Perhaps there will be superseding indictments but I worry greatly that the insurrectionists who've been arrested so far are being undercharged.
If you break into the Capitol armed (doesn't have to be guns) and rifle through congressional offices there are basically a million crimes you can be charged with. Way more than simple trespass. Many of the indictments amount to, went into prohibited area, stole a chair.
3/ This was a violent insurrection aimed at the seat of government with the intent of overturning a presidential election. A core of the insurrectionists wanted to take congressional leaders hostage. If you don't send a strong signal you'll get much, much worse.
4/ Again, there are so many potential crimes it wouldn't be hard to overcharge. But you have to send a message that there are serious consequences for these actions. You also need to charge to capture the fact that the actors threatened the continuity of government and
5/ led to at least 5 fatalities.
6/ There are numerous videos showing attacks on Capitol Police officers that could be construed as attempted murder, certainly violent assault. Not seeing those yet. Hopefully, it's pending building the cases. But they strode out of the Capitol cocky and thinking they won ...
7/ It's up to the criminal justice system to show them otherwise. John Walker Lindh was a dipshit kid who went on a Jihad safari in Afghanistan and had the serious misfortune of showing up right as 9/11 was happening. He didn't really have anything to do with anything tied ...
8/ to the US but he was there and signing up as a Jihadist for a group that did launch a devastating attack on the US. He was charged with crimes that amounted to three life sentences. He pled down to 20 years. Storming the seat of government to overturn a free and fair ...
9/ election and at least in some cases planning to execute members of the line of succession of the US government is making war on the United States. Charge appropriately.

• • •

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12 Jan
During the siege R and D reps were packed into an undisclosed secure location while the Capitol was cleared. Packed closer space. Many GOPs still refused to mask. Contemporaneous reports had Dem seniors begging their colleagues to mask. Many still refused. Now ...
2/ five days later two Dem Reps have tested positive for COVID.
3/ Here a Dem Rep, I believe from Delaware offers masks to GOPs as other plead. They either refuse or mock her. The blonde woman is the new Qanon Rep Marjorie Greene.
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10 Jan
Thought I'd do some last hours of Parler digital tourism (thread) ...
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10 Jan
this is an infinitely bigger deal than apple or google. Those just mean you have to use the browser as opposed to the app. This means Parler is off the web altogether. Also, depending on their set up, moving off aws may require non trivial rearchitecting of their site.
2/ For non-techs, Amazon’s AWS system is a highly turnkey set up, very dynamic and extensible. If you’re making use of those features it’s not the kind of thing where you move a word doc to a new computer. If there’s no plan in place I’d figure at least days before back up.
3/ A least the engineers in the thread think my “at least days” is wildly optimistic. I’m no tech. I’ve just worked with techs long enough to know it’s a big task. The other point. Normally you could go to another cloud platform and at least make use of their tools.
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8 Jan
Very important thread. The sort of reconstruction bellingcat excels at. Multiple videos synchronized from multiple angles showing precisely what was happening when Ashli Babbitt was shot. A mob was pushing against a barricaded Speakers lobby, which leads into the House ...
2/ Chamber. This was at the point when members were still barricaded in the chamber. A capitol police office is holding a trained gun on the crowd. Babbitt begins to climb through the shattered window, is warned to stop. Then the police officer fires a single shot and she ...
3/ falls back mortally wounded.
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7 Jan
I think of myself as pretty prescient about Trump stuff. But, damn, this is one helluva thread. Not only predicts the insurrection yesterday but the precise modalities and triggers. The mob was clearly there for trouble from the start. And I suspect we'll find out much more ...
2/ about a core of insurrectionists who planned this out in some detail. But the spark that really lit it off is when the crowd heard that Pence had "betrayed" them and that there was no more hope. Also, he's right. Cap Police don't have riot control training and ...
3/ beyond that, they're really neither equipped or designed for that kind of situation. In real national security events they are always just one layer of protection with much more high capacity security operating in tandem. It's not an excuse. It's a huge failure.
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7 Jan
Certainly a basic problem here is that Capitol Police, under the jurisdiction of Congress, were not prepared for yesterday's attack. But when we ask what happened yesterday, a significant part of the equation is that the various agencies charged with handling such ...
2/ situations - federal marshalls, DHS, FBI, DOJ, National Guard, et al - were under the control of the person who was trying to whip the crowd against Congress. This doesn't mean necessarily that the people running these agencies were intentionally standing down or assisting ...
3/ necessarily. But in terms of thinking, hey, volatile situation in DC tomorrow, how do we safeguard critical infrastructure, coordinate to protect the capitol, federal buildings, etc. are they really going to be proactive when the person they all report to is on the ...
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