The ACLU in NYT on why the union of Silicon Valley monopolies -- Apple, Google and Amazon -- to remove Parler from the internet is so problematic. While ACLU is largely just a liberal pressure group now, they still have some real civil liberties lawyers:… Image
Tech monopolies -- FB, Google, Apple, Amazon -- have more concentrated wealth & power than any in history. They have used brute force 3 times in 3 months to manipulate US politics: censoring NY Post, banning Trump, destroying Parler.

And liberals are overwhelmingly supportive.
That these Silicon Valley monopolies are grave menaces to political freedom & economic well-being is *not* a right-wing view.

The most comprehensive report warning of these dangers was issued 3 months ago by a Democratic House Sub-Committee. Read this:…
Authoritarians never believe they're authoritarians, no matter how much censorship, surveillance, jingoism, & imprisonment they demand.

They tell themselves their enemies are so uniquely evil and dangerous - terrorists - that anything done in the name of fighting them is noble.
Do you know how many of the people arrested in connection with the Capitol invasion were active users of Parler?


The planning was largely done on Facebook. This is all a bullshit pretext for silencing competitors on ideological grounds: just the start.
For those asking the basis for that last claim: I spent the weekend reporting on the removal of Parler from the internet, including reviewing lots of documents and interviewing people associated with the companies involved, including Parler.

The article will be up shortly.
Silicon Valley defenders: If you don't like Big Tech's censorship, just start your own social media platform with rules you want.

Parler: OK, we did. We're the country's most popular app!

Amazon/Apple/Google: We're uniting to take you off the internet with our monopoly power. Image
I wonder how many people subserviently cheering Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook and Google billionaires for destroying Parler a) have ever been on Parler, b) know anything about it besides what CNN & NBC censors have shown them, & c) compared the hate speech there to what's on FB & YouTube.
Amazon -- which already has a $600 million contract to provide services to the CIA, and is desperately bidding to make that far more -- is deeply opposed to violence and fascism.

Jeff Bezos will use his monopoly power to make the world better:….

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Jun 28
For the lingering group of American citizens and British subjects who, each time it's time for a new war, believe that the US is devoted to fighting for freedom, democracy and a "rules-based international order" (😂) and to vanquish tyranny and despotism:
But did they spend thousands of dollars on fake Facebook groups and Twitter bots to influence the elections in Colombia? Get back to me when the US does *that*. Image
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Jun 25
Tens of thousands of people - including journalists - pretending Corbyn's meaning is that Brown was wrongly decided and Plessy should have remained, even though he's so obviously making the exact opposite point (decades of precedent shouldn't shield bad decisions from overrule).
Jesse, reputation aside, is a devoted lib Democrat. Listen to his 1-hour show in 2020 on why nothing is more urgent than voting for Biden. But he's able to point out the deliberate misreading of Cornyn's tweet because he believes in reading comprehension:

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What's so bizarre about this amateur but common error - claiming there were 6 votes to overrule Roe when there were only 5 - is the same NYT published a long article on how Roberts is now powerless since he refused to overrule Roe, but the other 5 did:👇…
There are 5, not 6, votes on the Court to overrule Roe. I'm unsure what the motive is for claiming otherwise, but it obscures this dark irony:

The 5th vote to overrule Roe came only because RBG refused to retire under Obama, allowing Trump to replace her with ACB (the 5th vote):
I mean all you have to do is read the majority opinion (which devotes multiple paragraphs to heaping scorn onto Roberts for refusing to overrule Roe), or Roberts' own opinion, devoted to arguing why the MS law should be upheld **without overruling Roe**. Roberts:👇
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Jun 23
In 2018, 62% of California voters approved one of the best animal welfare and public health laws in years: banning imports of pork and other food that use the cruelest torture of animals.

The Biden DOJ is now joined with the pork industry to overturn it:…
One of the most horrific tactics of factory farms is putting pigs in crates so tiny they can never turn around, stepping on their piglets and biting the metal cages until they go insane.

It's banned in many countries and US states. Read about it here:…
If you support family farms, you should despise factory farms: a morally heinous perversion of farming and is destroying small farms.

It's also a major threat to the public health: filthy conditions, antibiotic-resistant strains, indescribable cruelty:…
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Sometimes reality is reality even when one wishes it weren't. The ruble at a 5-year-high against the dollar:
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Feel free to believe this is a bit overstated, but even mainstream Western news accounts, forced by reality to change narratives, make clear it's not by much if it is all:

Meanwhile, NATO's Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg -- along with Boris Johnson and US officials -- are emphasizing more than ever: the West must prepare itself to support this war not for months *but years* more.

Who is this benefiting - and hurting?…
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Jun 18
Leave aside whatever views you have of MTG. Just put them in a corner for a second. OK, have we done that?

Now: think about the indisputable fact that not AOC, Bernie or a single Squad member could or would say most of what is in this thread, let alone in this tone, and ask why:
When Assange's indictment was unveiled in 2019, I wrote a WPost op-ed warning: its core theory could criminalize all investigative reporting.

A year later, that same theory was used by Brazilian prosecutors to indict me for our reporting that freed Lula:…
Yesterday, @AymanM -- one of the only non-Fox national journalists who has consistently warned of the dangers of the Assange prosecution -- hosted Assange's brother to explain the grave dangers to press freedom this prosecution presents:

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