@Erchamion_Beren @ed_k_sf @kthalps @eshaLegal 1/ IMO the biggest problem we presently have is the prevention of a fraudulent election.
I know, I know… you guys think that all elections are fraudulent and a waste of time. I too have though that, but, hear me out.
I believe there is a sort of civil war going on up there
@Erchamion_Beren @ed_k_sf @kthalps @eshaLegal 2/ among the ruling elite groups. And yes, Trump is among those groups.
Back in Nov. 2016 there were accounts of something strange going on. Hugh Smith was asking if the Deep State had come out against Hillary.
@Erchamion_Beren @ed_k_sf @kthalps @eshaLegal 3/ He asked “Could the Deep State be sabotaging Hillary?”
“I suspect major power centers in the Deep State are actively sabotaging Hillary because they've concluded she is a poisoned chalice”
@Erchamion_Beren @ed_k_sf @kthalps @eshaLegal 4/ Neocons vs. Conservatives. In Nov. 2 there was an article claiming "They are trying to release documents and info to stop the Clinton Inc. Machine"
@Erchamion_Beren @ed_k_sf @kthalps @eshaLegal 5/ Ending with Steve Pieczenik saying he was authorized to disclose the “counte-coup” going on to prevent the Clinton Inc. from taking over the country.
@Erchamion_Beren @ed_k_sf @kthalps @eshaLegal 6/ To confirm this claimed conflict up there, we have Admiral Rogers, head of the NSA at the time, doing an unprecedented move by going to the Trump Tower, without telling his superiors, to warn the President Elect Trump that he was being surveilled by the Obama administration,
@Erchamion_Beren @ed_k_sf @kthalps @eshaLegal 7/ who the very next day moved his transition team to Bedminster NJ. Admiral Rogers was shortly removed as the head of the NSA washingtontimes.com/news/2016/nov/…
@Erchamion_Beren @ed_k_sf @kthalps @eshaLegal 8/ You will remember how Trump was ridiculed for claiming that his campaign had been “wiretapped”.
In any case, his administration has been under constant attack by the Democrats, the Media, High Tech, and virtually the whole Establishment.
WHY is that?
@Erchamion_Beren @ed_k_sf @kthalps @eshaLegal 9/ Why is he so universally hated by the Establishment?
It couldn’t be because he said in a conversation in a gym “Grave them by the p***y”. That is TOO petty. He has a whole bunch of women in top positions in his administration, so, it’s not misogyny.
@Erchamion_Beren @ed_k_sf @kthalps @eshaLegal 10/ It’s not that he’s a racist. He was always thought as a good ally of black community before his Presidency, but the Media promotes the idea that he is constantly.
@Erchamion_Beren @ed_k_sf @kthalps @eshaLegal 11/ He’s not a xenophobe. The ban he place on 7 predominately muslim nations was due to fear of terror threat. The same nations that Obama designated as terror threats. But the Media promotes this idea constantly.
@Erchamion_Beren @ed_k_sf @kthalps @eshaLegal 12/ He’s not a white supremacist or Nazi sympathizer. He’s disavowed the Nazis and white supremacist time and time again, but the Media keep ignoring his statements and claim the opposite. WHY?
@Erchamion_Beren @ed_k_sf @kthalps @eshaLegal 13/ As far as I can see, the Media, the Establishment, has been attacking him from every angle possible.
Then I remembered something that Woodrow Willson said at the beginning of the early 1900s.
@Erchamion_Beren @ed_k_sf @kthalps @eshaLegal 14/ What is this power he spoke of?
So pervasive, subtle, watchful.
Was he talking about the Masons? The Illuminati? The Anglo-American Establishment? What we now call The Deep State?
I don’t know.
But it is apparent all who walk the corridors of power do.
@Erchamion_Beren @ed_k_sf @kthalps @eshaLegal 15/ Well, whatever it is, Trump DID speak above his breath when he speaks in condemnation of it. And he has spoken to ALL of us, and we understand that CORRUPTION is what that power uses.
And now, all those people who’ve been under this power,
@Erchamion_Beren @ed_k_sf @kthalps @eshaLegal 16/ are afraid of what he will do in a second term because he has the backing of WE THE PEOPLE, and WE are demanding the end to this “power” that has ruled our government for so long.
They don’t HATE him, they FEAR him.
@Erchamion_Beren @ed_k_sf @kthalps @eshaLegal 17/ During his first term he has activated, awakened, a great number of people, a majority I believe, to where the real Constitutional power is, and that is in WE THE PEOPLE.
This is what those under the corruption power fear the most, a politically active and aware population.
@Erchamion_Beren @ed_k_sf @kthalps @eshaLegal 18/ And even now, after the electoral college certification, they are still franticly trying to get him out before the 20th.
I believe they fear he will declassify some documents that will bring their house of cards down, ending this regime of corruption that has been in
@Erchamion_Beren @ed_k_sf @kthalps @eshaLegal 19/ power for so long.
This is why I think the most important problem at the present time is to prevent the success of this fraudulent election. If they come into power I fear we will NEVER be able to have a fair election again.
I know all previous elections were not fair,
@Erchamion_Beren @ed_k_sf @kthalps @eshaLegal 20/ with no fraud, but this is the first one when most people were aware of what’s at stake, and all following elections will have even greater engagement of the population, once the filters from social media are removed.
A free Internet will make that possible.

• • •

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10 Jan
@ed_k_sf @kthalps @eshaLegal 1/ Thank you for the link. It has triggered a series of thoughts that I’ll place here. Hope you have the patience to read it.
I see what you mean. “not convincing under any standard of proof”. So it’s now all wrapped up and sealed with a nice blue ribbon on top.
@ed_k_sf @kthalps @eshaLegal 2/ Unfortunately it doesn’t instill any confidence that no fraud has happened.
It seems like they placed impossible high ‘standards’ of proof. i.e. someone saw unidentified persons prefilling mail ballots and put them in pink ballot envelopes, but she didn’t see the ballots cast
@ed_k_sf @kthalps @eshaLegal 3/ and could not confirm the ballots were counted, so her testimony was not accepted.
WTF did the judge think they were doing? Improving their penmanship?
It’s like me witnessing some guy in a store place a bunch of jewelry from a counter in a bag and walk away.
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7 Jan
@RedPilledPoland 1/ Nothing violent was happening in that group. The shot was not in self defense or to stop violence.
This is the typical MO of all Color Revolutions.
Remember Maidan in Ukraine. The organizers sharpshooters shot protestors AND police officers to discredit the Government. Image
@RedPilledPoland 2/ They won because people were misdirected by the Media into thinking that was an organic revolution instead of one organized by OUR State Dept. ie. the press made a big deal of Nuland saying "f*ck the EU" instead of the fact that she was directing who should be in charge.
@RedPilledPoland 3/ These Color Revolutions, finance by Soros et al, have occurred in many countries.
We are the recipients of the latest.
Here's the smoking gun video.
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