREAD: What did the @Pan_Quake community learn at tonight's 2nd monthly public delivery meeting?

(The full event video will be posted at the bottom of this thread!)


First: updated campaign statistics

Only 4 weeks on, we've had a 50% increase in donations, a 30% increase in donors, 4 new campaign updates posted, 6 new media appearances and some very dodgy and untrustworthy new follow stats from big tech that may or may not be accurate!

2/? Image
Second: more techy geeky stuff

You may remember from last month, we'd completed our use cases, workflows, & mockups.

This month we've been mapping our application properties: the objects, methods & data structures that our code will reference & which define our application

3/? Image
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19 Mar
BIG THREAD: When a self-professed "disinformation specialist" turns out to in fact be a specialist in circulating disinformation.

I was surprised at how many people failed to scratch below the surface of @davetroy's semi-recent yet widely circulated pontificating about QAnon

Many people know that I was among the first people in the world to call out QAnon for the giant scam/psyop that it is.

I called it out in a now famous & epically long thread that I wrote in May 2018.

That thread was picked up & amplified by Julian Assange & WikiLeaks.

My thread calling out QAnon for a psyop and warning people not to fall for it was not only written while I was living in Russia, but was widely circulated by many Occupy-related activists & WikiLeaks supporters.

Why? Because we knew QAnon was bullshit & were warning people

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3 Mar
Multiple times now, my account or my organisational accounts have been locked out or suspended & I've been able to get others to make enough noise about it to get it fixed in a day

That's a privilege. Millions don't have it. Millions are locked out permanently & lose everything
I actually lost a ton of my photojournalism & event coverage (years worth) when @OccupyNZ was arbitrarily suspended without reason. Likewise, we lost a huge piece of activism history when @OccupyAuckland was suspended years earlier.

Arbitrary suspensions really are book burning
It's the digital equivalent of someone saying "I didn't like your behaviour today so I'm going to set all of your personal photo albums and your home movie collection on fire and I'm not actually going to tell you what you did that made me do this to you. Don't like it? Too bad."
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1 Mar
Wow. This better be a mistake.

@Twitter appears to have SUSPENDED all of the official #PanQuake Twitter accounts.

Including @Pan_Quake, @PanQuaked, @PQSupport, @PanQuakeDev and @PanQuakePeople

If deliberate, this is proof of anti-competitive, monopolistic behaviour by Twitter
@Twitter @Pan_Quake @PanQuaked @PQSupport @PanQuakeDev @PanQuakePeople In US govt hearings, when asked whether @Twitter & @Facebook were monopolies, @jack & Zuckerberg claimed to both support and WANT competing services to be launched

The suspension of #PanQuake better be reversed very quickly, or it would be proof that those claims were hollow
Help stick it to Big Tech abuse and censorship: donate to help us complete the PanQuake build faster here:
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28 Feb
THREAD: What did the @Pan_Quake community learn at tonight's public delivery meeting?

Spoiler alert! Only scroll down if you don't want to spoil the surprises in the full video (which you can find here: or at

PanQuake - which is probably the most transparent business ever - has released a set of campaign metrics and statistics. It has only been 6 weeks since we launched our campaign, yet our stats are phenomenal.
ZERO corporate backing. ZERO MSM coverage. Yet look what you've done :)
We also released the full breakdown of web traffic to

These numbers are through the roof, for a grassroots project with a $0 marketing and $0 advertising budget and with no corporate PR or media support.

There is MAJOR public thirst for our solutions
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28 Feb
It'll be up any second :) Patience my friends :)

30% Transcoding then will be on
43% :)
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9 Feb
Yes I get asked this all the time but it's OK :)

We have a team of 24 working on @Pan_Quake. Our architecture was completed Oct-Dec 2020. Build started Dec-Jan. The $$ being donated to us have cemented our ability to complete a Beta product.


The phase 1 funding paid for the nuts and bolts, but our staff are all volunteers so the length of the build phase will ultimately depend on whether we are able to raise more funds & employ our developers full time. We will launch a new crowdfunder for that purpose soon.

Each dev that we can convert from volunteering a few hours per week to working for us 40 hrs per week will dramatically decrease the build time. As we don't know how many we can do that with yet we haven't set a fixed delivery date. Instead, we're reporting progress monthly

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28 Jan
THREAD: Someone just asked me about the potential of @Pan_Quake in the context of #wallstreetbets yesterday.

Had PanQuake been in the mix, what could it have done?

The answer is *a LOT*.

I'm going to explain below.

Nevermind corporate PR campaigns, digital marketing companies or advertising - NOTHING spreads information faster or more effectively than word of mouth

PanQuake has designed a brand new first-time-ever set of amplification tools that takes word of mouth and puts it on steroids
Example #1: PanQuakes

PanQuakes would have let #wallstreetbets fans, in a series of swift clicks, select the best commentary/info about WSB (either their own messages or others or a combination thereof) & in one click convert them into a single link shareable anywhere on the net
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17 Jan
Epic thread incoming:

I'm going to answer the question so many people have been asking this week:


Here's the definitive thread to tell you - and show you -precisely what Project X is

Grab a drink, sit down with me and let's #TalkLiberation


"Project X" is actually called "PanQuake".

Pan means "all". Quake is the huge effect our voices can have when our communications are uncensored and when we have access to brand new functionality that *enhances* our social reach, rather than diminishes it

Here's our logo:

You can follow the fledgling official PanQuake Twitter account here: @pan_quake and see our super cool new website here:

You can find our donation page here:

Keep reading this thread to find out why we created it & what it is

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17 Jan
Anyone who thinks @jimmy_dore isn't the real deal - he sat in our stream tonight for 3+ hours WITHOUT COMPLAINT while we struggled with endless technical difficulties just so he could complete a 10 minute spot he'd promised us. On a day where he'd trended worldwide.

He did that all so he could support this -->

Follow: @pan_quake
Other heroes who did the same - also without a single word of complaint: @LeeCamp @grahamelwood @Bill_Binney
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16 Jan

Our tech people have tried everything and still we can't get YouTube to stop forever-buffering our streams and let us go live. Therefore we are locally recording the entire event right now & will upload through all channels & website ASAP #talkliberation
We will not quit tonight until this is done! We will be launching tonight NO MATTER WHAT. NOTHING WILL STOP US!!!!!

Love you all, see you soon!
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28 Dec 20
I can see a lot of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange supporters who are mystified by what Bill Binney has recently been tweeting/talking about.

I have zero doubt that Bill is telling the truth. He should be supported.

My 2016 reporting proved DEW's existed & were in use long ago: ImageImageImageImage

My reporting is based off files I found in WikiLeaks 'Hacking Team' release

Reports from a defense marketing company revealed the name of manufacturers, distributors, purchasers, DEW programs worldwide ImageImageImageImage
The above is just a selection of what I found. You can find more yourself by going to and typing "Directed Energy Weapons" into the search (include the quotation marks)

This evidence has been around for years but completely ignored by so-called media.
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28 Dec 20
THREAD: If @Bill_Binney says he's being attacked with directed energy weapons, then he's being attacked with directed energy weapons.

The number of people willing to stay silent about it when someone like him is telling you their life is on the line, appalls and disgusts me

In case you're one of the people who've been sticking their heads in the sand, the defense industry's own advertising materials stated that directed energy weapons had been tested & were 'operationally feasible' in 2012

Proven in @WikiLeaks files:…

Throughout generations, military were caught testing weapons on unwitting civilian populations.

Stating the obvious: High tech, military-grade weaponry being used to torture civilians is not OK.

At this link you can see my previous tweets about this:…

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21 Nov 20
Livid that @KiwibankNZ - who I'm a foundation customer of - blocked my ATM card & all my online payments leaving myself & 2 children stranded in Russian winter/COVID crisis w/ no access to funds because I paid NZD$15.06 (USD$10) to a @DalaiLama-linked mindfulness & meditation org
They said they would unblock my card/account but then didn't and their international "services" helpdesk is not open again until Monday (and even then only for an 8 hour window), meaning we face two days unable to buy food or water or pay any of our bills.

NOT COOL, @KiwibankNZ
Very interesting: have Kiwibank added Buddhist meditation services to the list of people they are financially censoring?…

Would be strange considering the US House of Representatives just passed a resolution in support of Tibet:…
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30 Oct 20
Very smart people told me: never write about what you are doing in the future, only the past or what is already completed.

I never listened to them

Being real is more important to me than being clever. I'm not reputation or results-driven. I'm love-driven

A personal thread:
Multiple ppl have been needling me to appear on video more

(Observant watchers will have noticed that I have barely made any public appearances this year)

I've turned down nearly all radio and video interview requests in 2020. I've deferred requests to other relevant ppl

The truth is, I've never liked being on video. I've never liked having my picture taken. I don't like fronting campaigns. I spent my life trying to avoid public speaking, or being on a stage.

I use the skills I have only when I feel compelled to do so. And only for 1 reason

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