Longing unused layer 1s is laudable but wrong.

ETH is the network that matters. ETH is used. Defi is the sector with rapid development, real world use case, massive $$$, and momentum.

Long ETH and Defi, forsake nearly all other alts. They are laggards.
The very few worth dabbling for swings would be Solana, BSC, Polkadot. I can’t think of many others. Because these are also going after Defi and arent legacy chains pivoting. They bring challenge to ETH and that could be fun.
Some to avoid? Eos, ada, ltc, bch, xrp, trx... and so on. Stay away. They will forsake you.

The Flippening of the top 20 is upon us.
Some of the ones in no man’s land: xtz, algo, atom, maybe some others? Empty cathedrals of beautiful design but no users or dApps they didn’t pay for. Not organic enough yet. Could work but not easy mode.
Then there is the problem of VC funded ETH chasing L1s. They are either already way too marked up, or VCs are in so much profit and centralized it’s terrifying to hold. Anything outside of ETH is in danger here. ETH has had multiple cycles for early investor distribution.
There are current and future dApps and projects that can be bigger than public companies in similar legacy spaces. Banks, payment processors, lenders, exchange, underwriters, and more.

The real promise of ETH is decentralized finance.
When partial collateralized lending hits Defi landscape... watch out. It’s the killer app. And extraordinarily difficult. It’s the banking magic money creation machine. If it’s taken away from them? Phew.

• • •

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11 Jan
This is your chance to be a legend.
However in dollar terms it's up $22 since this so there's that.
+35% since. Are you a legend yet?
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10 Jan
Yes, @Keeper_DAO raised “seven figures” from two investors. @polychaincap has 100k rook and 3AC has 20k rook.

The team is a partnership including Ren founders.

Announcements are radio silent right now. None are in promo mode. Which makes it accumulation central.
When the arb mining process is finished this month, you’ll probably start getting a lot of announcements for product launches, exchange listings, partnerships. You definitely want to make sure you wait until after all that to accumulate. Makes total sense.
“Wow ledger how much you gonna shill this?”

What is nicer? That I shill it on a 25% up day or after I’ve 5x’d or a day where it’s down 15% against ETH?

I have bought every price between $67 and $195. If you make me, I’ll keep buying. It’s your move.
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5 Nov 20
If you consider a 30% tax rate, selling a bitcoin at $15k to chase an altcoin, if your last tx on that btc was at $10k, you have a $5k profit and roughly $1500 tax burden.

You’ll realize it either way at some point, but my calculus is if it’s worth it before Dec 31 or not.
If you underperform btc you needlessly speed up the time you owe the tax man by a year. If you overperform, you need to make at least 10% (1500/15000) before it makes sense.

It’s really hard but I’m waiting for a fat pitch. Today looks good but not worth it yet for me.
Meanwhile, if btc continues upward, each btc becomes much stronger buying power for paying 2020 cap gains that occurred pre-$10k btc. Reducing the % of portfolio I have to take out in January to pay them.
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4 Nov 20
The GOP will soon dump Donald Trump and ask you all to accept that they only did what they had to do to stop Democrats. That they can now carry on with conservative principles.

They are spineless cowards. They are finished.
There are no real conservatives in government. There are establishment Republicans with endless power thirst, and populist Republicans who will follow the Trump line.

But there are almost no fiscal conservatives in favor of limited government. It's a sham.
However, the narrative will now shift to the need for fiscal conservatism. It is all a lie. A complete sham. If you're a fiscal conservative, Bitcoin is a much better answer than Republican government.
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3 Sep 20
Alright so, this is where we talk about how money is created.

Most money is created out of thin air. Yes, even in crypto! Newly minted coins are valued based on a minority of coins changing hands and establishing the price.

In a bull market — new inflows enable expansion. 1/n
Without new inflows of fiat, or rarely moved bitcoin or Ethereum moving to alts — the natural state of alts is contraction and a zero sum game despite more coins still being added. Most become zombies.

True value requires liquidity 2/n

When new money comes, and supplies are constricted, valuations can skyrocket. And some people can even sell coins at those levels. They are taking advantage of the rare occasion for liquidity. Many locked investors have a much slower go of it than the degenerate alt slinger. 3/n
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12 Aug 20
Life happens fast. $yam
Just bought myself a bucket of YAMs. 100% YOLO.
I have no clue what I've done but apparently I'm already up over 65%. Hard to tell.
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