Slight modification... The regions where property will be purchased a low cost will, not coincidentally, be the "opportunity zones" where investment transactions without capital gains can be made. The areas where riots took/take place (OZ's)will sell cheap. WATCH... #RESET
2) "Opportunity zones" allow for mass investment moves from billionaire class without paying capital gains taxes.

The mass accumulation of wealth (multinationals) at the upper tier of Big Tech (technocrats) during COVID is approximately +40% since it began.
3) This shift of wealth from Main Street (COVID shutdowns and lock-downs) into the multinationals (tech, banks and massive corporations ie. Amazon etc.) means the extremely wealthy have access to trillion$ of new funds .
4) The billionaire class can move those funds without paying any capital gains if they shift them into "opportunity zones", this is part of the OZ program incitement.
5) The "opportunity zone" areas are (not coincidentally) the same areas where riots and civil unrest was taking place.

The Main Street retail centers that were shut down during the civil unrest then faced the (not coincidental) follow-up financial stress from the COVID impacts.
6) As a consequence of both events, Main Street small businesses are crushed and under extreme financial burdens. It is estimated that 40% of those businesses will not survive 2021.

Now think about this...
7) 40% of Main Street businesses wiped out. Not coincidentally almost 40% of wealth has been transferred from Main Street to the Wall Street mega-corporations and multinationals. 🤔....

Look up the $$$ growth of Amazon and Wal Mart and tech in 2020. You can clearly see it.
8) The next step is a simple math and banking equation.

Move the 40% $$ gains (Wall Street) into purchasing the 40% collapse on Main Street.

The transfer tool is the tax sheltered Opportunity Zone plan.
9) ... AND there you have it.

"Never let a crisis go to waste"...

Only in 2020 the "crisis" was (yet again) by design. COVID mitigation in the Blue states, not coincidentally the same OZ regions, is a mass transfer of wealth to the upper tier.

..... CAN YOU SEE IT? ImageImageImage
10) We have been watching this for years... It is one long continuum.

/END Image

• • •

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8 Sep
Nothing makes my blood pressure rise as much as these manipulative econ creeps. Go ahead and complain about corporate food profiteering..... then f**king explain to me why you raise foodstamp/snap reimbursement rates to fatten their f**king corp bottom line.
(2) This is the @BrianDeeseNEC grocery price equivalent of Jonathan Gruber saying "we rely upon the stupidity of the American voter", during Obamacare....
(3) Part of the lobbying in the food industry by BigAg multinationals is to advocate for the expansion of U.S. taxpayer benefits to underwrite the costs of the domestic food products they control.
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7 Sep
(1)Australia has an unusual/unique parliamentary system reflecting history of their creation.

There are no recognized "natural" or inherent rights in Australia. All rights are granted by a governmental system structured around extreme democracy. That's why voting is mandated.
(2)It took me a while to figure out why the Australian people would be so compliant toward what looks like government authoritarianism.

After research, I understand it now.
(3) All rules, laws, regulations, etc. come from the top down. They are proposed by command and control and then approved by the people in mandatory elections where participation is not optional.
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23 Aug
(1) Jake Sullivan

Jake Sullivan is Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor. Jake Sullivan controls the National Security Council, which is an assembly of security strategists from across the spectrum of government, located inside the White House.
(2) In his role NSA Jake Sullivan coordinates with the Pentagon, State Department, and intelligence apparatus (foreign and domestic) writ large. Sullivan is a 44-year-old political ideologue.
(3) In this interview today Sullivan’s role was/is to protect the interests of the White House amid the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan.

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23 Aug
(1) Lloyd Austin

Lloyd Austin is the U.S. Secretary of Defense. Lloyd Austin is responsible for the U.S. military and pentagon response to the crisis in Afghanistan.
(2) Secretary Austin is the woke, highly political hire within the Biden administration, and it is his responsibility to weaken the U.S. military and infect the institution through a process of advanced cultural Marxism (political correctness).
(3) The collapse of security and stability within Afghanistan is ultimately a distraction from the purpose of Lloyd Austin. From the perspective of international security and advanced, strategic U.S. military operations, this is not his forte’.
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23 Aug
(1) Anthony Blinken

The modern U.S. State Dept is an independent, bureaucratic, and massive foreign policy institution that does not accept any oversight.
(2) The DoS are able to accomplish their independent position by partnering with intelligence agencies. The Dept of State use the U.S. Intelligence Branch as a weapon against any individual or entity who would attempt oversight.
(3) When a Secretary of State is appointed to the role as head of the agency, the arbitrary nature of the institution around them is accepted.
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16 Aug
August 12th ..."BigAg has likely already made deals for increases in government welfare payments (EBT and Foodstamps, WIC etc.)."...…

Now today 👇👇
(2)Couple of points for those following along....

(a) Notice how this 25% increase in food assistance is directly opposite of the administration claim that "inflation is temporary and transitional".
(3) Again underlying the specific point...

... "In order for ideological leftists (Alinsky types) to continue advancing their ideological belief systems they have to pretend not to know things"...

That truism is the origin of their hypocrisy.
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