Yo, decentralizers. If our projects are ONLY about censorship resistance and NOT about better algorithms for elevating truth, and NOT about creating constrained but real powers of moderation, then we're making things worse. 1/n
It kills me, absolutely kills me, that after years of decentralization advocacy it's a moment like this when all the dweb projects pop up on HN and social media. The interest popped -- not when truth became inconvenient for corporate power, but when lies did.
Charitably, people may be reflecting on the kind of power imbalance being revealed and reflecting on how it could be abused.
Uncharitably? Do I need to even say it.
For anybody still unsure:

We have to find a way to square our ideals and our fears about monopoly control with the realities of how our technology is working. It's not enough to defend an ideal. We need to be effective.
We've all done our spiderman homework. What comes with great power?
If we really believe that free speech is important -- as I do -- and we want to protect it, then we need to work hard to make sure that free speech provides value to people. Otherwise they're going to shrug and let it drift away, "a nice idea, but impractical, really"
The question isn't "how do we make moderation impossible?" The question is, how do we make moderation trustworthy.

That, it turns out, is much harder than p2p tweets
It's also about *checking* power, not just distributing it. Like code-forking: FOSS doesn't always mean "anybody can contribute," but it definitely means that the users can fork if the core devs abuse their position. How can we get that kind of check on power here?
It's nuanced. It's harder to sell than "censorship resistance." Maybe we need a new framework for discussing this, a new set of words. I don't know what to tell you, but the reward is equal to the challenge. n/n

• • •

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24 Sep 20
P2P anchors around removing ops and creating a network for streaming databases

As a developer, there's a clear upside in zero ops, app interop, and easy forking. As a consumer, there's an opportunity for push-button self-hosting which isn't only a private island (but can be)
P2P is basically a counter-SaaS technology

If you want networked software that doesn't require the software-authors to maintain the servers and databases, you need to automate the stack as much as possible.
P2P networks are designed to turn any device into an ad-hoc server, so in a way that traditional servers just can't be, p2p is push-button.

You host multiple pubkey-addressed services from a device without setting up DNS, SSL, and only one platform stack (the core p2p platform)
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21 Sep 20
Working on some developer tooling for hyper:// in @BeakerBrowser
The "files" view indicates which files are locally cached. The "cores" view includes basic info, a view of the blocks & highlights the locally-cached ones, and logs of events (peer connect/disconnect, block downloaded, etc)
Ideally we'd have total vision into why a drive isn't loading or what's in-flight. We'll see how far I can get here... dev tooling is important!
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21 Aug 20
The search for an idea content format in beaker...

Markdown without HTML ⇢ very constrained rich-text format that renders predictably in many contexts

Markdown with HTML ⇢ very extensible format which enables users to introduce tools like transclusion and dynamic queries Image
meant to say ideal but idea too
I dont want to add syntax to markdown unless I'm totally sure we need it, especially if HTML is able to do the trick
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14 Aug 20
Quarantine buzz cut ➡️ unfortunate hairline discoveries

coincidentally, two good band names
Pick your band name
“Hairline Discoveries” is really more of an album name
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14 Jul 20
This one might be controversial! We're adding an API to Beaker for panes to drive each other (with permission). This enables apps which extend/interact with other open pages.

(You'll have to maximize this gif to see it, if twitter screws it up I'll delete and repost)
The obvious usecase is what we do with our editor: it attaches to an active pane so that you can edit its content and have the page live-reload as you work.

What are some other possible usecases?...
🔹A content scraper
🔹An editor that operates on a higher level than files (blogging, WYSIWYG site editing, images)
🔹A comments section
🔹An annotations UI
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12 Jul 20
Yan’s argument is interesting but I think this is something we have to do. The web’s either an apps platform or it’s not. (thread)
AFAICT Google’s AMP project is an attempt to specialize more for browsing while Fugu is an attempt to specialize for apps.
I’m not familiar enough to comment on why each project is meeting resistance, but I will say that people are as concerned about losing an open commons as they are concerned about the Web falling behind
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