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1 Aug
1. Perhaps this serves as a good example why we must embrace the spirit of fellowship and push back against this evil effort.
2. If your center of normal is based around this overwhelming onslaught, you will eventually concede liberty in favor of peace. Once we stop living in liberty, we no longer have peace.
3. If you allow yourself to be drawn into crisis and despair, you allow them to win. Every moment that we allow the onslaught to deter us from living our dreams, is a moment those who oppose our nation view as us taking a knee.
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25 Jul
1) Big explainer discovery for those in weeds. Rosenstein was able to create plausible deniability in lack of SC oversight because Tashina Guahar was tasked with internal oversight.

Tashina was coordinating SC operations in Main Justice.

DOJ-NSD Tash *had control*.
2) This explains how the SC team was able to run Main Justice when Sessions recused.

Tash, hired by Holder, was the background player running the operation. Mueller Inc. was an organized operation.
3) Lots of stuff reconciling..... More will come soon.
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11 Jul
1) There is so much to unpack here I'm going to share a short thread.
2) First, note the perspective of Rod Rosenstein as he shares this op-ed *written by Robert Mueller.

[*Authorship is tenuous at best, and more likely written by Weissman or Zelby (Lawfare) on behalf of Mueller]

But for now, focus on Rosenstein.
3) Notice how Rosenstein positions his advocacy as part of the Mueller team. This is critical; and unfortunately everyone keeps missing it.

Rosenstein did the same thing in his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.
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7 Jul
Don't forget Dana Boente is gone now. All of the removals and resignations were effective July 3rd, last Friday. (This release timing?)

Jody Hunt
Noel Fransisco
Dana Boente

All removed effective July 3rd.

cc: @SidneyPowell1 @Techno_Fog
I'll guarantee you the Boente notes are the ones from his conversation with James Comey prior to his signing the FISA renewal. These were previously leaked by special counsel team to Rachel Maddow. @SidneyPowell1 @Techno_Fog
That is why the DOJ removed Boente.

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3 Jul
CAN YOU See This? - COVID Reporting New Guidance on Scribd: @Scribd ReadMore…
If no, it's intentional. Weird manipulation happening. Being blocked from public.
On/Around June 1st 2020. The whole system was modified for COVID reporting. That explains the surge.
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1 Jul
1) Big Day. Transparently missing amid resistance media.

Want to know more about importance of this date? Here's the explainer thread.
2) First it is important to understand the difference in trade agreements, and what NAFTA/USMCA never was.

The issue, always purposefully hidden by media and economic pundits, is that NAFTA was never a North American “Trade Bloc”.
3) Those who exploited NAFTA, always needed a big foundational lie to hide the scheme.

Most people mistakenly equate NAFTA with other multi-nation trade partnerships like the EU (European Union). The NAFTA partnership is nothing like the EU trade bloc; it is not even close.
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1 Jul
1) Take a Break Thread (just for a few minutes):

Perspectives courtesy of Max Ehrmann's brilliant reminder.
2) "GO PLACIDLY amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons."
3) "Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story."
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30 Jun
1.) This is another policy alignment from the Trump administration toward the ongoing confrontation with China. Beijing will not be happy; and this follows only a day after the Trump administration removed the ‘special trade status’ afforded to Hong Kong.
2.) President Trump and all executive branch offices are strategically targeting China from multiple simultaneous angles. The scale of the strategy is very comprehensive.
3.) This FCC position today aligns with the Commerce Department (Wilbur Ross) setting up new advanced chip manufacturing in the U.S. which will facilitate further decoupling from China.
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30 Jun
If 20,000 people (or more) show up to the beach on July 4th, what the heck do the authorities expect can be done about it?


The power of govt. only exists as long as the governed give their consent. Withdraw that consent and government is powerless.
2) The power of the local, regional or state authority comes from the expressed consent of the people. As soon as the majority of people deny that consent, those officials and state authoritarians lose all of their power.
3) Those who construct the systems of control need to weaponize fear. Fear of arrest; fear of losing a business; fear of losing liberty or financial security. Local, regional and state officials rely on fear.
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23 Jun
1) Yes. We finally have a picture of the Bubba Wallace garage door, and lookie here. Notice how much shorter the pull rope is (compared to adjacent) once you cut off the "noose" (hand loop).

And it's in Bay #4. Exactly where the loop pull was.

2) Go to video at 00:53 and you'll see Bay #4 the before picture. (screengrab)

3) This is definitive proof. The Bubba Watson "rope noose" was a total hoax.

Could have been an accidental misinterpretation by a member of the team; but given the circumstances highly unlikely. ATTN: @NASCAR please see above.
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23 Jun
Is Bubba Wallace Rope Noose a Hoax or Misunderstanding? All Talladega Garage Doors Have Nooses – NASCAR Video Evidence……
Every garage door at Talladega speedway has "Rope Noose" pull-downs on them.

The video in the original link will show you.

It's either:
A Hate Hoax,...
Or a misunderstanding....
Or a purposeful misunderstanding....

You decide. @NASCAR
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23 Jun
Big story about that NASCAR Bubba Wallace Rope Noose is about to break.....
Here it is.... My guess "A PURPOSEFUL MISUNDERSTANDING" intentionally manipulated to garner attention. Let's see how @NASCAR exits their way out of this one after all the attention they drummed into it.…
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21 Jun
1) Here's what my whiteboard indicates on the Papdopoulos / Mifsud / Erica Thompson / Downer / and eventually Tawil stuff....

It's not what most have ever looked at; but the Whiteboard hasn't changed (disproved itself) over 3+ yrs.

2) This is Cliff Notes version; and I highly recommend everyone do your own review. Apply scientific method to disprove.

I'll cite where possible.
3) The *official* origin of crossfire hurricane surrounds George Papdopopulos. He's the centerpiece of the electronic communication, the "EC" that starts everything from an 'official' perspective.…
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20 Jun
I've got to say it. In a weird way we need to thank @RepJerryNadler for trying to impeach Bill Barr and thereby lighting a fire under the AG to get him to take action.

However, it's made better because Nadler doesn't know about the secret shield that no-one is discussing...
The media has never connected the events.

The FISC ordered the DOJ action. [Which just happened to be an action that Barr was quite comfy with]. lol. This is too damned funny.
Good grief. I'm not admirer of Bill Barr, and certainly not an apologist, but I can see clearly see the solid footing the AG is standing on.

Barr is not a dummy. He wouldn't make these DOJ moves without titanium justification. The FISC order is a part of that... /cont.
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16 Jun
This is a pretty legally feeble position by @shakeshack considering the corporation specifically empowered their employees (publicly) to take action against police just last week.
I don't know if the police will sue them; but I'm quite certain @shakeshack 's tweets last week puts them on the hook to pay for the legal defense from "the action" by their employees.
Here's the tweet (instructions) in question. Here's the problem:

"Black Lives Matter" = known violent entity against cops.

"Our responsibility" = collective (Corp./employees)

"The fight" = Company authorized violence

"must be accompanied by action" = corporate authorization
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6 Jun
Good quality video capture and slow-mo. Shows exactly what I was noting on Thursday night.

First move was to officers mic (top left of chest), then moved to 2nd officers communication belt. He was trying to trace/capture (skim) signal signature.
Here's the thread to understand what he was doing.

Note the bag he was carrying before he put the mask on.…
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5 Jun
🤔"join protests". Good grief, does anyone do research any longer? The NBPP and NoI are the underpinning of Black Lives Matter. The 'joining' happened long ago during the alliance first assembly in Ft. Mellon Park.
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5 Jun
Watch the old guy's right hand closely. This was not innocuous. He's attempting to either record the police tactical belt, and/or skim the radio... Watch it a few times; you'll see.
You can download software to your phone that allows you to "clone" the frequency and signal of a device.

Once the frequency is captured (ie cloned) you can track the device, duplicate the signal and/or listen to a transmission.

That appears to be what he's attempting.
Here's a pro-tip that I might get in trouble for sharing.

In the old days we called them 'bounty hunters', but in modern vernacular they're trackers. Guys/Gals who trace 'wanted people' for a living.

In this era the public sector track operations are high tech.
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1 Jun
Dana Boente's defense is to claim he was duped by Comey.

Andrew Weissmann leaked Boente handwritten notes (during call w/Comey) to MSNBC during Mueller investigation.

Boente claim against Comey does aligns w/ accusation of FBI whistleblower in charge of Comey memo collection.
DOJ Demand for Boente to exit FBI related to same FBI whistleblower connected to this issue (next two screengrabs from IG report on Comey memo handling).

You'll see the issue. FIRST:
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31 May
1. Rod Rosenstein, Chris Wray and Dana Boente were involved the Wolfe cover-up; and the control move against Assange to protect the fraudulent basis for, and downstream purpose of, Mueller's investigation.
2. There were two groups in two administrations that held a similar purpose.

"Group One" was the original coup team; from the Obama era; and includes all of the names people are familiar with.
3. "Group Two" was the continuation group who picked up after Trump took office. Group two includes many names and appointees from the Trump administration.

The Group-2 goal was to cover for Group-1 and continue the effort beyond 2017.
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29 May
Wow. Victim George Floyd and Police Officer Chauvin worked together at a restaurant near Third Precinct for over 17 years. Worked together for many years. Obviously there's more to this story than we know.
Per city councilwoman. Here's the video.

The *former* owner (who hired them) confirmed they worked together, same shifts, for over a year.

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