I'm 36 years old. The two other times in my lifetime that a Republican administration committed serious crimes—Iran-Contra and torture—nothing happened. We looked forwards, not back, etc.

It's not good enough. How will elites learn there are consequences if there never are any?
Democrats need to impeach Trump again, and they need to impeach him today. Inciting a coup, no matter how pitiful it might have been, is as bright as bright red lines get. If Democrats *don't do anything* in response, then Republicans will try it again.
The President told his supporters to march on the Capitol and "show strength," they broke in, and tried to stop the counting of votes to overturn the results of the election. And Democratic leaders want to do ... nothing? I try not to curse here, but ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?
I'm sorry, but Democrats just calling on Trump's cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment is a pathetic dodge, and, more to the point, a dereliction of duty. You need to defend the country from Trump's lawlessness, no matter how few days are left in his term.
What's to stop Trump from just pardoning all of his goons, or directing them to do something even more dangerous if we leave him in office for the next two weeks?

There need to be severe consequences for trying to launch a coup. This is really obvious stuff.
This is a start, but “may be prepared to move forward with impeachment” is not good enough.

Tell Trump’s Cabinet that impeachment will be ready by tonight, they can either go down in history as his collaborators, or regain a modicum of dignity by invoking the 25th before then

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2 Dec 20
Bitcoiners are taking a victory lap because its price is back to where it was three years ago. This supposedly proves that it's a better store of value than other assets that don't regularly experience extreme volatility.
It's worth pointing out, though, that the original pro-bitcoin arguments people were making years ago—either that it was a superior payment system, or that it would actually replace fiat currencies—haven't and won't come true.
If bitcoin really was going to change the world, it'd be in the middle of exponential growth right now. Instead, the number of transactions it's used for each day hasn't increased in the last three years.
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19 Nov 20
If Joe Biden picks Janet Yellen as his Treasury Secretary, she will be the only person to have ever held all three of the most important economic policymaking positions in government: Fed Chair, CEA Chair, and Treasury Secretary.
G. William Miller is the only person right now to have been both Fed Chair & Treasury Secretary. Both Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke were CEA Chair before becoming Fed Chair.

Nobody has done the trifecta, though. At least not yet...
I like to imagine that Janet Yellen and her husband George Akerlof debate which of them has a more impressive CV. First female Fed Chair, and potentially the first female Treasury Secretary too vs the Nobel Prize in Economics.

Just an insane power couple.
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13 Nov 20
It's probably not too surprising, but it's still striking how much US & UK politics have mirrored each other the last 40 years: laissez-faire with Reagan & Thatcher, Third Way-ism with Clinton & Blair, right-wing nationalism with Trump & Brexit...
... and left-wing populism as a possible antidote to that right-wing nationalism with Bernie & Corbyn, both of whom were old-school socialists who resisted their parties' moves to the center in the 90s & found their parties coming back to them in 2016
The similarities broke down with the 2020 Democratic primaries, though. Instead of Bernie taking over the Dems like Corbyn did with Labour, Biden and the more moderate wing of the party did—and we were lucky they did
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4 Nov 20
Younger Dems tend to be frustrated with the way older Dems, who came of age during Reagan, operate out of a constant defensive crouch, and I get it. I am too. But younger Dems need to learn how to talk about policies the way some of those older Dems—Clinton, Obama, and, Biden—do
Younger Dems want to be more ambitious because the party is consistently strong on the national level. The problem, though, is that that isn't enough. The way the Senate & EC give disproportionate power to small, rural states means Dems have to win in conservative places too.
Older Dems understand how to sell a more active government to more moderate voters, i.e., "a hand up, not a hand out". Younger Dems tend to emphasize universal rights—to healthcare, education, etc.—that the government should guarantee. Totally different political dialects.
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1 Nov 20
Trump’s top covid adviser, a Fox News radiologist with no training in epidemiology who has been telling Trump that masks don’t work and to slow down testing, is insulting Fauci’s throwing arm after Fauci criticized him.

Meanwhile, the virus is spreading faster than ever.
Scott Atlas is a good reminder that a think tank named after one of the worst presidents in history—the Hoover Institution—doesn’t exactly have high, or any, standards.
Trump’s quack covid adviser, who he discovered on Fox News, went on the Kremlin’s propaganda channel today to spread his deranged ideas about the pandemic.

I’m not sure if that’s a step up or down from Fox News tbh.
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22 Oct 20
The EU’s second wave of coronavirus cases has now, in per capita terms, even passed our own.

The combination of pandemic fatigue & people gathering with friends & family indoors during the cold months is going to be very, very bad. It’s why our third wave is starting too.
The fact that already hard-hit countries like Spain, Italy, and Britain are seeing such big resurgences should put to rest the idea that we’re anywhere close to herd immunity
Belgium has the second-highest covid death toll, in per capita terms, in the world. It also has a massive outbreak right now that dwarfs anything we've seen. Herd immunity will not save us.
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