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10 Jun
The Golden Bough 1890: People loved it, the Press loathed it. Influenced Eliot, Lovecraft, Paglia, DH Lawrence, J Joyce, Hemingway. Took anthropological evidence and depicted muh noble savage as more savage than noble. There’s abridged single volume copies you can read.
Mexicans crushed men between the “meeting stones”. Sacrificed babies at sowing, children at sprouting, elderly at harvest.
Pawnee would fatten up teens, split their heads with a tomahawk, shoot them full of arrows. Wimmin would grease their hoes with the fat. They’d send teen squaw from wig wam to wigwam collecting wood for her own fire. Roast her on spit and then eat her heart and flesh.
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5 Jan
3 min/pg = 5 pg/night
300 pgs = 60 days/book = 6 books/year
All books mentioned in BAPcast Ep.1-10! Become an autodidactic PhD in BAPism! Most recommend by BAP directly, some I recommend on topics covered. Will poast next 10 soon. SUBMIT! ImageImage
Episode 1
-Karl Haushofer taught Hess
-Dominique Venner historian and merc who embraced the spirit of HIGH ADVENTURE
-Pauwels/Bergier “A woman in Hong Kong wears green gloves.” BAP coyly mentions this work many times. FORBIDDEN WORK OF MAGICK! ImageImageImage
Episode 2
-Ficino on NeoPlatonist Revival
-Runciman who is a favorite of BAP and prolific writer on Byzantium
-Paul Le Roux’s exploits in Zimbabwe
-Mark Thatcher‘s exploits in Equatorial Guinea ImageImageImageImage
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