BREXIT 2013-2020 - A THREAD
(Including the Tragicomedy of Remain)

It’s taken 7 years from the first seeds of a referendum but now, finally, from 1/1/2021 we are free to chart our own path.

Here are some of the memories - the good, bad, ugly & more...


23/1/2013 - David Cameron @ Bloomberg

We can’t expect the British people to keep accepting a European Settlement over which they’ve had little choice...
"that is why I’m in favour of having a referendum"

Well said Sir

May 2014 - UKIP wins the European Parliament election & replaces the Conservatives as the largest UK party

Nigel Farage is now fully centre-stage in British politics & about to become the most important UK politician since Margaret Thatcher

/3 Image
14/4/2015 - Tory manifesto launched for the 2015 General Election & pledges "Real change in our relationship with the EU" & commits to "hold an in-out referendum before the end of 2017"

Thank Nigel for this

7/5/2015 - Against the odds David Cameron wins a 12 seat majority

This was only possible due to the SNP taking 40 seats off of Labour in Scotland.

Thank Nicola for this

/5 Image
7/5/2015 - LibDems falling far short of their own expectations - not for the last time

Did Paddy Ashdown ever eat his hat?

9/6/2015 - EU Referendum Bill - 2nd Reading

Despite their love of referendums the SNP was the only party to vote against allowing one on our EU membership (& actually raised a motion to prevent the Bill proceeding. Despite Labour abstaining (again!) the motion was crushed)

/7 Image
25/6/2015 - Cameron informs the EU Council of his plans to hold an in-out referendum. Little do they know it will be held in less than 1 year.

The clock is ticking

July 2015 - Due to Ed Miliband’s resignation after Labour’s disastrous performance in the GE, the leadership contest is underway. And there’s an unlikely front-runner.
Enter stage-left Jeremy Corbyn

John McTernan, Blairite, calls his 35 backers “morons”

Some of those McTernan says need their heads felt:

Abbott, Burgon, Butler, Sadiq Khan, Lammy, Long-Bailey, McDonnell & Thornberry - the usual suspects

In hindsight, it’s fair to say they didn’t know what they were voting for

12/9/2015 - Jeremy Corbyn is elected Leader of the Labour Party receiving 59.5% of the vote

This is a tragedy for REMAIN. And a comedy for the rest of us.

10/11/2015 - Cameron sets out his re-negotiating principles in a speech at Chatham House. The change he seeks in our relationship with the EU

1. Single Market - fairness btwn € & non-€ countries
2. Competition
3. Exempt UK from “ever-closer union”
4. Tackle free movement

17/12/2015 - The EU Referendum Act receives Royal Assent.

No going back now

/13 Image
19-22/2/2016 - David Cameron announces he has secured a great deal (won’t be the last time we hear a PM say that) giving the UK special status in the EU & also announces the EU Referendum will be held on 23/6/2016

A date with destiny

Feb 2016 - One of our great friends in the EU, Mr. Guy Verhofstadt, is confident we will not vote to leave as we are not stupid & in any event the UK is a dwarf on the world stage without the EU

A few more LEAVE votes in the bag 🤝

11-13 April 2016 - The Government sends its referendum leaflet to every UK household telling us why we should REMAIN.
It didn’t feel like a good use of £9m quid at the time but it was money well spent - although not legally binding they had to implement our decision

/16 Image
/17 - The calm before the storm.... Image
May/June 2016 - Project Fear kicks into gear with George Osborne really laying it on

Economy ⬇️
£ ⬇️
Inflation ⬆️
Unemployment ⬆️
Wages ⬇️
House prices ⬇️
Borrowing ⬆️
Immediate recession - just for voting to Leave

Poor people, you have been warned

In a staggering act of political interference, Barack Obama says the UK will be back of the queue for a trade deal if we leave the EU

Trouble is Americans don’t have queues, only lines. Obama is rumbled as a plant

In the single market? Out of the single market? What does Leaving mean?

Well for the record

23/6/2016 - THE Big Day

After nearly 30 years thinking about it, here’s what I voted for

1. Sovereignty of the people
2. Sovereignty of our courts
3. Control of our money
4. Control of our trade
5. Control of our borders
6. Control of our waters

/21 Image
24/6/2016 - One of the greatest political nights in our history ends with these immortal words from David Dimbleby

"The British people have spoken & the answer is WE’RE OUT"

24/6/2016 - David Cameron resigns as Prime Minister

Credit where credit is due - the only PM to allow a referendum on the EU (not the EEC) - if others had done so (as they promised) we would have been saved a lot of grief.

Thank you for your service

24/6/2016 - The Result in all its glory. The largest vote for anything in our history

17,410,742 voters - heroes all

/24 Image

June 2016 - It doesn’t take long for the recriminations to start

Kay Burley & David Lammy getting it so very wrong - it was all about Immigration apparently. And they get paid for this stuff.

13/7/2016 - Theresa May becomes Prime Minister

"Brexit Means Brexit" - A good start...


Chancellor - Hammond - Remainer
Home Sec - Rudd - Remainer
Foreign Sec - Boris - Brexiteer
Defence - Fallon - Remainer
DexEU - Davis - Brexiteer
Trade - Fox - Brexiteer

George Osborne - Fired

2/10/2016 - Theresa May announces to party conference a ‘Great Repeal Bill’ to repeal the European Communities Act 1972 & also confirms she will trigger Article 50 before the end of March 2017.

She’s making all the right noises

4/10/2016 - the first 2 cases against Brexit are heard in the High Court of Northern Ireland

1. Threat to the peace process/Good Friday Agreement
2. UK Govt needs consent of the NI Assembly to leave the EU

The court found in favour of the govt but this is the first of many

/30 Image
13/10/2016 - Nicola Sturgeon.....You already know what she’s gonna say, right?

By 2020 she said later on - well we’ve heard about it every day since but it ain’t happening this year (or next..)

18/10/2016 - The High Court hears the first Gina Miller case challenging the legality of the UK Govt’s proposed use of prerogative powers to give notice of intention to leave the EU under Article 50

Here’s Gina ⬇️. Remember her name. A more pivotal figure is hard to imagine

/32 Image
3/11/2016 - The High Court gives its judgment & finds in favour of Gina Miller & rules the Govt cannot, according to UK constitutional law, use prerogative powers to give notice of withdrawal, under Art 50, to the EU

The Govt confirmed it will appeal to the Supreme Court

5-8/12/2016 - The Supreme Court hears the Govt’s appeal against the High Court’s Miller ruling

For the first time *ever* the court sits ‘en banc’ meaning that all justices hear the case

Read into that what you will....

7/12/2016 - The House of Commons votes on a motion to respect the outcome of the referendum & it passes by a large majority

It should have been clear from here our friends in the SNP, LibDems, Plaid & Ms Lucas were going to dissent all the way

But Labour! Watch them renege

/35 Image
15/12/2016 - Theresa no May-tes attends the EU Summit in Brussels

In a shocking display of petulance & discourtesy the British Prime Minister is cold-shouldered by the EU

17/1/2017 - Theresa May gives a memorable speech at Lancaster House, in what was probably her zenith in office. If she’d have stuck to the 12 principles she laid out here, who knows things would have been different

"No Deal is Better Than A Bad Deal”

Yes, Prime Minster!

24/1/2017 - The Supreme Court rejects the Govt’s appeal against the Miller ruling and states that Ministers "require the authority of primary legislation" in order to give the Art 50 notice

This is not the victory REMAIN thinks it is
The spider enters all our lives

/38 Image
24/1/2017 - There were also devolution questions raised & the Court unanimously holds that the UK Parliament is not legally required to seek consent from the devolved legislatures

This is the 2nd such verdict to go in the Govt’s favour

Nicola doesn’t like that

/39 Image
24/1/2017 - so where are we?

Gina Miller has won a ruling to reinforce the supremacy of Parliament. At first glance, at the expense of the Government.

But things are not always as they first seem...

Art 50 will go to a vote & Gina is the darling of REMAIN. For now

/40 Image
26/1/2017 - pursuant to the Supreme Court ruling the Govt publishes a draft Bill to allow the UK to start the process of leaving: The European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill

This is all it says

/41 Image
1/2/2017 - 2nd Reading of The European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill passes with a huge majority.

Once again the SNP & Libs show their colours. And Corbyn whipped Labour, although the rebels begin to show themselves.

Abbott had a headache & abstained

/42 Image
2/2/2017 - Now Art 50 legislation is in the bag the Govt publishes its White Paper confirming the principles & objectives laid out in May’s Lancaster House speech

It also reiterated "no deal for the UK is better than a bad deal for the UK"

Courage & conviction required...

16/3/2017 - The European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act receives Royal Assent. A major milestone in the process.

We haven’t even started leaving yet but it’s already a hard road we’re travelling...but this is our moment & no-one is taking it away

/44 Image
16/3/2017 - David Davis, Sec of State for DexEU:

“The Queen has today given Royal Assent to the Art 50 Bill, giving the Govt the formal power to trigger Art 50 & deliver on the will of the British people”

I love The Queen. Especially in her Brexit colours

/45 Image
29/3/2017 - The Prime Minister writes to Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, to notify him of the UK’s intention to leave the EU

" give effect to the democratic decision of the people of the United Kingdom..”

Savour it

/46 Image
6/4/2017 - Theresa May & Donald Tusk meet in Downing Street

The PM reaffirms the UK’s position on Gibraltar & insists there will be no negotiation on the territory’s sovereignty.

Too right.


/47 Image
16/4/2017 - Theresa May calls a General Election to be held on 8th June 2017

Seemed like a good idea at the time...

19/4/2017 - A motion is called for an Early Parliamentary General Election which passes by 522 votes to 13

Only 80% of Labour MPs voted & none from the SNP. None.

What a shower they are. Well it won’t be long before they get their comeuppance...

16/5/2017 - The Labour Party launches its manifesto


"Labour accepts the referendum result & a Labour government will put the national interest first"

A lie & A lie...will be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt later on

/50 Image
17/5/2017 - The Liberal *Democrats* launches its manifesto

"When the terms of our relationship with the EU have been negotiated, we will put that deal to a vote of the British people in a referendum, with the alternative of staying in the EU"

⬇️ keeping us in the past

/51 Image
18/5/2017 - The Tories launch their manifesto

“As we leave the EU, we will no longer be members of the Single Market or CU but we will seek a deep & special partnership including a comprehensive free trade & customs agreement"

Wait for it...⬇️

18/5/2017 - The Tories also commit to the following

"The final agreement will be subject to a vote in both houses of parliament”

The shadow of Gina Miller is long. This a game changer for proper Brexiteers & far outweighs any advantage REMAIN thought they had. Don’t laugh

/52b Image
8/6/2017 - GE results in a hung Parliament

May’s gamble has failed. Corbyn mania is at its peak and although he didn’t win, he won the argument

The Maybot is born. It’s all downhill for TM from here...

Tories form a Govt with the DUP via a £1.5b bung

What of the SNP?

/53a Image
8/6/2015 - The irony of this election is the SNP’s poor performance kept the Tories in power (again)

The SNP lost 12 seats to the Tories & this made the difference

For the 3rd time in my lifetime the SNP has facilitated a Tory govt. 1979, 2015 & 2017

You can laugh now..

/53b Image

Everyone having fun?

21/6/2017 - During the debate following the Queen’s Speech, Theresa May reminds Parliament (and Labour in particular) that over 80% of the electorate backed the 2 major parties, both of whom campaigned on manifestos to honour the will of the British people

82.4% to be exact

23/6/2017 - 1st Anniversary of our Independence Day

The man himself

1 year on, Remain Ultras are discarding their ‘respect for the referendum’ sham & openly colluding with the EU

Here AC Grayling & Catherine Bearder are on-the-record asking our great friend in the EU, Mr. Guy Verhofstadt, to punish the UK to deter us from leaving

A scandal

13/7/2017 - The Government introduces the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill

/59 Image
13/7/2017 - Corbyn (Islington) Starmer (Holborn) Abbott (Hackney) meet with Barnier in Brussels & inform him of Labour’s intention to ‘respect the result of the referendum’

On behalf of Labour’s broad voting base ⬆️ Barnier is presented with an Arsenal shirt


13/7/2017 - Nicola Sturgeon also wants a place at the table & meets with Barnier to set out the Scottish Govt’s position

She is granted 45 mins & says Barnier was incredibly well briefed already.

Translation: other than the photo op she was wasting everyone’s time

13/7/2017 - To complete the set, Carwyn Jones drops in to give Barnier the Welsh perspective

The Govt is the sole negotiator in these talks but any pretence at decorum from the opposition parties is falling away

May needs to not lose control to these interlopers

July-Aug 2017 - Phase 1 negotiations continue with several rounds of talks & position papers issued by both sides

At times the sides are “poles apart” on issues such as the rights of EU citizens, Northern Ireland, the role of the ECJ, the divorce settlement...

Hunker down

11/9/2017 - The EU (Withdrawal) Bill has its 2nd Reading & passes by 36 votes. The tightest margin to date

Labour shows its future REMAIN intent by voting against en-masse. A theme from now on

Notable exceptions: Mann, Campbell, Field, Hoey, Hopkins, Skinner, Stringer

/64 Image
12/9/2017 - Theresa May says:

"Parliament took a historic decision to back the will of the British people...we continue to encourage MPs from all parts of the UK to work together in support of this vital piece of legislation"

3 hopes: Bob Hope, Maurice Hope & No Hope

13/9/2017 - Jean-Claude Juncker gives his State of the Union speech

They’re gonna regret it, we’re gonna regret it....regrets he has a few

15/7/2017 - Boris writes in The Telegraph

Red Lines established. Swords drawn

/67 Image
18/9/2017 - The beloved Olly Robbins, holder of 2 Brexit roles, resigns from DexEU where he was David Davis’ permanent secretary

He will now concentrate on his role as Theresa May’s representative in Brexit talks

Davis feeling undermined? Much

Here’s ‘Oily’ Olly ⬇️

/68 Image
22/9/2017 - Theresa May delivers a key speech in Florence

TM commits to a 2 year implementation period *after* the end of the Art 50 period, under existing EU rules & existing budget commitments. Why, Theresa, Why?!

As the cracks appear, Barnier welcomes these developments

26/9/2017 - At Downing Street, Theresa May meets with one of the EU Presidents, Donald Tusk

During the photo call one of the journos asks Mr. Tusk how talks are going ⬇️

3/10/2017 - Theresa May gives her keynote speech at the Tory party conference in Manchester

She gives a short but current update on the state of Brexit talks

8/10/2017 - Theresa May announces she will reshuffle her Cabinet

Internecine fighting as Remainers want Boris gone & Brexiteers want Hammond gone

Things are beginning to kick off in Government

12/10/2017 - The conclusion of round 5 of negotiations & Monsieur Barnier announces talks are deadlocked over the UK’s financial obligations

That’s what happens when crazy sums like £100b are plucked out of the air

14/10/2017 - Merkel & Macron push to include a reference to the jurisdiction of the ECJ before Phase I concludes

Obviously Maggie wasn’t there but I wanted to get her in somewhere

10/11/2017 - Barnier gives the UK 2 weeks to provide “clarifications of concessions” in order for talks to move on to trade

24/11/2017 - Tusk sets an “absolute deadline” of 4/12/17 otherwise there will be no move to Phase II

The clock is always ticking with these guys...

29/11/2017 - Under intense pressure, the UK estimates its willing to pay between £45b & £55b as a divorce payment, conditional on a final deal on future trading relations being agreed

“Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed”

29/11/2017 - Barnier infuriates Britain by claiming the vote to leave just 6 months after a series of terrorist attacks in Europe showed that the UK chose not to stand "shoulder to shoulder with the Union"

They just can’t help themselves can they 🤷‍♂️

8/12/2017 - After a week of intense horse-trading with calls to Brussels, Dublin & late night back & forth with the DUP, sufficient progress has been made to move to Phase II - the future relationship

TM’s 4am flight to Brussels concludes Phase I.

Supposedly the easy bit


13/12/2017 - Amendments to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill are sought by Yvette Cooper & Dominic Grieve requiring the Govt to guarantee Parliament a say on the final deal

309 votes to 305 hands the Govt its first Brexit defeat & REMAINERS begin to take control


/80a Image
13/12/2017 - Significantly the Govt’s defeat is not inflicted by the opposition but by 12 of its own MPs

Remember their names. Some of them will burn into your memory

As is often the case through this Brexit saga, this does not turn out to be the victory REMAIN thinks

/80b Image
8/1/2018 - The previously announced Reshuffle takes place

Hammond, Boris & Davis all stay
Greening resigns & Hunt digs in at Health. Rather than fire him May expands his portfolio
Arch-Remainer Lidington is promoted to Deputy PM

Treasury & Cabinet Office are all REMAINERS

15/1/2018 - Umunna, Soubry, Grieve, Leslie & others back-sliding in Brussels with Barnier

No more hiding. REMAIN is well & truly out in the open

/82 Image
16/1/2018 - Jacob Rees-Mogg is elected as Chairman of the European Research Group (ERG)

This is a big win for Brexiteers. Although Jacob himself is pretty relaxed about it.

/83 Image
29/1/2018 - Michel Barnier sets out the options for our future relationship

Symbolically the EU flag is placed at the top of the stairs to indicate EU membership is the best & everything else is at least one step down

The colourful additions are mine

/84 Image
291/1/2018 - Barnier sets out the EU’s position

1. Transition of 21 mths to 31/12/20, during which:
2. EU law & trade rules apply
3. UK to remain in SM & CU
4. UK loses decision making rights
5. UK barred from implementing new trade deals without EU’s permission

Worried ⬆️

31/1/2018 - Theresa May heads off to China for a 3 day mission selling "Global Britain"

Amidst the first murmurs of 48 letters being written & a vote of no confidence being called TM says “I’m Not A Quitter"

Not yet anyway

9/2/2018 - In a show of frustration, or perhaps designed to intimidate, Barnier threatens to pull the transition period

My immediate reaction? No problems, let’s go (with £40b in our suitcase and the wind in our sails)

Segue - It would be remiss of me to not acknowledge another beautiful Brexit irony

Our very own Lord John Olav Kerr, born of Scottish soil, former member of the European Convention, drafted Art 50 of the Lisbon Treaty (a.k.a. the escape clause)

Another accidental hero

14/2/2018 - Despite what Lord John Kerr thinks, Boris confirms what we all believe that it would be a disastrous mistake to reverse Brexit

"We cannot & will not let it happen"

I would wager that Boris is headed for good things

22/2/18 - Theresa May assembles her War Cabinet at Chequers, the PM’s country house

After an 8h meeting both Remainers & Brexiteers are said to be satisfied with the agreed approach of ‘managed divergence’

1. Our rules & regs
2. EU standards on goods

Serene looking eh

/90 Image
27/2/2018 - Liam Fox stressing that entering into a Customs Union would put us in a worse position than we are as a member state. No say in the rules etc

“A complete sellout & a betrayal of the referendum"

A Goes Without Saying statement. Albeit a CU is Labour’s policy 🤦‍♂️

Feb 2018 - In response to Theresa May’s ‘managed divergence’ proposal, EU President Donald Tusk talks food

"The cake philosophy is still alive. However there can be no cherry-picking or Single Market à la carte"

Would you go to dinner with this man?

1/3/2018 - with impeccable timing Tony Blair says there’s ‘Just weeks to STOP Brexit’ and reveals a ‘last ditch attempt’ for a 2nd referendum

As we know Timing isn’t Tony’s strong point

45 minutes for WMD
24 hours to save the NHS

Has he ever been right? About anything?

/93 Image
2/3/2018 - Theresa May gives a keynote speech at London’s Mansion House

She issues a challenge to Brexiteers to accept some hard facts & unpleasant realities of our future divorce.

BRINO in embryonic form

7/3/2018 - Donald Tusk announces draft negotiation guidelines

He accepts the UK has ruled out m/ship of the SM/CU & jurisdiction of the ECJ ergo the only model available is a plain FTA (Canada mentioned)

All sectors, incl Services. 0 tariffs on goods

Where do we sign?

8/3/2018 - After Phillip Hammond says it’s in our mutual interest for the FTA to include financial services, Donald Tusk rules out the possibility of a deal that would allow London’s banking sector to continue accessing the Single Market

1 day his offer lasted

Such envy 🤢

/96 Image
13/3/2018 - The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) reveals the UK will pay £37b to the EU over the next 45 years, finally clearing its bill by 2064. Almost half will be paid by the end of 2020

Forty. Five. Years.

/97 Image
14/3/2018 - In the EU Parliament, MEPs vote 544-110 in favour of a proposal to offer the UK an Association Agreement but making clear the UK cannot receive the same benefits from the EU when no longer a member

Fine by me. We want improved benefits from going global 🌎

10/3/2018 - The amended Draft Withdrawal Agreement is published. Areas covered include implementation period, citizens’ rights & the financial settlement

Both sides aim to finalise the entire Withdrawal Agreement by Oct 2018

Not if Parliament has anything to do with it

/99 Image
29/3/2018 - One year to go until we leave 😉

April 2018 - The House of Lords begins to flex its REMAIN muscles on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill

18/4 348-225 against the Govt on a Customs Union amendment
23/4 316-225 to keep the Charter of Fundamental Rights
25/4 340-221 watering down Ministers ability to amend EU law

26/4/2018 - House of Commons passes a Motion *urging* the government to pursue a CU with the EU (see Liam Fox ⬆️)

Irish Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, says he will not allow progress on the Withdrawal Agreement if a deal on the NI border is not done by June

Sit down Leo

/102 Image
29/4/2018 - Amber Rudd, Arch Remainer & Home Secretary is forced to resign over the Windrush scandal

Many feel she is carrying the can for Theresa May, former Home Sec.

Rudd is replaced by Remainer, Brexiteer come-lately, Saj.

/103 Image
29/4/2018 - In other news

House of Lords voted for an amendment to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill to give Parliament, not the Govt, the power to decide what happens if MPs reject the Withdrawal Agreement

Not for the first time, this is not the victory REMAINERS think it is.

2/5/2018 - Splits are appearing in May’s War Cabinet. The few go-forward options, such as Olly Robbins’ "customs partnership" are driving a wedge between Remainers (who support it) & Brexiteers who see it as "cretinous". The ERG is on high-alert. The Govt itself is at risk

2/5/2018 - House of Lords back an amendment rejecting any proposal to introduce a hard border in Ireland. This is the 10th government defeat in the HoL on its EU (Withdrawal) Bill.

Theresa May’s government is in several headlocks at present

8/5/2018 - The Lords are getting giddy now & inflict 4 more defeats on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill. One amendment saying remaining in the EEA should be a negotiating objective!


Defeat count is now 14 in the Lords alone

/107 Image
15/5/2018 - Scottish Parliament votes 93-30 to withhold consent from the EU (Withdrawal) Bill. It makes no difference & nobody cares

Welsh Assembly votes 46-9 in favour

3/6/2018 - The Govt’s No Deal planning scenarios are leaked to the press

Worst case (Armageddon)

Chaos at Dover
Shops out of food in 2 days (only in Cornwall & Scotland apparently)
Medicines run out in 2 weeks

Manna from heaven for REMAIN. Welcome to Project Fear 2.0

12/6/2018 - A legal challenge by Elizabeth Webster (later a LibDem MP) & AC Grayling to halt Brexit negs on the grounds the Govt hadn’t properly consulted Parliament about leaving the EU ergo no decision to withdraw, for the purposes of Art 50, had been made

You what?

/110a Image
12/6/2018 - The Judge said the case was "hopeless" & "totally without merit" & "difficult to conceive of a challenge more detrimental "to the conduct of a major issue w/ever your ‘view of the merits or demerits of Brexit”

Case Dismissed. And a great description or REMAIN

/110b Image
23/6/2018 - 2nd Anniversary of our Independence Day

The man himself

23/6/2018 - People’s Vote March No. 1

Approx 100k* marchers come to London to express their desire to overturn the referendum result

*Get another 17.3m & we’ll talk

Look who’s back ⬇️

26/6/2018 - After back & forth between the 2 Houses, the PM staves off a further defeat by promising Dominic Grieve a ‘meaningful vote’ on the final deal & he votes against his own amendment to give the Govt a 16 vote majority

The EU (Withdrawal) Bill receives Royal Assent

/113 Image
The Government is in deep quicksand & in danger of sinking


2/7/2018 - with Brexit negotiations btwn London & Brussels virtually at a standstill, the Commission is preparing for “Doomsday”

With increasing anxiety over the possibility of No Deal our great friend in the EU Mr. Guy Verhofstadt tells MEPs to prep for all eventualities!

/115 Image
6/7/2018 - Theresa May gathers her Cabinet for a whole day at Chequers in an attempt to gain agreement on a "closely intertwined customs arrangement & full EU reg alignment for manufacturing” - white smoke emerges but BRINO is born

Will the Brexiteers stay on-board?

/116 Image
9/7/2018 - David Davis & Boris resign - Theresa’s plans are a hijack

In his letter Boris talks of a colony, surrender & white flags

“The dream is dying, suffocated by self-doubt"

Davis is replaced by Dominic Raab (Brexiteer)
Boris by Jeremy Hunt (Remainer)


/117 Image
9/7/2018 - Other significant moves post-Chequers

Matt Hancock moves into Health (an unknown unknown at this time but very significant for the future)

Geoffrey Cox becomes Attorney General (keep your eye on GC)

Steve Baker prominent ERG Brexiteer resigns

Drama drama!

12/7/2018 - The Govt’s White Paper is published

1. Common Rule Book on goods ❌
2. End of FoM✅
3. A facilitated customs arrangement where we act as agent for the EU❌

Ambitious it is not. True to the referendum it is not. Brexit it is not.

/119 Image
Friday 13th July 2018 - Donald Trump comes to Chequers to meet Theresa May & in a pre-meeting interview with The Sun he confirms what we already know

To add salt he praises Boris & blames the "stone-cold loser" Sadiq for terrorism

How to win friends & influence people

/120 Image
17/7/2018 - An amendment put forward by Tory MP Stephen Hammond (no relation, apparently) which could have legally bound the UK to seeking a CU with the EU loses by 6 votes

Guto Bebb is the 10th member of government to quit since Chequers

Chequers today ⬇️

/121 Image
19/7/2018 - Raab meets Barnier for the first time. The Commission publishes advice to member states warning them to prepare for all scenarios

If No Deal
Transport to/from UK will be severely impacted
Millions of citizens in legal limbo
UK firms lose access to SM


24/7/2018 - Govt publishes a White Paper “Legislating for the Withdrawal Agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union”

It reveals MPs will be asked to vote for Theresa May’s final divorce agreement without having seen the legislation

Maastricht anyone!

25/7/2018 - The campaign for a 2nd referendum is gathering pace with formal support now being openly declared

Check out Chukka "Don’t leave this decision to MPs" Umunna

We didn’t. We already made the decision for you. You just have to get on & implement it

/124 Image
27/7/2018 - our great friend in the EU Mr. Guy Verhofstadt says there can be no withdrawal agreement without a backstop for the Irish border

/125 Image
Jul/Aug - Ministers in full diplomacy mode with visits to Berlin, Paris, Lisbon, Salzburg, Beijing, Paris again, Helsinki, Berlin again & Washington

Raab is back & forth to Brussels & May visits Macron in his holiday home, Fort de Brégançon

The pay’s crap but the perks..

/126 Image
23/8/2018 - Government publishes first set of technical notices on how to prepare for No Deal

Raab doesn’t expect them to be needed as we’re "80% agreed" on the final deal.

I guess it’s the old 80/20 rule

23/8/2018 - later the same day The Treasury writes a letter to the Treasury Select Committee highlighting "large fiscal consequences" of No Deal, including a potential hit to GDP of 10.3%

The spirit of George Osborne lives on

30/8/2018 - in a brief interlude to proceedings in Africa, Theresa May gives us a full-on rendition of the MayBot


30/8/2018 - amid the excitement Theresa announces Britain’s first post-Brexit trade deal would be a roll-over of the EU’s existing agreement with Mozambique & the Southern African Customs Union.

Looking into my crystal ball 🔮....this is a promise kept ✅

6/9/2018 - Operation Yellowhammer documents are "mistakenly" leaked. Chancellor Hammond describes spending cuts & higher borrowing to cover the costs of a "chaotic" No Deal scenario

The finger of blame points at The Treasury. One wonders whose side are they on?


7/9/2018 - LibDem leader Vince Cable to step down once Brexit is resolved

11/9/2018 - Mark Carney to step down in January 2020

Remember George’s mate Mark? ⬇️

15/9/2018 - Lib Dem Conference

Vince Cable describes Brexit as an "erotic spasm" or at least tries to.

Perhaps he’s been taking elocution lessons from that world-renowned orator Joe Biden

18/9/2018 - The respective camps are hardening their positions

Leave Means Leave launches it’s advertising campaign to ‘Chuck Chequers’ adding another memorable slogan to this Brexit saga

21/9/2018 - May returns from an informal summit with EU leaders in Salzburg. After her Chequers deal is roundly criticised a visibly angry PM sends a defiant message to the EU

She demands respect & says their behaviour is unacceptable

If only she’d kicked on from here

21/9/2018 - Back in Blighty a court case has been bubbling along in the background. A group of Remainers have been asking for their case to be sent to the ECJ for a judicial review of the Govt’s position on the irrevocability of Art50. So far they’ve been rejected twice

21/9/2018 - on Appeal the Inner House (Scottish Court of Session) decides to seek the opinion of the ECJ on the grounds any decision should be a decision of Parliament not the Govt. Question to be asked: can the UK unilaterally revoke it’s decision to leave the EU?

21/9/2018 - The case is known as Wightman & Others. The group is made up of MSPs & MEPs but the main protagonists are SNP MP Joanna Cherry QC & our Learned Friend & Animal Lover Jolyon Maugham

Here they are. I wonder if JM is thinking JC would look good in a nice fur 🦊

/136c Image
21/9/2018 - After the judgement was passed Jolyon tweeted

"It is no exaggeration to say this is a case that could decide the fate of the nation"

Very excitable & dramatic these Remainers aren’t they!

Would Parliament have the balls to revoke?

24/9/2018 - Labour Party Conference Liverpool

Sir Keir Starmer, working class hero, delivers an unambiguous message to the Red Wall

"We will campaign for a 2nd Ref & won’t rule out Remain"

Meanwhile, The Great Leader keeps it all on the table

2 of life’s winners

24/9/2018 - Labour loves a list of tests

After Gordon Brown’s 5 we have Keir Starmer’s 6

Are they any use and will they be able to stick to them?

/138 Image
3/10/2018 - Tory Party Conference & Theresa May sends herself up by entering the stage to Dancing Queen

Watching from Brussels are members of our great friend in the EU Mr. Guy Verhofstadt’s team

Despite BBC cameras rolling they can’t hide their hatred

3/10/2018 - But they reckon without Boris

People queued for 3 hours to guarantee their seat in the auditorium - the front rows were crowded with leading Brexiteers

You can go a very long way....if people like you

And people LOVE Boris

8/10/2018 - Scottish Nationalist Party Conference

She Who Will Be Obeyed confirms the SNP will support a 2nd Referendum given the chance

(Ed: Despite the SNP being the only party to vote against the Referendum Bill back in 2015, in fact trying to get it cancelled)


20/10/2018 - People’s Vote March No. 2

Claim: 700k marchers come to London to express their desire to overturn the referendum result

FactCheck: 450k* is a more likely figure

*Whatever. Get another 17m & we’ll talk

Nick Ferrari captures it pretty well

22/10/2018 - Theresa May is under fire from all sides

Her own party, the opposition, the DUP, the devolved governments, the EU & the media.

Even hardened commentators are starting to feel sorry for her

The problem is her deal. If only she’d stuck to Lancaster House

/143 Image
22/10/2018 - Dominic Raab makes a statement in Parliament

Requested by the other Dominic - Grieve by name Grief by nature

The former Attorney General will take the mantel of Lead Tory Rebel with gusto

But his passion for a vote may not work out as intended...

9/11/2018 - Jo Johnson, Boris’ Remainer brother, resigns from Govt saying he can’t vote for May’s deal & will push for a 2nd Referendum

Stanley, their father, praises Jo and is thankful his son has escaped the PM’s charge into the valley of death

Who’s Cain, who’s Abel?

14/11/2018 - UK & EU negotiators reach agreement in principle on the Withdrawal Agreement. The UK will leave the EU on 29/3/2019

May says she "firmly believes this is the best deal that could be negotiated" & the Cabinet agrees to support


15/11/2018 - Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab resigns saying he couldn’t support the deal

To lose one Brexit Sec may be regarded as misfortune. To lose two is just careless

Others follow: Esther McVey, Suella Braverman (#BrexitLegend), Ranil Jayawardena (#BrexitLegend)...

16/11/2018 - Theresa May defends her deal as being in the national interest & says MPs face a choice between her deal, no deal or no Brexit

Stephen Barclay is appointed Brexit Secretary (Ed: he worked in Banking before politics 🤷‍♂️)

Amber Rudd is back replacing McVey

/148 Image
18/11/2018 - Barnier says any extension could be until 2022 (Non!)

19/11 - EU Minsters back the deal. But Spain wants clarity that negotiations on the future relationship do not apply to Gibraltar (Nunca!)

20/11 - DUP withholds support from the Govt on a number of votes

20/11/2018 - Over at the Supreme Court the Govt is appealing the Scottish court’s decision to refer the question of revocability of Art 50 to the ECJ (Wightman & Others)

They lost. Again.

Justices presiding: Lady Hale, Lords Reed & Hodge

You’ll recognise the names

22/11/2018 - A draft text is agreed on the post-Brexit relationship. A 26 page Political Declaration which sits alongside the Withdrawal Agreement.

Theresa May believes Brexit is "now within our grasp"

The country is holding its breath

25/11/2018 - The Political Declaration goes down like a lead balloon in the Commons (who knew?!)

Meanwhile in Brussels EU Leaders approve the deal (who knew?!)

Mr Juncker appeals to the Commons to accept it as it’s the best & only one they’re gonna get

28/11/2018 - As part of a nationwide tour, Theresa May arrives in Scotland to sell her Brexit deal

What’s your feeling?

A. If ever there was a wasted journey, this is it

B. God loves a trier

29/11/2018 - Starmer accuses the Govt of withholding information after it said it would publish a "full, reasoned, positions statement” rather than the full legal advice received from the Attorney General.

(More) trouble ahead.

4/12/2018 - A Labour motion to hold Govt in contempt succeeds 311 votes to 293. Govt now has to provide full legal advice provided by Sir Geoffrey Cox

MPs then pass another (Grieve) motion 321-299 to ensure they can amend any motion the Govt brings re the deal


10/12/2018 - Wightman ruling expected at the ECJ

Petitioners argue a member can unilaterally revoke A50
Uk AND EU both argue against but for very different reasons:

UK: it’s a hypothetical question i.e. no way we’re revoking. Ever.
EU: A50 could be used willy nilly

10/12/2018 - Ruling expected at 9am. One day before the first scheduled ‘Meaningful Vote’

Ruling: unilateral revocation is a sovereign right, without conditions attached, beyond following the democratic process to satisfy constitutional requirements

And not only that

10/12/2018 - revocation would result in the member state remaining in the EU on identical terms i.e. no loss of opt-outs or previously agreed rebates

Potential kryptonite for a weak Govt but Stephen Barclay stressed this did not alter Govt policy & A50 will not be revoked

10/12/2018 - Theresa May announces a delay to the Meaningful Vote scheduled for the next day.

11/12/2018 - Yvette Cooper questions the Govt’s duty under sec 13 of the EU (Withdrawal) Act should no deal be reached by 21/1/19

Robin Walker confirms the agreement or none will be brought to the House before that date

Theresa May is in Berlin & her day is going badly ⬇️

12/12/2018 - Sir Graham Brady, Chair of the 1922 Committee, announces that the threshold has been reached where at least 48 MPs have requested a vote of no confidence in TM as leader.

The ballot will be held this evening

Hold tight!

12/12/2018 - The PM survives the VoNC by 200 votes to 117. Her largest victory in some time

Great news. Now to top off a good day has her request for help to Rutte, Merkel, Tusk & Juncker paid off?

No news. No sleep tonight...

13/12/2018 - The EU Council confirms the deal is "not open for renegotiation"

What now?


Theresa & Jean-Claude have a public falling out in the European Council chamber

One for all the good lip readers on this thread

17/12/2018 - Theresa May announces to the Commons the debate that was ended prematurely when she pulled the Meaningful Vote will recommence w/c 7/1/19 with the vote the following week.

Govt moves to a full No Deal footing

17/12/2018 - As if by magic up pops Our Tony to press the case for a 2nd Referendum

He casually mentions he’s been having the conversation with European leaders for a year already. 11 years out of office & he’s still trying to ruin the country

I wanna know who asked him

Christmas 2018 is around the corner & everyone goes home for a well earned rest


2/1/2019 - With less than 3 months to go until we leave the EU, the PM is trying to extract concessions from EU leaders to help ease the deal through at home. Calls to Merkel, Sanchez, Rutte, Varadkar, Macron & Tusk

Will it pay off?

/166 Image
8/1/2019 - During a debate on the Finance Bill, the Govt loses an amendment 303 votes to 296 thereby limiting its financial powers in the event of no deal, unless it gives Parliament a vote first or extends Art 50

It hasn’t taken long for REMAIN to get back in the groove

9/1/2019 - Another day, another Govt defeat

Speaker Bercow allows a Grieve amendment to force the Govt to present a new ‘Plan B’ within 3 days ‘if’ it loses the Meaningful Vote on 15/1/19 - Govt loses 308-297

Today starts 5 days of debate on the deal

Velociraptors 🐍

/168 Image
14/1/2019 - in response to Theresa May’s recent phone calls, she receives a letter from the EU containing reassurances on the Withdrawal Agreement but no changes are offered.

The first Meaningful Vote is tomorrow. Will reassurances be enough?

Not long before we find out

15/1/2019 - In the largest ever Commons defeat for a government, the Meaningful Vote is crushed by 230 votes (432-202)

Facilitated by The Speaker, REMAIN is now in the ascendancy. Labour is unshackled & showing its true colours

NB: The ERG are also against. What next?

/170 Image
15/1/2019 - Theresa May throws down the gauntlet to Jeremy Corbyn by inviting a vote of no confidence. Will he go for it or will he bottle it again?

She also says if she wins any such VoNC she will hold cross-party discussions to see what the House will support

15/1/2019 - Corbyn bites & the vote will be held at 7pm tomorrow

16/1/2019 - the vote of no confidence takes place & Theresa May wins by 19 votes (325-306)

The DUP saves the day for the PM & she pledges again to work with other parties to find solutions that will gain support of the house

Disaster averted. For now..

/172 Image
16/1/2019 - Before the VoNC took place Michael Gove gives possibly his best speech, excoriating the other party leaders & particularly Corbyn

17/1/2019 - May, Lidington & Gove lead talks with opposition MPs. Corbyn is neither present or involved

/174 Image
20/1/2019 - The 2nd Coming

Creation of the Brexit Party is formally announced

Help is on its way

/175 Image
21/1/2019 - Theresa May presents the Govt’s Plan B & outlines the 6 key issues that have been at the centre of cross-party talks.

General consensus is Plan B is not much different to Plan A.
One commentator called it "basically Plan A in a false moustache"

29/1/2019 - Commons debate on Plan B with several amendments put to a vote

MPs vote 317-301 requiring May to renegotiate the deal & replace the Backstop. 318-310 reject leaving with no deal

Cooper/Boles rejected by 31. This w/have given MPs power to actually stop no deal

/177 Image
30/1/2019 - Mr. Juncker once again confirms The Withdrawal Agreement will not be renegotiated

With 60 days to go he knows only what the Commons doesn’t want not what it actually wants.

No matter, the deal is the deal is the deal is the deal etc..

6/2/2019 - After talks with Leo Varadkar, Donald Tusk extends his hand of friendship to Brexiteers & offers them a "special place in Hell"

7/2/2019 - Theresa May is back in Brussels meeting Mr. Juncker

Once again he makes clear the EU27 will not reopen the Withdrawal Agreement. But says he’s open to adding wording to the Political Declaration.

12/2/2019 - The PM confirms if a deal is not negotiated by 26/2 the government will make a statement that day & hold a debate on an amendable motion the next day.

Squeaky bum time

13/2/2019 - it’s reported Olly Robbins was overheard in a Brussels bar effectively letting the cat out the bag on May’s plans.

Deal or Extension. No Deal is not in play

Some say it was deliberate. Others pour scorn on him.

14/2/2019 - Debate on Gov’s negotiating approach

Bercow selects 3 amendments

1. Lab - Deadline for MV2 - loses 322-306
2. SNP - Gov to immediate negotiate extension to A50 - loses 315-93
3. Soubry - Gov to publish no deal info - withdrawn

Govt strategy loses 303-258 💔

Many believe Speaker Bercow is over-stepping his role & is in fact in cahoots with Remainers like Grieve, Cooper & Letwin

Hard to believe he was once in favour of a referendum on the failed EU Constitution during the Blair years


18-20/2/2019 - a new party arrives: The Independent Group

8 Lab MPs jump ship & are joined by 3 "Tories"

L: Berger, Coffey, Gapes, Leslie, Shuker, A. Smith, Ryan & Umunna

"T": Allen, Soubry & Wollaston

They are anti-Brexit, pro 2nd Ref

No-one is surprised or cares

/185 Image
25/2/2019 - Labour finally throws off its pretence of ‘respecting the result of the referendum’ & announces, if its alternative withdrawal plan is rejected by MPs (not May’s deal, not no deal) it will support a 2nd referendum

Bit late say those 8 MPs that jumped ship!

26/2/2019 - Theresa May tells the House if she loses MV2, scheduled for 12/3, she will give them a vote:

by 13/3 to Leave on 29/3 with no deal. If rejected;

by 14/3 to Extend Art 50

Decision time is approaching

27/2/2019 - Next debate. Bercow calls 5 amendments - 3 go to vote

1. Lab alternative perm CU plan - loses 323-240
2. SNP should not leave with no deal “under any circumstances” - loses 324-288
3. Cooper accepting May’s offer of votes on 13-14/3 - passes 502-20


4/3/2019 - Govt announces a new £1.6b fund to support the economies of struggling towns after Brexit

Who runs struggling towns? Labour
Where do you find them? In the Red Wall
How did they vote in 2016? LEAVE

Another clever bung from the government. This might work..

/189 Image
The armies rest. There are big battles ahead


8/3/2019 - Theresa May is in Grimsby 🦀

She asks/warns MPs to back her in MV2

Back it & we leave
Reject it & we do not know the consequences. We may not leave for many months or we may leave without any protections.
We may never leave at all

Everything is on the line

12/3/2019 - Meaningful Vote 2 (MV2) takes place

The Government loses by 149 (391-242). An improvement on MV1 but still a thrashing

The interesting thing is true Brexiteers don’t want this BRINO deal either & are only in the game due to the REMAIN parties

Shhhh 🤫

/192 Image
12/3/2019 - Prior to the vote AG Geoffrey Cox admitted we would be unable to exit the NI Backstop unilaterally unless we could show the EU acted in bad faith. A bombshell 💣

No deal vote tomorrow

13/3/2019 - Before the main vote Bercow selects 2 amendments

1. Spelman - ruling out no deal at any time passes 312-308
This is non-binding but signals the will of MPs
2. D. Green - Malthouse Compromise - Managed no deal - loses 374-164

Now the big one...


"That this House rejects the UK leaving the EU without a Withdrawal Agreement & a Framework for the Future Relationship"

The motion passes by 43 (321-278)

That was the easy one for MPs. No brainer.

A50 vote tomorrow

/194b Image
14/3/2019 - Bercow selects 5 amendments, 4 go to vote

1. Powell - extension to end by 30/6 loses 314-311
2. Benn - MPs to take control of business to hold indicative votes loses 314-311
3. Corbyn - reject deal, no deal, extend A50 loses 318-302

4. Is most interesting

14/3/2019 - Sarah Wollaston, lately a TIGger, requests an extension to A50 in order to hold a 2nd referendum

It is roundly rejected by 248 (334-85)

2 weeks after coming out in favour of a 2nd Referendum, Labour largely abstains. A sham of a party

/194d Image
14/3/2019 - Predictably, the main vote - to seek permission from the EU to delay Brexit beyond 29 March 2019 - passes by 211 (413-202)

Theresa May says she’ll aim to bring back her deal next week for MV3

15/3/2019 - Theresa May confirms "the Government will now seek to agree an extension with the EU”

Olly knew

18/3/2019 - Ahead of the planned MV3 Speaker Bercow makes a statement.

"A further meaningful vote would be ruled out of order if the motion was "the same or substantially the same”

Government scrambles. Remainers congratulate themselves. Brexiteers smile quietly

20/3/2019 - May writes to Donald Tusk asking for an extension to 30th June

The Commission considers a short extension to 23rd May or a significantly longer one, meaning the UK would have to participate in the European election on that date

3 yrs after our vote!

/197 Image
21/3/2019 - European Council conclusion:

"The European Council agrees to an extension until 22/5 provided the deal is approved by HoC next week. If not approved, Council agrees to extend until 12/4 & expects the UK to indicate a way forward before this date"

21/3/2019 - Donald Tusk adds

"Until this date all options are open - a deal, no deal, an extension or to revoke Article 50"

The word that should never be spoken


23/3/2019 - People’s Vote March No.3

The organisers claim 1m marchers turned up. Fact-checkers estimate 300-400k

Concurrently a Revoke A50 petition is doing the rounds online & ends up with 6m signatures

Still not 17.4million is it lads 🤷‍♂️

25/3/2019 - Another day

Bercow selects 3 amendments, 2 go to vote

1. Beckett if no deal is ever a week away MPs must either approve no deal or PM be asked to seek another extension - loses 314-311
2. Letwin Commons biz on 27/3 set aside for indicative votes passes 329-302

26/3/2019 - Our great friend in the EU Mr. Guy Verhofstadt is very happy with recent events in the UK, inside & outside of Parliament

He talks about the Brexit Revolt of the British people


27/3/2019 - Indicative Votes 1 - 8 items:

Boles - Common Market 2.0 - loses 283-189
Eustice - EEA/EFTA - no CU - loses 377-64
Corbyn - close economic relationship - loses 307-237
Fysh - Preferential trade - loses 422-139

4/4 rejected

27/3/2019 - IV1 - continued

Baron - Leave with no deal 12/4 - loses 400-160
Clarke - Perm Customs Union - loses 271-265
Cherry - Revoke if no deal - loses 293-184
Beckett - 2nd ref on deal - loses 295-268

8/8 rejected

But Revoke is becoming mainstream ⬇️

/202b Image
29/3/2019 - Theresa May’s deal comes back for MV3

Much closer this time but loses by 58 (344-286)

May concedes the House will not accept no deal so an alternative way forward will need to be found. This will likely be a longer extension & participation in the EU elections

/203 Image
1/4/2019 - April Fools Day - IV2

Bercow selects 4 motions

Clarke - Perm CU - loses 276-272
Boles - CM 2.0 - loses 282-261
Kyle - 2nd Ref on deal - loses 292-280
Cherry - Extension. If not possible, Parliamentary vote on no deal or revoke - loses 292-191

4/4 rejected

/204 Image
2/4/2019 - Yvette Cooper introduces a Bill to empower MPs in law to seek to delay withdrawal to prevent no deal

Theresa May confirms she will request an extension & will sit down with Corbyn to agree a plan that will win parliamentary approval.

5/4/2019 - Theresa May pre-empts the Cooper Act by writing to Donald Tusk requesting an extension & to state the Government is making preparations for the EU election in May.

/206 Image
10/4/2019 - EU Leaders agree to an extension to 31st October with the possibility to leave earlier if we can get our House in order.

We must also participate in EU elections.

Macron wanted a shorter extension but was over-ruled by Merkel & Tusk

Extension 2 in the bag

12/4/2019 - Nigel Farage launches the Brexit Party & pledges to contest both Euro & General Elections

16/4 - Change UK - The Independent Group (CUK) will also fight the Euro Election

16/4/2019 - Our great friend in the EU Mr. Guy Verhofstadt wholeheartedly endorses Nigel’s return & can’t quite believe it himself

With Election season ahead the factions prepare for battle


30/4/2019 - with an eye firmly on its traditional vote in the Red Wall, Labour pledges in its Euro election manifesto to support a 2nd Ref but only if it can’t secure a general election or force the Govt to change its deal.

That’ll be support for a 2nd Ref then chaps eh

2/5/2019 - Local Elections in England

Tories are hammered losing 1330 seats & 44 councils. Lab don’t do so great either but the big winners are the LibDems & Greens

This is a ringing endorsement for their Revoke stance & signals we have changed our mind. Eh chaps..

/212 Image
14/5/2019 - No.10 confirms Govt will bring forward legislation to implement the Withdrawal Agreement w/c 3rd June

16/5/2019 - Theresa May advises the 1922 Committee she will agree to set a timetable for her departure as PM, following a vote on her deal in early June

17/5/2019 - Rory Stewart is quick out the blocks & throws his hat in the ring for the future leadership contest.

He talks the walk. And in fact there’s a bit of the Bot about him too

#StewBot perhaps

/214 Image
17/5/2019 - in the most predictable event of the whole saga Jeremy Corbyn calls off cross-party talks saying they have gone as far as they can.

He fears that if May delivers a successful Brexit it will not safeguard his job & living standards

/215 Image
21/5/2019 - Theresa May sets out the 10 points of her New Deal

Point 9: There will be a vote for MPs on whether the deal should be subject to a referendum

Sacre Bleu!!! Is Theresa a LibDem plant? Does she not know there’s an election in 2 days?!

Pass the rosary beads

22/5/2019 - Brexiteer Andrea Leadsom resigns from Cabinet saying she could not support the Govt "willingly facilitating" a 2nd referendum. Cabinet is in meltdown.

This New Deal has become very old very quickly.

23/5/2019 - Voters go to the polls for the EU Elections

What are our choices?

Proper Brexit: Nigel

BRINO: Theresa

Hokey Cokey: Jeremy

Revoke: Everyone else

23/5/2019 - The results are in

Nigel Farage is officially the King of Europe & now leads the largest party (29) in the entire EU Parl. Our great friend in the EU Mr. Guy Verhofstadt was right - Nigel will save us

LibDem (+15) delusions of grandeur are now off the charts

/218b Image
23/5/2019 - Tories are whipped (-15) as are Labour (-10)

Greens (+4) now have 7x as many MEPs as MPs - no wonder they love PR

Nicola has nowt to shout about

On a good day to bury bad news, Theresa pulls the vote planned for 3rd June. The grapevine is buzzing...

23/5/2019 - The only party who ever got elected on a promise to put themselves out of a job as soon as possible & here they all are on their way to Brussels

Heroes all 🇬🇧

/218d Image
As if things couldn’t get better, it appears some have been caught voting for Revokers

Lord Heseltine, Remoaner-in-Chief, & recipient of £90 grand p.a from the EU has the Tory whip withdrawn

And our favourite war hero, Alistair Campbell, is expelled from Labour

So sad

24/5/2019 - Theresa May announces she will resign on 7th June

"It is, & will always REMAIN, a matter of deep regret to me that I have not been able to deliver Brexit"

Poor choice of words there TM

3/6/2019 - The Donald is in town for an official state visit

The Queen & he get along like a house on fire

Love The Queen 👑

/220 Image
4/6/2019 - Revokers, Change UK-The Independent Party splits after less than 3 months

6 of 11 MPs drop the Change bit & go Independent. 5 stay & Anna Soubry becomes Leader

The party won 0 seats at the EU election while Changing 0 in British politics

Good bants tho

7/6/2019 - Theresa May’s last day as Prime Minister

She wasn’t in office that long but at least she lasted longer than Gordon “I signed the Lisbon Treaty & sold all the gold" Brown


/222 Image
12/6/2019 - Runners & Riders for Tory Leader

Gove - L
Hancock - R
Harper - R
Hunt - R
Javid - R
Johnson - L
Leadsom - L
McVey - L
Raab - L
Stewart - R


14/6/2019 - Former Labour Leadership candidate Chukka Umunna join the LibDems via The Independent Group, via Change UK

A big future this lad

/224 Image
23/6/2019 - 3rd Anniversary of our Independence Day

The man himself

2/7/2019 - The first sitting of the new European Parliament

Brexit Party MEPs stand for the EU’s anthem ‘Ode to Joy’ with their backs to it

Start as you mean to go on

16/7/2019 - Ursula von der Leyen is confirmed as President of the EU Commission to succeed Mr. Juncker from 1/12/19

The only candidate on the ballot paper, she received 383 votes or 51.2%

Charles Michel, President of the EU Council, was appointed 2 weeks ago w/out a vote

Jeremy Corbyn announces Labour would support a 2nd Ref on either a Tory deal or no deal & the party would back staying in the EU. However, it left the door open to renegotiating its own deal if it wins power & backing that instead.


16/7/2019 - Fallers in the Tory Leadership Race


1 - Hancock, Harper, Leadsom, McVey
2 - Raab
3 - Stewart
4 - Javid
SF - Gove

Finalists - Johnson & Hunt

A week to go

17-18/7/2019 - Remain Pain Dominic Grieve is cooking up more trouble for the Govt

He has 2 amendments passed which make it difficult for a future PM to suspend or prorogue Parliament against its will.

A sign of things to come

21/7/2019 - 2 great reasons to vote for Boris

Phillip Hammond & David Gauke announce they will resign if Boris becomes PM

If these guys were half as effective at winning votes for themselves as they are for others they’d be unbeatable

This way gents

22/7/2019 - In the most important Leadership election of the day, the LibDems select Jo Swinson to Stop Brexit

In her speech she foretells what she will almost single-handedly achieve in her time as Leader

22/7/2019 - In other news Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister after receiving 92,153 votes (66.4%) to Jeremy Hunt’s 46,656

Finally a Brexiteer in charge. Can he deliver?


24/7/2019 - A new dawn breaks over Britain - for the first time in 30 years we have a eurosceptic PM

Cabinet is reshuffled & 17 of May’s ministers are sacked or resign. Hammond, Gauke, Stewart, Lidington, Hunt. All gone.

Dominic Cummings is appointed as Senior Advisor

/235a Image
24/7/2019 - Brexiteers come in to Cabinet

#BrexitLegend Priti returns as Home Sec
Raab in the Foreign Office
Gove is Deputy PM
Leadsom at Energy & #BrexitLegend Villiers at Defra

Jacob Rees-Mogg is Leader of the House. Woe betide any smart alecs - eh Tom Brake

25/7/2019 - the new PM makes a statement in the House

"Our mission is to deliver Brexit"

Boris is a DUDE who will

Deliver Brexit
Unite the country
Defeat Corbyn
Energise the country

29-30/7/2019 - Boris goes on tour & visits the devolved leaders + Ruth Davidson who isn’t a fan.

Nor is Nicola but we already knew that. Nicola is not a fan of No Deal either...apparently

28/7 - 22/8/19 - All the talk is about leaving on 31/10 "Come what may - no ifs no buts"

Gove outlines the importance of preparing for no deal, Javid sets aside £2.1b for preps

Boris meets with Merkel in Berlin & Macron in Paris & appears very relaxed with life

/238 Image
The Brexit Sea is calm. Boris’ ship is smoothly sailing

What could possibly go wrong?


28/8/2019 - Boris’ request to suspend Parliament in September for 5 weeks is approved by The Queen


Bercow - "a constitutional outrage"
Corbyn - "smash & grab on our democracy"
Blackford - "he’s acting like a dictator"

JR-M "the outrage is phoney"

28/8/2019 - The whole country now knows what prorogation means

Protesters gather in Westminster
The pound falls
John Major threatens court action
Joanna Cherry is already working on it
Gina has made a judicial review application
Grieve threatens a VoNC

Revoke is Provoked

2/9/2019 - Hilary Benn publishes the EU (Withdrawal) (No.6) Bill

By 19/10 - the PM has to either

1. Get MPs to pass a deal;or
2. Get MPs to pass no deal;or
3. Request another extension until 31/1/20

The text of the letter to the EU is in the Bill. Check the names

/241 Image
3/9/2019 - on the anniversary of Oliver Cromwell’s death, Oliver Letwin introduces a Motion to allow oppo MPs (& some "Tories") to take control of Commons business in order to pass the Benn Bill

The Motion passes by 27 (328-301)

21 "Tory" MPs vote with the opposition

3/9/2019 - Following the vote Boris confirms the Govt will be tabling a motion, under the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act, to hold a General Election should the Benn Bill be passed by the Commons tomorrow

Colloquially, the Benn Act will be a.k.a the Surrender Act

4/9/2019 - The Benn Bill passes its 2nd Reading by 29 (329-300)

Boris’ bid for a GE is defeated (although a majority voted in favour (298-56) this is below the 434 votes required under the FTPA)

The 21 “Tories" have the whip removed. See them ⬇️

/243 Image
4/9/2019 - Cherry (SNP) & Swinson (LD) ask the Scottish Outer House, Court of Session to give an emergency ‘interim interdict’ to stop prorogation but were refused as "the exercise of royal prerogative is a question of politics & beyond the reach of the courts"

Appeal? Yep

5/9/2019 - Boris’ Remainer brother Jo resigns AGAIN

He says he is "torn between family loyalty & the national interest”

His Remainer sister says "the family avoids the topic of Brexit, especially at meals, as we don’t want to gang up on the PM”

/245 Image
5/9/2019 - Over at the High Court, Gina is claiming "an unlawful abuse of power"

Ably supported by John "Maastricht stitch-up” Major & Shami "cover-up" Chakrabarti - 2 expert exponents of abusing power

The court rejects but says they can appeal. You bet they can

7/9/2019 - Amber Rudd resigns AGAIN

Too much No Deal & not enough Deal for her liking
Also she describes the removal of the whip from 21 of her colleagues as "political vandalism" & then promptly throws her whip onto the pile.

9/9/2019 - The Benn Bill passes all its remaining stages & becomes law.

Govt tries again to force a General Election but again fails on the FTPA minimum votes rule. 293 voted in favour 46 against.

Parliament is prorogued until 14/10

11/9/2019 - at the Scottish Inner House, Court of Session the Cherry/Swinson appeal provides in their favour, overturning the decision of the Outer House

Advice given under royal prerogative is justiciable & in this case was unlawful

Full speed ahead to Supreme Court

14/9/2019 - Our great friend in the EU Mr. Guy Verhofstadt gives a speech at the LibDem conference

Without a hint of understanding of why we voted to Leave he talks of the need for an EU Empire

He’s truly a gift

14/9/2019 - carrying on the recent tradition of presenting shirts to European leaders, the LibDems demonstrate they at least have a sense of humour

First we had Arse. Now we have Bollocks. But really they’re just a load of tits!

/251 Image
17/9/2019 Both Miller & Cherry appeals are combined & will be heard at Supreme Court over the next 3 days

Gina & Joanna are waiting to hear if their applications for Supreme Court season tickets 🎫 have been approved. The front door keys arrived at the weekend

23/9/2019 - Meanwhile in Brighton at the Labour conference, demonstrating their unfitness for anything, a crucial delegate vote on whether the party should formally support Remain (composite 13) or remain arse-splintering neutral is an embarrassing fiasco

And a stitch up!

24/9/2019 - the Supreme Court’s unanimous judgement is "the decision to advise Her Majesty to prorogue Parliament was unlawful because it had the effect of frustrating or preventing its ability to carry out its constitutional functions without reasonable justification"

24/9/2019 - Speaker Bercow, front & centre

Parliament will not be recalled, it will be resumed

Tomorrow. Quick smart

25/9/2019 - Parliament returns from its "adjournment"

In proceedings most fowl, the Attorney General describes Parliament as "dead" & a "disgrace" before calling everyone on the opposition bench a "Turkey" 🦃

Mr. Cox has a glorious tone

25/9/2019 - Of course, not everyone is appreciative of the barrister’s honey-roasted oratory

Mr. Barry Sheerman responds for Labour in a very Labour kind of way

Do they have resident medical staff in the Commons?

This is known in the trade as ‘biting’ 🎣

2/10/2019 - At Conservative Party conference the mantra is


In his closing speech Boris also reveals a family secret

3/10/2019 - Boris is talking border solutions in an attempt to hit 31/10

Leo has issues with
1. How the island can be in 2 separate CUs & avoid tariffs & customs checks
2. The GFA & consent

Hmm...does he ever think back to when his party agreed to partition 100 yrs ago?

7/10/2019 - Over at the Scottish Outer House, Court of Session..

Cherry & Maugham are seeking an order to ensure Boris complies with the Benn Act &, in the event of no agreement on a deal or approval of no deal, he would seek an extension

Is Cherry still an MP I wonder?

7/10/2019 - Lord Pentland ruled against the petitioners following unequivocal assurances from the Govt/Boris that they will comply with the Act

The Court starts charging the plaintiffs rent

While Joanna whiles away the hours, day-dreaming...

/260b Image
8/10/2019 - Whisper it...

Parliament is prorogued in advance of the Queen’s Speech on 14/10

No court cases are brought on this occasion

9/10/2019 - 🚨 ORDER, ORDERRRRRR🚨

David Sassoli, President of the EU Parliament reveals he has met with Speaker Bercow to discuss preferred Parliamentary options

The Speaker is getting above himself now

(Ed: I’ll leave the height jokes to you)

9/10/2019 - In response to this outrageous meddling, @BelindadeLucy Brexit Party MEP, tells Mr. Sassoli how we are all feeling

Stand back...

10/10/2019 - Boris & Leo decide it’s good to walk while they talk

After 3 hours chatting they release a statement saying "they agreed they could see a pathway to a possible deal"

/263 Image
Parliament rests, the people must rest.

Our beloved Queen speaks tomorrow 👑


14/10/2019 - The Queen’s Speech

"My Govt’s priority has always been to LEAVE the EU, to seek a new partnership based on free trade & friendly co-operation. My Ministers will work to implement new regimes, seizing the opportunities arising from LEAVING the EU"

Yes Ma’am

/265 Image
15/10/2019 - Beyond The Wall

At the Scottish Nationalist Party conference, Nicola Queen of The North is making a speech

It’s full of creativity with loads of great new & unique ideas

But when all is said & done, there is only One Queen of The Kingdom

Nicola bears witness ⬇️

17/10/2019 - 🚨BREAKING NEWS from Brussels🚨

Boris has only gone & agreed a new deal with the EU Commission. This means we’ll be able to Leave by 31/10/19 - surely no-one will stand in our way now?

Jean-Claude is absolutely beside himself with joy before singing us a song

17/10/2019 - in the House of Commons, MPs agree that Parliament should sit on Saturday 19/10 to debate & vote on Boris’ new deal

Optimism is in the air

19/10/2019 - Boris presents his deal to MPs

Bercow selects Letwin’s amendment which if passed would withhold approval of the deal, until the legislation to enact it is passed by MPs, a move that would automatically trigger the Benn Act

Does it pass? Of course 322-306

/270a Image
19/10/2019 - Today is the day in the Benn Act whereby if a deal hasn’t been signed, & in order to avoid no deal, Boris is obliged to request an extension to 31 Jan 20

To avoid doing time in a Scottish gaol, Boris sends 3 letters including an unsigned photocopy


/270b Image
19/10/2019 - People’s Vote March No.4 takes place in London

Apparently 1m people marched under the Let Us Be Heard banner

Come back with another 16.4m & we’ll talk chaps

There was singing & dancing.....

21/10/2019 - Emperor Bercow rules that the motion tabled by the Govt for today’s debate "is the same in substance as that which was decided on Saturday" adding "page 397 of Erskine May is clear such a motion ‘may not be brought forward again during that same session’”

/272a Image
21/10/2019 - The Govt introduces the EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill to Parliament

Jacob Rees-Mogg sets out the proposed 3 day timetable for the passage of the Bill

God said "Let there be light"; and there was light

That was in one day so this should be easy

/272b Image
22/10/2019 - The EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill passes 2nd Reading in the Commons (329-299)

HALLELU....but wait.....

The Programme motion setting out the 3 day timetable loses 322-308. It’s too rushed. Apparently.

Boris pauses the Bill while Brexiteers man the ditches

/273 Image
26/10/2019 - Jubilation in the REVOKE camp. This is the moment they’ve been waiting for - the swagger is up, opportunity knocks

Swinson has a voice in her head (Chuka) she can win 200 seats
Blackford sees it as a chance to win seats before Salmond goes to court

Shall we?

26/10/2019 - Oh yes we shall

Jo & Ian agree to propose an amendment to the FTPA to allow an election on 9/12, providing the EU extends A50 by 3 mths

Labour is not involved but is compelled to support

The vote would only require a simple majority

Jo & Ian write to Tusk

/273b Image
26/10/2019 - The strategy:

3 month extension takes no deal off the table & gives the public a chance to elect a LibDem government who will, with a majority, Revoke A50. Otherwise they’ll introduce a People’s Vote

28/10/2019 - with stunning timing, Donald Tusk, one of the EU Presidents, announces the EU27 have agreed to a ‘flextension’ meaning the UK could leave before 31 Jan 2020 if a deal is approved by the House.

Our Norm’s got it covered

28/10/2019 - For the 3rd time the Govt puts forward a motion under the FTPA to hold an early General Election but although the vote goes 299-70 in favour, it doesn’t meet the minimum vote requirement (434) under the FTPA

/275 Image
29/10/2019 - the Govt introduces the Early Parliamentary General Election Bill

Before the main vote it brings a motion to change the date from 9/12 to 12/12 & wins by 20 (315-295)

The Bill smashes through 3rd reading 437-20

/276 Image
31/10/2019 - on Halloween the Early Parliamentary General Election Act receives Royal Assent

Who’s it going to be a Fright Night for?


(Love The Queen)

/277 Image
In a most unexpected turn of events REVOKE has played its Joker. Are they brave or are they blinded by their own arrogance?

Tune in next time to find out...


/278 Image
5/11/2019 - LibDem leader Jo Swinson makes a speech...

...that leaves everybody speechless. Chuka, have you been whispering in Jo’s ear again?

6/11/2019 - Tom Watson, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party resigns because of the "brutality & hostility" he suffered at the hands of his critics....

...from within his own party.

Labour doing what Labour does

Tom jogs on

14/11/2019 - The EU Commission launches infringement proceedings against the UK following our failure to name a candidate for European Commissioner

26/11/2019 - the great Andrew Neil interviews Nicola Queen of The North

Not a mention of Independence on this occasion but her record on the sNAT health service is pish. Probably why you never hear her talking about it

I find she has a terribly weak neck under pressure

27/11/2019 - the great Andrew Neil interviews PM-elect Jo

Andrew forgets she’s a proper politician now & not a Tory lackey in the coalition - nice to go over old times tho eh

And apparently she has a thing for 16-18 year olds 🤷‍♂️

30/11/2019 - Donald Tusk, one of the EU Presidents, is in his last day in the job.

I wonder where he’s heading next? Somewhere hot I hope....

4/12/2019 - the great Andrew Neil interviews The Great Leader

It tells you all you need to know about Labour’s Brexit policy when The Great Leader prevents the great Andrew Neil from asking a question about it, preferring to talk longer about Labour’s antisemitism

The Revoke Alliance is in half-swing

LD, Greens & Plaid agree to split 60 seats: 43 LibDem, 10 Green, 7 Plaid

When asked whether she was happy to stand down in so many seats, Ms Lucas said she had to do what’s right for the majority. REALLY!!

Labour took its ball home

/286 Image
In a proper show of magnanimity, Nigel Farage agrees to not stand against the Tories in the 317 seats where they are incumbent. He knows the Leave vote will split & Brexit is too important for party politics. Revokers take note

/287 Image
The great Andrew Neil interviews Boris Johnson

Jo Swinson’s Guru, Chuka Umunna, explaining what’s not gonna happen, twice

The polls are in & Despite Brexit the Independent Group for Change (formerly known as CUK) are making a great impact with the voters

The main issue they face is they are Independent of any

/290 Image
12/12/2019 - THE BIG DAY - It’s 10pm - The polls have closed...

Jesus it’s tense 😬


The countdown starts....I can’t take it....I can’t watch



12/12/2019 - Our Brexit Dream is alive - We’re Leaving in January

No Ifs No Buts - We’re Getting Brexit Done - No Need to Die in a Ditch

We are saved!

/293 Image
One war is won. Another will begin.


13/12/2019 - After all the votes have been counted the picture is a masterpiece

Boris has the largest Tory majority since Maggie in 1987 & it is not over-stating the matter to say an 80 seat majority changes the future of the country

Jeremy won the argument tho

/295 Image
13/12/2019 - The fallout from the election is nuclear

Not since 1989 has a wall been taken down so comprehensively by the people. Boris takes so many Labour seats, some never held by anyone else

E Mids - 6
W Mids - 9
Wales - 6
Yorke - 9
NW - 12
NE - 7


/296 Image
13/12/2019 - Jo Swinson, PM-elect, loses her seat to the SNP

What is it they say about a fool & their parliamentary seat?
Yes, soon parted

Nicola, Queen of The North, Jo’s Partner-in-Revoke, is extremely sympathetic to her fellow Scot

Solidarity, Sister ✊

13/12/2019 - And talking of the Revoke Alliance they ended up with 16 seats between them, winning in 9 of the 60 they shared out between them

LibDem - 11
Plaid - 4
Green - 1

Only 310 seats short

Ms Lucas is probably the only single-MP party in the world with 2 Leaders

/298 Image
13/12/2019 - And what of Labour?

After winning its lowest number of seats since 1935, & a 4th election defeat in a row, Jeremy Corbyn resigns, sort of...

In typical fashion, The Great Leader, wants a process of reflection before he leaves. He has a problem with Leaving.

/299 Image
13/12/2019 - Our favourite Defector Anna Soubry loses her seat with 8.5% of the vote & her party ends up with 0 seats.
Zilch. Nada.

Within a week of the election, Anna closes the party down

Don’t laugh

13/12/2019 - 10 other Defectors ventured to the electorate, none returned

Berger, Gapes, Gyimah, Lee, Leslie, Sandbach, Shuker, Smith, Umunna (The PM Whisperer), Wollaston

Gone. Repaid. In Full.

/301 Image
13/12/2019 - Parliament is expunged of many of the Brexit Blockers & Wreckers

Allen, Boles, Clarke, Greening, Grieve, Letwin, Gauke, Hammond, Hammond, Stewart & Rudd

None of whom had the cahunas to stand

Go on, be off & do not darken the door of this place ever again

13/12/2019 - What of the Scottish Nationalist Party?

For the 4th time in my life they facilitate a Tory government


By signing the election pact with the PM-elect they consigned Remain AND Revoke to the dustbin. Accidental heroes all

mòran taing

13/12/2019 - What do the FBPE make of it all?

Today was a good day. God’s work is good

13/12/2019 - Boris gives a victory speech but it’s far more gratifying to see our favourite war hero betting blamed for Labour’s annihilation

Alistair specialises in annihilation

20/12/2019 - 1 week after the General Election the EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill passes 2nd Reading

It doesn’t matter what the opposition does now. That’s what an 80 seat majority gives you

Thank Nicola for that

/306 Image
25/12/2019 - Christmas Day

Boris is thinking about how to thank Nicola for his massive majority. What could he give her that would mean more to her than anything else?

He thought about giving her a Section 30. Then decided not to

They say it’s the thought that counts

/307 Image
26/12/2019 - Foxing Day

Our favourite Barrister comes in to bat early for a session in the nets. Today he enjoys a good knockabout & takes to Twitter to share the great news with all his fans

However he hasn’t thought it through & his friends in the EU are

31/12/2019 - Something strange has happened. Brexit is no longer the lead item on the TV news. It used to be 24/7, now it’s often not even mentioned.

The ground has shifted. We Leave the EU in one month


/309 Image
8/1/2020 - Ursula von der Leyen, one of the EU Presidents, as all Europhiles do, tries to claim Winston Churchill as one of their own. Forgetting that he said:

"We are with Europe, not of it. We are linked but not compromised. We are associated but not absorbed’ ✌️

13-22/1/2020 - The EU (Withdrawal Agreement) is debated in the Lords & then sent back to the Commons where MPs vote to remove each amendment. The Lords then just accepts the fact none of their amendments were accepted.

And the point of wasting 9 days was?

23/1/2020 - The European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020 receives Royal Assent & becomes UK Law

24/1/2020 - The Agreement is signed by Charles Michel of France, Ursula von der Leyen of Germany & Boris Johnson of the UK

It’s like Versaille all over again

/312 Image
29/1/2020 - Godfather of Brexit, Nigel Farage gives his final speech in the EU Parliament

It flags the end of UK representation in the parliament. Much to EU Commissioner, & one-time presenter of Celebrity Farm on Ireland’s RTE, Mairead McGuinness’ obvious distress

31/1/2020 - 17,196 days after joining & 1,317 days after the Referendum, The United Kingdom leaves the EU. For good.

Guy Verhofstadt, Donald Tusk, Jean-Claude Juncker - we have beaten them all. Giscard D’Estaing, can you hear me? Your boys took one hell of a beating

31/1/2020 - David Cameron - the man who got us OUT ➡️

31/1/2020 - Nigel Farage - the man who got us OUT OUT ➡️➡️

31/1/2020 - Dominic Cummings, the most laid back man in the Universe. EVER.

Tip Top

31/1/2020 - And what of Remain/Revoke/Rejoin?

Our great friend in the Lords, Mr. Andrew Adonis sums it up best

"Grief & bereavement take a while to overcome. Sometimes they are never overcome"

1/2/2020 - the day after....

And as if by some miracle, the sky is....well...still up in the sky

Feb-Mar 2020 - After the excitement of the last 4 years things are quiet with both sides concentrating on position statements. The first round of negs starts

Now we’ve left, Merkel & Macron need to come together to save the EU but that’s a minor point

Here’s our guy ⬇️👌

/319 Image
24/3/2020 - China performs a hugely successful test of its global supply chains & delivers to the whole world a virus.

The UK goes into Lockdown. The Labour Party leadership contest goes on

4/4/2020 - Sir Keir Rodney Starmer is elected as Leader of the Labour Party. Older brother Del thinks it’s triffick

Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath & Revoke Ultra, he’s hoping his humble Socialist existence in London’s Highgate will resonate with the Red Wall

/321 Image
5-12/4/2020 - hearing the news, Boris has what he thinks is a laughing fit. But it’s the virus & he’s admitted to hospital & spends a few days in intensive care

The nation holds its breath. God is again on Boris’ side & he makes it through

He has deliveries to make

/322 Image
20/4/2020 - using the virus as cover, Rejoiners are making noises that we should request an extension to the Transition period

They proper give me the needle 💉

/323 Image
29/4/2020 - Boris & Carrie announce the birth of their baby boy & Adam Boulton is overflowing with joy for the happy couple

The couple rest. The baby doesn’t


8/5/2020 - After years of Institutional Remainer harassment, particularly by the Electoral Commission, the Police ended its investigation into Darren Grimes. He got his £20grand back & was completely exonerated

Apart from the accused, Spot the Brexiteer ⬇️

/326 Image
15/5/2020 - Revokers from 6 minority parties write to Michel Barnier asking for a 2 year extension. On who’s behalf?

Usual suspects include Davey, Lucas & Blackford

A thorn between 2 thorns

/327 Image
25/5/2020 - in his usual sanguine manner, Barnier responds to the Minority Six

12/6/2020 - Michael Gove confirms there will be no extension

"As a sovereign country we are taking back control of our borders, money & laws"

Who doesn’t want to listen to that again & again & again

15/6/2020 - Boris meets 3 of the 8 EU Presidents

The animal analogies are flying as Boris tells the EU to put a Tiger in the Tank while Charles Michel refuses to buy a Pig in a Poke

The reality is talks might as well be Dead as a Dodo

This is just muddying the waters

23/6/2020 - 4th Anniversary of our Independence Day

The man himself

24/6/2020 - The timetable for the LibDem leadership election is announced

PM-elect Jo Swinson left 6 months ago but no-one noticed

26/6/2020 - Not to be outdone in the ‘writing to Barnier’ stakes, #BrexitLegend Mark Francois sends his own missive

In his intro he explains that he’s Chairman of the ERG adding "it is possible that you may have heard of us"

Or in other words "Do you know who I am mate?"

1/7/2020 - the deadline to request an extension to the transition period (30/6) has passed

One shackle at a time...

30/7 - The LibDem contenders for the leadership are confirmed

Sir Ed Davey receives 5 of the available 8 nominations & Layla Moran the other 3

An incredible 18.2% of the party’s MPs are in the running

Ed goes that extra mile to win the voters over

21/8/2020 - The 7th round of UK-EU future relationship negotiations concludes

27/8/2020 - Ed Davey’s plan works. He’s elected Leader of the Liberal Democrats

He has a message for his party, his fans & his dance troupe


A Free Trade Agreement with our friends in South Korea with whom we shared £11.8b in trade in 2019

Sovereign nations working together for each other’s benefit

Merkel, Macron et al would love to do this

They can’t - they’re in the EU 🤷‍♂️

/338 Image

An Economic Partnership Agreement with 5 nations within the Southern Africa Customs Union + Mozambique (SACUM) with whom we shared £11.9b in trade in 2019

Great this freedom lark innit


/339 Image
31/8/2020 - Ed Davey announces the LibDems will no longer pursue a policy of Rejoining the EU

"People need to understand what a party is about. Rejoin is not where the British people are at"

Could have told you that. Should have called me. 4 years ago!

2/9/2020 - Michel Barnier is very worried. He’s also disappointed that the UK has the gall to stand up for itself in negotiations

When Boris threatens to leave with No Deal he says flippantly "good luck"

Boris & Lord Frost are doing a sterling job it seems

2/9/2020 - Barnier is complaining that we won’t sign up to his "level playing field" on competition ⬇️

The EU kick off from the end to your left

/341b Image
2/9/2020 - Barnier is also complaining we won’t compromise on Fisheries

The EU’s catch versus the UK catch ⬇️

2/9/2020 - Finally, Barnier is complaining that we won’t allow the ECJ to be the arbiter of disputes ⬇️

/341d Image
2/9/2020 - What Barnier is really worried about is we’ll leave the EU in our dust

Where’d everyone go?

9/9/2020 - The Govt throws a hand-grenade into the negotiations by introducing the Internal Markets Bill. The Bill is designed to ensure trade between all 4 home nations remains barrier free. Problem is it over-rides parts of the Withdrawal Agreement..

9/9/2020 - The Government is forced to admit the Bill does break International Law

But only in a very specific & limited way

11/9/2020 - Leaders at the EU Parliament say they will refuse to give consent to any future deal if London disregards the Withdrawal Agreement.

14/9/2020 - The Internal Markets Bill passes 2nd Reading

This is a different government now

/344 Image
16/9/2020 - Ursula von der Leyen in her first State of the Union address channels her inner Margaret Thatcher

Amazing how EU politicians always quote our great leaders. Do not not have any of their own?

1/10/2020 - After the UK Internal Markets Bill passes 3rd Reading by 84 (340-256), Ursula von der Leyen announces the EU will initiate legal proceedings to prevent the UK from over-riding the Withdrawal Agreement

They’re really trying to butter us up now

7/10/2020 - The UK Information Commissioner’s Office found no evidence that Cambridge Analytica misused data to influence the Brexit referendum in 2016

Elizabeth Denham also found no evidence of Russian involvement in the referendum

Terrible Shahm-ir that

/347 Image
15/10/2020 - After the EU Council meeting Boris suspends talks accusing the EU of not being serious

No Deal. No problem

16-21/10/2020 - Talks are off, talks are on, talks are intensified, talks are deadlocked, a breakthrough is imminent, No deal is the likely outcome.....

23/10/2020 - 🚨TRADE DEAL ALERT🚨

A Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement with Japan with whom we shared £14.7b in trade in 2019

Remainers told us these deals couldn’t be done. That we’d be alone in the world. Wrong again.

Trade Deal Truss leads the way ➡️🌏

/350 Image
29/10/2020 - The long awaited report from the Equality & Human Rights Commission into antisemitism in the Labour Party is published

Labour is bang to rights. We all knew that.

/351 Image
30/10/2020 - The Great Leader is suspended from the Labour Party. His leadership of Labour truly has been a ‘race to the bottom’

John McTernan was right - they needed their heads felt

🎵Oy Vey Jeremy Corbyn, Oy Vey Jeremy Corbyn..🎵

4/11/2020 - The Great Election Robbery is well underway

9/11/20 - What is it with John Major and referendums?

He denied us one on Maastricht
He would have denied us one on Brexit
He wanted a 2nd one to overturn Brexit
He doesn’t want one on Scottish independence
He wants 2!
One on the principle of secession & one on a deal

11/11/2020 - The Immigration Act receives Royal Assent

Free Movement of People will end at 11pm on 31/12/2020

/355 Image
13/11/2020 - #BrexitLegend Dominic Cummings leaves No.10 for good

The world is left wondering. What’s in the box?...


26/11/2020 - Everyone’s favourite investigative journalist, Carole Cadwalladr, admits in court her claims that Russian money funded the Leave campaign lacked any evidence. And she also has to pay Arron Banks’ £62k costs

Another Remainer Plank removed

/357 Image
5/12/2020 - Boris & Ursula get on the phone

Nothing changes. 3 significant differences remain: Fish, ECJ, Competition (FEC)

At this stage I’d be inclined to tell the EU to FEC Off

/358 Image
8/12/2020 - 🚨TRADE DEAL ALERT🚨

Agreement on Trade in Goods between the UK, Iceland & Norway with whom we shared £26.7b in trade in 2019

It’s like shooting fish in a barrel

/359 Image
10/12/2020 - Much loved Sky News presenter Kay Burley is suspended for 6 mths after she held a birthday gathering the previous weekend, breaking coronavirus restrictions

Everyone now knows she’s 60 but she’s compensated with 6 months paid leave

Nice work if you can get it

/360 Image
10/12/2020 - Much loved Sky News political journalist Beth Rigby is also suspended for 3 mths for the same transgression

Although she can console herself that she is not 60

Beff is accused of double standards for not resigning after Dom Cummings public flogging ⬇️

10/12/2020 - 🚨TRADE DEAL ALERT🚨

Free Trade Agreement with Singapore with whom we’ve shared £17.6b in trade in 2019

Trusst in Liz

/362 Image
11/12/2020 🚨TRADE DEAL ALERT🚨

Free Trade Agreement with Vietnam with whom we shared £5.7b in trade in 2019

Liz Truss is really putting her elbow to the task

#BrexitQED ➡️🌏

/363 Image
Mid-Dec 2020

Spain - "we need a deal"
France - "we’ll scupper a deal"
Germany - "we’ll take no deal"
Italy - "no deal is better than a bad deal"

Happy Families!

14/12/2020 🚨TRADE DEAL ALERT🚨

Official signing of the Services Agreement with Switzerland.
We shared £37b in trade in 2019

Liz Truss is moving mountains every day

/365 Image
15/12/2020 🚨TRADE DEAL ALERT🚨

Trade Continuity Agreement signed with Mexico. We shared £5b in trade in 2019

This is the 7th of 11 members of the Comprehensive & Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific trade bloc (CPTPP) with whom we’ve signed a trade deal


/366 Image
17/12/2020 - The UK Internal Markets Act receives Royal Assent & becomes UK Law

Scottish Nationalist Party spokesman Ian Blackford makes a speech in Parliament

20/12/2020 - in a last desperate attempt to Remain, Nicola, Queen of the North, calls for an extension to the transition period.

Nae nae nae

22/12/2020 🚨TRADE DEAL ALERT🚨

Trade Continuity Agreement signed with Canada with whom we shared £20b in trade in 2019

The EU is still talking about No Deal. Fine by me

The way Liz Truss is going we won’t need an EU deal!

She is a 2020 hero

/369 Image
24/12/2020 - THE DEAL IS DONE

THE EU-UK Trade & Cooperation Agreement is sealed

Using the much used mantra from the EU Referendum in 2016, Boris says the deal allows the UK to "take back control"

The circle is finally closed. We leave in 7 days!

/370 Image
26/12/2020 - The deal runs to 1,246 pages & needs to be translated into the EU’s 24 official languages

29/12/2020 🚨TRADE DEAL ALERT🚨

Free Trade Agreement signed with Turkey with whom we shared £18.6b in trade in 2019

Not satisfied with her work so far, and while everyone is slapping backs, Trade Deal Truss is still gobbling up deals

/372 Image
30/12/2020 - The European Union (Future Relationship) Bill sails through 2nd & 3rd Reading with an identical majority of 448 (521-73) & receives Royal Assent

Labour finally votes FOR something that wins

Scottish Parliament votes against it but it’s none of their business

/373 Image
31/12/2020 - THE BIG DAY

A day many have devoted their lives to. A day many UK citizens have waited decades for. A day many thought would never arrive

It’s 11pm...time to stand tall, time to stand proud, it’s time

Our time

31/12/2020 - Meanwhile over in the EU

/375 Image

17,410,742 ordinary Brits. Heroes All

/376a Image

The Godfather of Brexit & #BrexitLegend

Mr. Nigel Farage

/376b Image

#TheBrexit40 Spartans

Only 40 MPs had a pristine voting record on Brexit matters throughout the May ministry

28 Conservatives
10 DUP
2 Labour

Our friend Anna confirms


Boris Johnson & Dominic Cummings

Helped win the Referendum
Came back to win a massive majority to break Remain hearts
Got Brexit Done by finally getting us out

They opened & closed the circle

/376d Image

Sir David Frost

Negotiator extraordinaire

/376e Image

Gina Miller - The Darling of Remain

Without Gina’s undying commitment to Parliamentary Sovereignty, Theresa May would have side-stepped the Commons at all costs

Art 50 became an Act in Law. Without that step May’s BRINO might never have come before MPs

/376f Image

Our great friend in the EU Mr. Guy Verhofstadt

"The Brits won’t leave the EU, they are not stupid. The UK is a dwarf without the EU"

And for putting his narcissism on full display in the documentary Brexit: Behind Closed Doors

Hi Ho Hi Ho.....

/376g Image

The Labour Party
The Scottish Nationalist Party
The Liberal Democrats

For voting everything down in Parliament & facilitating the largest Tory majority since Maggie

It is they, more than anyone, who kept Brexit alive

17.4m Thanks

An epic tragicomedy

/376h Image

They think it’s all over.....
We are a free nation once again

"Our sovereignty does not come from Brussels, it is ours by right & by heritage" - Margaret Thatcher


/378 Image

• • •

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Aug 1, 2022
.@trussliz appreciation THREAD

For the avoidance of any remaining doubt over Liz Truss’ Brexit credentials, herewith provided is ample evidence of Liz (a.k.a Trade Deal Truss), while Secretary of Stat for International Trade, Getting Brexit Done


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Feb 6, 2021

The history of Brexit is short & long at the same time

The real battle to Leave started after we actually voted to do it, but the tale starts long before. Some threads:

#ABrexitDiary #TheEUNoOneVotedFor #ThePoliticiansKnewAllAlong


A trot through 2013-2020 & the assault on democracy by the Revoke & Remain brigade. Watch as they cook their own goose. It was a tense but epic journey with Brexit the ultimate prize.


Even before we joined the EEC, we the voters were cut out of the decision making process. Here you can see the evolution of a trading bloc into a federalist monster. Something we never voted for. And why we voted to Leave. Others will follow.

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Dec 21, 2020
BREXIT THREAD - British Fishing & The Referendum

All the talk has been about the fish, not the people who’s livelihoods depend on them. How did they vote in 2016? How will it effect the UK when we leave

Here’s the top 20 fishing ports by value of 1 month’s catch in Dec 2019 /1

Port: Peterhead
Fact: The largest fishing port in Europe
Constituency: Banff & Buchan
Party: Conservative
EURef: LEAVE - 61.38%
Council: Aberdeenshire
IndyRef: NO - 60.36%
Catch: £5.9m
News: Interested in becoming a Freeport after we leave


Port: Brixham
Fact: One of the largest fleets in England
Constituency: Totnes
Party: Conservative
EURef: LEAVE - 53.89%
Catch: £3.2m
News: the harbour has undergone massive regeneration, including a new fish market.

Sarah Wollaston was removed as MP in 2019

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Dec 12, 2020

So what’s all the fuss about? Best place to start is here:

"Under the European Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) the UK *ceded* control of fisheries within the UK Exclusive Economic Zone (UKEEZ) to the EU"

This is the crux of the matter. Why?

In 2018 1.945m Tonnes of Fish & Shellfish were landed in the UKEEZ

By Fleet, in Tonnes

UK - 555,000 (29%)
EU27 - 860,000 (44%)
Other - 527,000 (27%)

71% landed by non-UK boats due to the CFP and/or European Commission agreements with 3rd countries

UK boats have less than 1/3rd of the UKEEZ pie

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Jul 9, 2020
6 Days in Sadiq & Cressida’s Murder City

8/7 - 18yo stabbed to death in broad daylight - Dulwich
7/7 - Man in 30s stabbed multiple times in broad daylight - Chiswick
7/7 - 20yo stabbed in broad daylight - Upper Clapton
5/7 - Man in 50s shot in broad daylight - Enfield

6 Days in Sadiq & Cressida’s Murder City

5/7 - 2 men in 20s stabbed at 11am - Harrow
5/7 - Man in 20s stabbed in broad daylight - Lower Clapton
5/7 - 17yo stabbed overnight - Isle of Dogs
5/7 - Woman stabbed to death in a hotel - Greenwich

6 Days in Sadiq & Cressida’s Murder City

4/7 - Man in 20s shot dead in broad daylight - Holloway
3/7 - Man stabbed - Whitechapel
3/7 - Police pelted with bottles at an illegal rave - White City


Thanks to @999London @NormanBrennan
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Jun 9, 2020
THREAD - This week @piersmorgan has been very vocal about righting the wrongs of Britain’s colonial past.

Ergo isn’t it only fair he also apologises for his ancestors’ involvement? Shouldn’t he take a knee on @GMB tomorrow & ask for forgiveness? Have a look and decide ⬇️ /1
Here are a few of Piers’ ancestors on his maternal grandmother’s side (note Piers was born O’Meara). We’ll concentrate on the red boxes. /2
Piers’ GGGFather Bernard worked for the East India Company in Bengal & Burma. The EIC was one of the main organs of British empire building & notorious for its role in the slave trade ⬇️ /3
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