I will add one more thing to this -- US plastic recycling may be one of the largest contributors to plastic trash in the oceans -- here is why

Plastic trash in the oceans is not from some poor schlub in Austin who had a plastic straw in his big Gulp. The vast vast majority of the plastic trash in the ocean is from 10 or so large Asian coastal/river port cities
Seasonal floods inundate the industries along these harbors and rivers, and washes the plastic trash out to sea. Where does the plastic trash come from? From places like CA, which until recently sent most of their collected "recycled" plastics to these Asian cities
The problem is that the majority of plastics do not pay -- at all -- to recycle, but recycling advocates in this country simply insist on denying this reality. Having to support their fantasy, and with no way to economically use them in the US, they were sold to places like China
But even in China, most of this material became trash (they took it originally hoping their low labor costs would allow it to profitably sort out the small amount of good stuff, but they always intended to trash a lot of it).
Question for Greens: If plastic is going to be trashed anyway, who do you trust to trash it more carefully, CA or China? A lot of our plastic is just heaped into trash piles just next door to the coastal ports where it was imported, ready to be washed to see in the next flood
And wham, instant ocean trash. While CA greens were making the rest of us make do with no straws or shopping bags, they were in fact themselves the source of way more ocean trash, via their plastic recycling program, than the rest of us ever were

• • •

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9 Jan
I agree Twitter's actions are private & legal. Got that out of the way. But you & other people of goodwill are soft-pedaling the degree to which Twitter is punishing heterodoxy by saying they are just "banning fascists"
But this makes it sound like they are banning only the most extreme 0.01%. Who can argue with banning fascists from your private platform? But the bans go so much further than this, as I have experienced myself and seen happen to others I respect (@boriquagato)
Perfectly calm, fact-based intelligent voices are being banned merely for skepticism of government mandates like lockdowns, business closures, and masks. Irrespective of your beliefs in the efficacy or necessity of such measures, I think that in many cases these are unprecedented
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9 Jan
We seem to be moving to the Reichstag Fire Decree phase of the capitol riot aftermath. @ElonBachman
Google & Apple are free to do this, of course, and I can't say I have been too thrilled with Parler in my short experience with it.

What worries me is the attitude that seems to dominate the Left now that if only wrongthink and wrongspeak can be suppressed, paradise will emerge
We are seeing many actions justified as responses to recent violence (responses we did not see, by the way, in response to any other political violence in 2020) that could equally be construed as...
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8 Jan
1. Government top-down planned solutions are never efficient. See: every socialist country in history
2. The government sets standardized rules for everywhere, but local conditions vary, & they don't give local people with knowledge of local conditions the authority & incentives to innovate based on overall program goals. Planners are uncomfortable with people going off the plan
3. Many state efforts are, in their rules, more concerned with NOT being caught vaccinating someone who isn't eligible than with vaccinating as quickly and as efficiently as possible. This is a very government problem -- they are more driven by not getting an anecdotal "bad"
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7 Jan
Well, the good news after today is that the Republicans are done with Trump.

There was some danger, I thought, after the election that Republican opposition would continue to rally around Trump and be guided by Trumpism.
Trump may remain a force of some sort in populist politics, but the Republicans are distancing themselves from him so fast they appear red-shifted in photographs.

This was already happening with the GA Senate losses. I think R's have a valid beef that in a 50/50 election,
Trump telling GA R's their vote won't count effectively suppressed his own voters and probably at least killed Perdue.

Trump's tweeting the last week or two has been particularly crazy (which is saying a lot with him) but his behavior stoking the riots today was outrageous.
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6 Jan
Here is my COVID math. I am 58 with hopefully, say, 20 good years.

Life given up from year in quarantine: 1 in 20
Chance of contracting & dying of COVID in one year at my age: 1 in 1500
Approx. chance of death from vaccine reaction: 1 in 50,000
By this math:
1. I have zero desire to give up 5% of my life to remove a 0.6% chance of dying.
2. I am happy to take a vaccine -- the odds are good compared to chance of death from COVID and it is really worth it to me if the government will leave me alone after I take it
My fear of course in #2 is that just as I am having a hard time breaking the twitter habit and walking away, government officials can't break the power habit either and won't walk away from their new found powers -- new excuses will be found to make me miserable.
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5 Jan
I never have believed this was an intentional release. If it's from a lab, I've always assumed an accident (eg first scene from the Last Stand). What I never understood until I read this article was why someone might have engineered this virus to start

I always associate bio-engineering of viruses with weapons research, and COVID-19 with its really low mortality under the age of 70 would be a pretty piss-poor weapon. But what I was unfamiliar with was the research to tweak existing diseases to make them more virulent.
Why? The nice answer is that by creating tougher viruses in the lab, we are (supposedly?) learning things that are useful in treating tougher viruses when and if they come along in the wild.
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