Friday the 13th Part 2, marketed as Friday the 13th Part II, is a 1981 slasher film and was the second sequel to the smash hit original. It was the directorial debut of Steve Miner, who would also helm the next installment in the series, 1982's Friday the 13th Part III.
It is a seminal entry in the series in that it is the first film to utilize Jason Voorhees as the killer begins to carry out his revenge for the death of his mother as well as continue her mission to keep the camp and area closed for good to prevent another drowning.
Jason was previously seen in the first film in flashbacks and hallucinations. He would not acquire his trademark hockey mask until the third film; here he uses an old burlap sack as a mask.
The movie was a commercial success, although the critics gave the movie mostly negative reviews. Retrospectively, the film has gained warmer reception, and is now a cult classic.
2 months after the events of the first film, Alice Hardy (Adrienne King) is still heavily traumatized by her encounter with Mrs. Pamela Voorhees, who went on a mad and murderous rampage across Camp Crystal Lake, a summer camp that Alice was working at. She killed Mrs.
Pamela's son, avenging his mother's death comes and stabs her in the temple with the ice pick, killing her.
Five years later, a new summer training camp for counselors is being opened down the road from the now deserted and dilapidated Camp Crystal Lake, Camp Packanack. Two counselors, Sandra Dier (Marta Kober) and Jeff Dunsberry (Bill Randolph) are making their way to the camp.
before meeting their jokester friend Ted Bowen(Stu Charno)and getting warned by the town crazy Ralph(Walt Gorney) that they are doomed if they go to Crystal Lake.Sandra,Jeff and Ted continue to camp and they arrive, meeting the owner Paul Holt(John Furey)& some other counselors.
These counselors include wannabe Scott Cheney (Russell Todd), his crush Terry McCarthy (Kirsten Baker), who he can never win over, Mark Jarvis (Tom McBride) a wheelchair-ridden teen (after a motorcycle accident) and his love interest Vickie Perry (Lauren-Marie Taylor).
Paul gives the counselors some safety rules and precautions.
Paul's assistant Ginny Field (Amy Steel) arrives late and is scolded, and after a short meeting in Paul's office, it is hinted at they have something romantic going on. That night, around a campfire, Paul tells the counselors about Jason, how he drowned and Jason's mother.
Pamela, went into a rage and killed several people. A lone survivor Alice chopped her head off but then someone else killed Alice years before. Paul says the locals believe that Jason killed Alice and now roams the woods, still alive, avenging his mother's death.
And then Ted, wielding a spear and donning a monster mask, leaps from the woods, scaring the teens. Paul assures everyone Jason is dead and tells everyone to go hang out in the main lodge, he also tells them that the original campsite is off limits and to stay away from it.
That night, Ginny, Paul, Ted, and the rest of the Counselors decide to go into town for one last party at Casino Bar. Mark, Vickie, Terry, and Scott decide to stay back at the camp, Jeff and Sandra are forced to stay back at the camp.
Terry goes skinny-dipping and chases Scott into the woods when he steals her clothes. Scott is caught in a snare in a tree and Terry goes back to her cabin to get a knife to cut Scott down. While waiting for Terry to return, Jason slashes Scott's throat with a machete.
Terry comes back to Scott with a knife to find him dead. She attempts to flee, but is murdered as well. Mark and Vickie decide to sleep together that night, and Vickie goes to freshen up.
Paul and Ginny stumble back to camp and take refuge in a cabin, but hear noises outside.
Paul slowly opens the door, to reveal Terry's little dog, Muffin. They are relieved, until Jason - now unmasked and showing his horrendous facial deformities - smashes through a window behind Ginny, grabs her and drags her outside.
The next morning, Ginny is being loaded in a stretcher and put in an ambulance as she repeatedly calls Paul's name. Paul is nowhere to be seen, leaving his fate unclear. The final shot shows Pamela Voorhees' rotting decapitated head.

• • •

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