3 min/pg = 5 pg/night
300 pgs = 60 days/book = 6 books/year
All books mentioned in BAPcast Ep.1-10! Become an autodidactic PhD in BAPism! Most recommend by BAP directly, some I recommend on topics covered. Will poast next 10 soon. SUBMIT! ImageImage
Episode 1
-Karl Haushofer taught Hess
-Dominique Venner historian and merc who embraced the spirit of HIGH ADVENTURE
-Pauwels/Bergier “A woman in Hong Kong wears green gloves.” BAP coyly mentions this work many times. FORBIDDEN WORK OF MAGICK! ImageImageImage
Episode 2
-Ficino on NeoPlatonist Revival
-Runciman who is a favorite of BAP and prolific writer on Byzantium
-Paul Le Roux’s exploits in Zimbabwe
-Mark Thatcher‘s exploits in Equatorial Guinea ImageImageImageImage
Episode 3
-Cudihy’s analysis of WASP/Jew social paradigm (Must READ as BAP mentions in numerous transmission 3-4x)
-John Day on Nordic looking Greeks
-Paglia dismantling the Greeks were FAGGOTS school of “scholarship” ImageImageImageImage
Episode 3 (cont)
-Gobineau’s pioneering RAYCISM work
-Nietzsche Genealogy of Morals
-Further reading on Nordic similarities within Greek antiquity… ImageImageImage
Episode 5
-Machiavelli on political loyalty, pragmatism vs partisan ideology
-Roman Polanski “Apartment Trilogy”
-Selous Scouts of Rhodesia
-Welch, Founder of John Birch Society
-Steve Hatfill and persecution by FEDS… ImageImageImageImage
Episode 6
-Cunliffe on Greek seafaring in Antiquity
-Conrad’s novels on Anglo adventures
-Runciman on the James Brookes ruling Malaysian peoples for a century ImageImageImageImage
Episode 6 (cont)
-The Alexiad on Crusader Barbarian
-Monsacre on looksmaxxing in Ancient Warrior classes
-Devlin’s extension of Schopenhauer’s view on wolffish wimmin
-Heartistes maxims on mating ImageImageImageImage
Episode 7
-Greene’s stylish look at expat lounge culture in Papa Doc Haiti
-Kendall on Constitution as “series of procedures” & myth of INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS!! YES YOU HEARD ME YOU HAVE NO EQUAL RIIIIGHTS YOU SPIRITUAL FAGGOT!!
-Burckhardt on state as work of art (Die Kultur: Pt 1) ImageImageImageImage
Episode 7 (cont)
-Murray on IQ (mentioned but I recommend. A bit wonkish)
-Murray on White culture (not mentioned but I recommend)
Episode 8
-HP Lovecraft introing the NIGGUR
-Banned Unger book on Saud influence
-Hanson on Greek Phalanx
-Anabasis by Xenophon ImageImageImageImage
Episode 8 (cont)
-Thucydides on warrior class as best ruling class
- Triumph of Will doc by Leni Riefenstahl
-Sontag’s screed against Fascist aesthetics ImageImageImage
Episode 9 (films too)
-Maupassant novel on journo manipulations
-Dostoevsky on BUGMAN
-Nightcrawler schizo who wins
-All Night Long (idk never seen) ImageImageImageImage
Episode 9 (cont)
-David Lynch on paranoia & psychosis
-Mishima on alienation, glory & honor
-War by “conservatives” on middle class (my recommend on topic) ImageImageImageImage
Episode 9 (cont)
-Bacevich on exploitation of US youth for war
-Tarantino Chadxploitation film
-Gibson’s historical account of noble savage vs ugly savage
-BAP favorite sculptor Cellini (Perseus statue) ImageImageImageImage
Episode 10
-Historia on Elagabalus’ globohomo faggotry in style of Macron/Trudeau
-BCCI book/Article on Muellers dirty deeds
-Unz America Pravda Series: 9/11 ImageImageImageImage
Episode 10 (cont)
-BAP esoteric belief on Melania’s lineage (kek)
-Otto last crown prince of Hapsburgs
-The wealth of Windsor’s ($88b documented, 487 “startups” documented in Panama Papers)
-Wedgwood on Hapsburgs ImageImageImageImage
Episode 10 (cont)
-Musil rendition of “Dominated by Doug” in setting of Austrian boarding school that made Freud CHIMP OUT!
-Musils magnum opus a super novel
-Novel on incompetence of the empire
-Prousts magnum opus (highest literary achievement of mankind) ImageImageImageImage
Episode 10 (cont)
Bloom on Postmodern dismantling Hobbesian/Lockesian Bourgeois values, ignore the Great Books, demonify classical music & art
-Hofmannsthal Austrian literary polymath wrote novels, operas, plays, poetry
-Schnitzler’s work which inspired Kubricks “Eyes Wide Shut” ImageImageImage
Episode 11
-Montherlant borrows from Don Quixote about Spanish exile returning to face past
-Bolivarian Breeze on Cuban interference in Argentinian politics
-Article summarizing liberation theology DRECK propped up by Lorscheider
-Xenophon on management of the home (oikos=home) ImageImageImageImage
Episode 11 (cont)
-Thornton’s Eros puts the misnomer of hedonistic free loving PHAGGOT Greeks on its head
-Ramon Magsaysay BAP recommends to look up this CIA sponsored President of Php who ended up invoking collectivist policies ImageImage
Episode 12 with Niccolo Salo
-Paglia article on Foucault
-Article on Maurras, French literary icon & monarchist praised by many including T.S. Eliot, influenced Proust
-Niccolo recommend article on misinterpretation of impetus for Soviet collapse ImageImageImage
Episode 12 (cont)
-Book that took liberties in portraying patient #0
-Perth Group on how HIV develops due to homo’s destroying their immunity by way of 100-200 partners on avg per year at height of PANDEMIC and the resulting breakdown of body due to parasites, STDs etc ImageImage
Episode 13 - 20 works/writers, some I documented earlier (Proust & Conrad) so edited to min. redundancy
-Mishima romantic bildungsroman
-Von Salomons historical novel on Freikorps & honor>justice
-Anatol’s ironic treatment of vengeance seeking in French Revolution ImageImageImage
Episode 13 (cont)
-Mann’s incredible contribution to German literature with innumerable parallels across Faust, Wagner, Dante and influences from Heidegger. BAP mentions Mann but doesn’t recomm any particular work so this IMO
-Ezra Pounds Canto LXV on JEWZ ImageImage
Episode 13 (cont)
-DeNunzio (Nietzschean) novel on romantic adventures and cavorting of young Italian
-Putin’s LARPing dissident parties
-Zuckerberger sophomoric attempt to re-examine Greek antiquity
-Article on middlebrows who ran Obama admin ImageImageImageImage
Episode 13 (cont)
-Celine (whom BAP likes) novel on Parisian doctor’s violent escapades through Africa. La Grande Bellezza (film) borrows lightly (My recomm)
-Celine existentialist Account of seeking meaning and purpose within modernity
-Basil Creighton 1929 transl of Junger ImageImageImageImage
Episode 13 (cont)
-Buchanan on Churchill (fantastic book)
-Junger handling of values > annihilation
-Mishima romance on sacrificial idealism
-Mishimas 1st famous work, semi autobiographical account of his somewhat INCELesque journey of self improvement ImageImageImageImage
Episode 13 (cont)
-Japanese rendition of Salinger’s more athletic, honorable Holden Caulfield
-After Banquet complexities of passion at hand of Japanese muse on a politico
-Forbidden Colors shows spirit of antiquity juxtaposed with modern urban decay (read this Mishima last) ImageImageImage
Episode 14 - More centered on health and impact of xenoestrogens, GMOs, BigAgra.
-Majority of African agricultural land owned by Agribusiness/private companies vs small farmers
-Ivanovs attempt to crossbreed humans/apes
- whoremoan expert ImageImageImage
Episode 15 - Art
-Berenson’s abuse of his attribution services and abundance of forgeries passed off as authentic
-Wolfe’s “controversial” takedown of art criticism’s control on artistic integrity
-Schopenhauer on wimmins limited capacity for painting realism ImageImageImage
Episode 15 (cont)
-Nicolas Poussin Ashes of Phoican (1648) and Hercules and Cacus (1658)
-Arnold Bocklin’s Battle of Centaurs (1873) also sculpted Perseus
-Michelangelo’s pupil Vasar’s biographies ImageImageImageImage
Episode 16
-Conrads epic of Italian expat in S.America who helps aristocracy retain power and quell rebels (great book)
-Colchis cited by Herodotus as BLAQS
-Ref before by BAP, Jewish assimilation and accompanying prototype of modernity ImageImageImage
Ep. 16 (cont)
-Nolte’s analysis of spiritual meta-political force of Fascism as complete rejection of modernity; Acion Francais thesis, Italy antithesis, Nazism synthesis
-Vaslov’s defection to Germany, co-opt’d Russian POWs into pro-Nazi fighters,then helped Czechs defend Prague ImageImage
Episode 16 (cont)
-Dostoevsky on the precursors to annihilations of the 20th century
-Soviet youf experiences atrocities of WW2
-OppoResearch on mischaracterization of Germany’s sociological alignment around extermination. ImageImageImage
Episode 17
-Aristophanes foresight on wimmin post Marxism
-Graham Greene on the dilettante expat class
-Thompson semi-autobiographical work on US alcoholic abroad ImageImageImageImage
Episode 17 (cont)
-Bruce/Nellie Orr article on pushing Russia Hoax
-Lebanese influence on Argentina by way of large expat population
-Mossad activity in Argentina under guise of “Nazi Hunting” (article is example of psyop for reason why Mossad is there) ImageImageImageImage
Episode 17 (cont)
-Anglo “Piracy” (my recomm) work describing Anglo dominance of high seas
-Article on Ptolemy’s apartheid style policies in Hellinizing Egypt
-Whiggish historian who assesses Mexi-kleptocrats driving immigration to CA and it’s deleterious effects. ImageImageImage
Ep 17 (cont)
-Critical synopsis on Schopenhauer’s “state of Grace”
-Spengler’s seminal work on Apollonian/Magian/Faustian paradigm of historical interpretation
-Tacitus recount Jewish resistance to high cultural Hellenistic influences
-Kosmin on Seleucid influence on Bactria ImageImageImageImage
Ep. 17 (cont)
-Barlaam Christian retelling of Buddha’s life
- Eckhart “heretic” Dominican monk influenced by NeoPlatonism. Influenced reformers, Schopenhauer, modern Buddhism. Taught an idea of elevating self for purpose of IMPACTing the world around him, becoming an archetype. ImageImage
Episode 17 (cont)
-Runciman’s account of Mediterranean adventures culminating in the 13th century also has political layout of Dante’s Inferno
-A narrative style brings life to a very important part of history that is normally bogged down with myriad dates and Arabic names ImageImage
Ep. 19 (18 wuz interv.)
-Runciman’s takedown of Gnostic dualism and it’s ultimate end which is race suicide.
-Yuvals assessment of Judaic rejection of Christianity vis-a-vis blood libel
-Otto Rahn possible basis of Indy Jones very interesting book ImageImageImage
Ep. 20
-Edward Luttwak on disengaging from Near East and the utility of necessary wars
-Ledeen mischaracterization of Near East as existential threat vs pee stained goat humpers ImageImageImageImage
Ep. 21
-Kikkuli text for Hittite horsemanship
chronicle of indo European conquests
Ashvin Twins: Rigveda describes as charioteers. Similar twins in Latvian, Lithuanian, Greek culture.
-Gay science. Nietzsche on the unique characteristics of various European city structure ImageImageImage
Ep. 22
-Xenophon’s Anabasis on Cyrus the Younger & Greek mercenaries great adventure into Persia against Artaxerxes II (also mission in Age of Mpires)

-Lord Norwich a bon vivant dilettante vividly portrays Venetian city state (best form of govt imho) ImageImage
-Hans steal everything
-Gallo researcher fraudulently connect HIV to Aids giving CDC reason for existence/new life in 80’s
-Duesberg: HIV not linked to AIDS, Caused by living conditions and lifestyles (high risk groups)
-Fussell acerbic breakdown of Class (great book) ImageImageImageImage
-Bernie the scammer (this author very good books)
-Thackeray’s book Dir by Kubrick of rakish aristocratic adventurer
-Mad Mike Hoare, GOAT
-Hoare book on keepers of the Grail ImageImageImageImage
Ep.24 (Cont)
-Movie on Congo Mercs (must watch)
-Burnham book written in ‘40s that wholly captures what’s happening under “neo-liberalism” today
-South African war vet, prolific author of merc conflicts ImageImageImage
-Aristophanes comedy women dressing as men to infiltrate govt, force young RWBB being forced to service roastie wine aunts
-Baring-Gould on human sacrifices and other odd rituals quoting from Sir Fraser’s observations ImageImageImage
Ep.25 (cont.)
-Schopenhauer: On Hegelian “philosophy” that state can minimize suffering
-Mondlane, Mozambique leader of Commie Frelimos. Subverted Salazar
-Habib Bourguiba “nationalist” post colonial leader of Tunisia
-Greene, novel on French Indochina, movie w/Michael Caine ImageImageImageImage
Russian Oligarchs, looting of Russia by Soros outlets to launder money. Funding of journalists (The Intercept) from the Russian Oligarchical class to undermine Putler. Good episode. ImageImage
Ep. 27
-Price, food choices=VITALITY
-Herodotus, Scythian custom of Kumis (ancients treat stomach issues) & sour cherries (elderberry good antioxidant tart cherries best)
-Cuddihy on why Bernie, Trump trigger Bill Kristol types. Marx/Freud apologizing for Rodney Dangerfield. ImageImageImage
Ep.27 (cont)
-Nietzsche on the varieties of genius (male vs female) and becoming the origin of new orders of life
-Nietzsche on his “gestation period” for Zarathustra like giving birth to elephant, the image of the hermaphroditic nature of spiritual creativity ImageImage
Ep. 27 cont
-Tiresias blind prophet say wammin experience the greatest pleasure
-Mishima on the Japanese heterodoxy of male female fusionism
-#356 preindustrial man being rooted in predetermined trade vs unlimited possibilities during a society’s denouement=deleterious effects ImageImageImage
Ep.27 cont
Gobineau on people are either ruled by spiritual (female/tibetan temples) or material (male/Chinese industrialization). Greek/Romans. French/German. Gobineau ideas on China very interesting imo ImageImage
Ep. 28
-Berghe replaces Marxist class with ethnicity
-Devlin Women don't know what they want, never have. They saw man was typically happy, try to ape man
-Borjas Harvard economists on immigrations effects on wages
-Banfield adverse effects of Immigration (MUST READ IMO) ImageImageImageImage
Ep 29
-Colostrum immunity enhancing effects bc immunoglobulin
-Elderberry’s effects on disease and immunity
-Chaga Mushroom shown to selectively kill cancer, reduce inflammation
-Pierre Van den Berghe “we are what we eat” including how food is cooked and consumed ImageImageImageImage
Ep 29 cont
-Arrogance of Greek chefs
-Aristippus hedonism = relief via food
-Athenaeus dining manners & hedonistic toadies (Polyarchus as from Aristoxenus’ Life of Archytas) suckoff their party hosts for feast invites
-Burckhardt details the gastronomy of ancient Greeks ImageImageImage
-Thucydides on plague thought to Ethiopian (maybe Ebola idk) see Book II.47 Athens thought maybe Sparta poisoned water
-Hakan tell BaP read book but never told title. I find. Mengele created HIV, yes?
-Carroll, Lyme disease from The island of Dr Moreau for TICKS ImageImageImage
Ep.30 cont
Futurism was art Philosophy that reject past and all its immobility and refusal to change and a celebration of YOUTH and SPEED ImageImage

• • •

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