Bill Gates needs to do an interview with a robust journalist clarifying some of his earlier comments about vaccines and population control.

That will go a long way in restoring the trust. Some concerns that people have stem directly from things that he said.

It’s hard to ignore
My approach to removing misinformation is to transparently provide the full information and explain the science and associated data.

It’s not just mocking and shouting at the people who have reservations. That should be the global approach to the vaccine information cycle.
If someone hears a quote from a speech you made, with video...

The best way to address their concerns is not to ignore the comments you made. They heard what they heard.

The best way is to provide context and a full explanation. Otherwise it seems like you are avoiding things.
Those are just my thoughts on the underlying reasons creating the vaccine hesitancy and how to potentially address it.

I accept the science on vaccines. I have taken vaccines all my life and will continue to do so. My children (when I have them) will take vaccines.
Just to be 100% clear.

I am just thinking about potential solutions to the root causes of the problem.

Solutions are objective about the reasons for problems existing and they try to directly resolve them. Without ideology.

There are always many ways to solve a problem.

• • •

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More from @MightiJamie

10 Jan
Hi @SABreweries are you guys willing to pay for 30 million vaccines?

You have been profiting immensely from the poor using their last cents to drink.

Why not make this contribution to government so that you can go back to making billions from the alcohol economy.
The longer the pandemic lasts, the more money you are likely to lose.

It’s in your direct business interests to fund a large portion of the procurement of this vaccine.

Help the government vaccinate everyone by June 2020 and everyone will be drinking next December.
It’s a pragmatic win/win business decision.

If you are losing money from the lockdown, if removing the lockdown requires people to be vaccinated, if you have the money and government does not.

It makes business sense to buy it for them and get back to making mega billions/yr.
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10 Jan
The argument that twitter/facebook are private companies is shallow and ignores the issues at stake.

Here is the issue - the core question.

What power should entities that control the public and civic discourse platforms of the world have?
Here are the numbers

▫️The are 2.7 billion people on Facebook.
▫️There are over 330 million global twitter users.
▫️There are 2 billion monthly users on YouTube.

Effectively these are oligopolies of discourse. Their decisions can affect governments and the affairs of man.
Historically monopolies and oligopolies have faced regulation of a higher standard than normal companies. This is why we have competition law.

There was a time when people sat down and said these private companies have too much power and they are operating without accountability
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9 Jan
Elon Musk was bullied at private schools.

Is that a real reason for saying he has no concern about South Africa. I mean personal reasons can be good and they can be bad, but it’s a shaky argument for me.

Surely he should just resent the white South Africans who bullied him.
Trying to go to Mars seems more crazy an idea to me than trying to fix Africa which has potential to feed the world and still has abundant space.

Not my money and we don’t have much of an audience with tech billionaires outside, but if I had a minute that’s what I would say.
Slight modification- he went to a school which at the time was a predominantly white suburban school

They were government schools intended under apartheid to cater to certain communities . I accept the correction.

He went to a model c school.
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8 Jan
I am not sure about these unilateral decisions by social media networks.

Especially in anticipation of future behavior.

They do this for someone we hate or someone who is hated, next thing hey could be doing it for someone who they disagree with.
I don’t think the left should have this level of control of popular culture and the global media. I am beginning to see a chilling effect on some speech.

It’s almost as if, if you don’t think like the New York Times & Hollywood influencers then there is a risk of being silenced
It’s the unilateral and arbitrary nature of these decisions by institutions we have no way of holding to account with no recourse I worry about.

I keep going back to this thought - Twitter could have blocked Malcolm X and Martin Luther King with this level of power.
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8 Jan
The latest white man trying to compare the activities of Trump and his gang to the EFF.

There are fair criticisms of the EFF for example on Mugabe. However it’s very clear that the right wing Trump collective is in the DA and Afriforum.

Senekal farmers were invited by them.
It’s a force fit and it’s not working.

If you want to criticize Trump in a local context do it right.

Call out the people who don’t see color. Call out the people who went to meet Ted Cruz to lie about a non existent white genocide. Call out those who share racist cartoons.
Call out those who pray for the return of Botha.

Call out those who say apartheid was not a crime against humanity. Those who want to display the apartheid flag and preserve racist statues of Cecil Rhodes.

Call out those seeking to sanitize colonialism.
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7 Jan
We must be able to separate emotion from reason.

We must be able to separate example from principle.

I have a concern about the unilateral and sometimes arbitrary censorship powers of the main social media platforms.

In instances outside of Trump this could be harmful. Image
Silicon Valley tech companies are not diverse. They are not informed about global issues and they lack contextual understanding of many local discussions.

3.4 percent of the Facebook leadership is black. 1.7% works in the technical departments coding etc.

Twitter is similar. Image
So I am actually wondering if Twitter and Facebook would ban Malcolm X, Martin Luther King?

What happens when the thoughts being expressed are not in the interests of the West, of Silicon Valley , of Liberal Elites but are correct and fairly made

How will they referee in Africa
Read 4 tweets

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