Krisia Nicole Villarosa, An artist.. Oh wait lemme clarify that. AN ART THIEF IN THE PHILIPPINES: a thread
#artthief #plagiarism #filoartist #filipinoartist #SupportLocalArtists
This person just straight up profiting of someones artworks
Not even a single credits for the original artist.
❗This work is plagiarized and she’s profiting off of it. This is illegal. Here’s the original artist:
She didn't even credit the original artist. What she did is technically the same as tracing. and inform the original artist if you could (original artist is Japanese).
For this one; The original artist for this is Hitsu. Same with my previous comment, do you have permission to sell this? Also proper credits should be given as this is the exact same art. Or you know? Don't steal Art?

She also plagiarized other artists like;
The deceased Leonid Afremov
Another art she stole;
This is so sad, it angers me.
She stole from Evitaworks too
Please spread this thread.. I hate it the most when other people are stealing art and GAINING MONEY from that STOLEN ART..

I'm just a small account so i can't really do much.. i just want justice for the artists..
You can see more of her plagiarism in her Page:…
I kinda feel bad Exposing her.. but idk is it the right thing to do?😔
Sadly my friend found another thing..
She posted her plagiarized arts on EVERY BUY AND SELL GROUPS IN THE PHILIPPINES (on FB). She blocked me when I confronted her and she still has no say on the issue. I kinda feel that she's unapologetic.
She even had the audacity to give her clients a "certificate of authenticity".
🎨 List of original works plagiarized by her:

1. “Rem”
Original artist: TorinoAqua

2. “Megumin”
Original artist: Hitsu

3. “Rain’s Rustle in the Park”
Original artist: Leonid Afremov…
4. Star Wars paintings
Original artist: Alessandro Pautasso/Kaneda

5. “Legends”
Original artist: Jimmy Mitchell…

6. “Mother and Child”
Original artist: EvitaWorks…
7. Lady in kimono

8. “Vision of Inner Palette”…
This was from another artist on FB:
Link to that FB post:…
Her FB and Art page is down but you can still see your "works" on her Instagram:…

As you can see, she claimed it as her's and it was a commission.
I think her relative got mad at me.

1st pic:
"Are you sure about what you're saying?"
"Do you know what you're talking about?"
2nd pic:
"So, you're the one who's spreading this?"
"Are you sure about what you're saying? Did she claim it?"
"You're using a dummy acct, you animal"
"If you're an artist, you should know it's just a commission you asshole, the costumer brought the photo and asked for it"
Original post about this issue:…
Update.. my friend sent me this girl's
YT channel..

Here's a video of her, copying the art from a phone and painting it.. It's sad to see that she has the talent/skills.. but ends up plaigarizing

This twt info was from:
Amazing artist, if interested please check them out.
Hello, yes.

This is just a thread for exposing one of THE MANY PEOPLE who think copying & selling someone else's art is okay.

I'm doing this to spread awareness so that people don't end up like her & the artists she stole from.

Stealing is wrong, kids
Jail is scary

@Mayu_MaCherie "Adding this: one of the artists she plagiarized, the artist for the “Megumin” artwork, Hitsu, says this on her Pixiv page. Therefore Krisia shouldn't have really copied her work lmao she can't even credit properly"
I've been notified that people are defending her on FB using "dummy accts". A friend of mine sent a post of @Mayu_MaCherie on FB because she also exposed this girl on FB.
To make it short; the dummy was making fun of her appearance instead of acknowledging the main issue.
Link to her post about the said "white knight"…

• • •

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