Watched it, thanx for the link! It's def. loosely based on Belyayev's novel. I know HK & Japanese cinema fairly well, but not mainland movies, so appreciate your threads Dylan.

The movie's slow and bizarre. 80s sound effects and all.
"Professor Dowell's Head" was a table book for many sci-fi lovers in the USSR, maybe not his most popular novel though. I think Amphibian Man was. So this film was a nice treat, as I was a sci-fi fan during the sci-fi craze in early 90s in post-USSR, & interested in Asian cinema.
Belyayev's one of the most popular sci-fi writers in USSR/Russia, along with Ivan Yefremov and few others. Amphibian Man was a very popular romantic film shot in 1961 in the USSR, with a starlet Anastasia Vertinskaya & a Soviet idol Vladimir Korenev.

"Professor Dowell's Head" was adopted in the eighties, so not quite as naive, romantic and colourful as "Amphibian Man", which was a typical 60s Soviet film from the "happy era".

"Professor Dowell's Will" is more moody & obscure.

Chinese film of the late eighties has some parallels with the late eighties Soviet cinema: often darker, more nihilistic, bizarre, cynical, self-reflective.

But I need to watch more Chinese stuff of that era to draw conclusions.
Because of the Sino-Soviet split, not many 🇨🇳 movies made into Soviet big screens in the sixties to late eighties era. Red Gaoliang, the first Zhang Yimou film with young Gong Li was among the first in the late 80s to be screened in the USSR in Russian dub
I've had interest in movies since early childhood, but knew mostly HK films as "Chinese cinema". They were distributed on VHS pretty widely.

Still closing the gap in my mainland Chinese film knowledge.

• • •

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13 Jan
Tuvans in PRC live in Altay prefecture, northern Xinjiang. Considered part of Uriankhai tribes, in China classified as same group with Oirat Mongols, educated in Mongolian language, using Kazakh language too. Image
They speak native dialects in their homes/family. Basically a transborder identity group, divided between modern Russian Tuva, Mongolia and China. Main group lives in three Tuvan villages: Hemu (Kom), Ak Haba, Kanas. Image
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11 Jan
Lol, i'm from the former SU, too. Lustration didn't happen because Yeltsin didn't want it. People were CHANTING "Lustration!" to him in 1992 during one of his speeches.

Yeltsin knew the system was one and lustration is inpossible. It could ruin the RF.

DUMB take, no less.
The lustration was impossible snd would be absurd, as power transfer was by and for the people who were themselves ex-soviet elite, very much one with the KGB.

They couldn't lustrate big part of themselves. It ain't no Eastern Germany for you. Couldn't absorb itself.
The take in the comments about "Yeltsin era was an American experiment" is even more absurd. Putin was promoted to Yeltsin by Berezovsky, Yeltsin accepted him as his successor.
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10 Jan
Not necessarily endorsing RT but take a look at this documentary :

Similar documentary by Vice is on YT too, but Vice are idiots so not sharing the link.

Only partial success of emancipation in CA countries in early USSR time. But, the countries now enjoy independence and for sure, are developing more in their own pace.
It'll come, women's rights and all. Every country probably will fit into one or another version of modernised, more fair-play culture. But differently.
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10 Jan
China watchers & think tankies keep on obsessing over dull (in a western view) language on recent "baby making machines" Tweet. From absolutely dumb misunderstanding to vile spinning of what is said in original headlines and articles on women's emancipation in XJ.
It can be the agony of their "Uyghur genocide" narrative failure, or schizophrenic white burden, or unwilling to understand China's a different mindset. Or all of it together.

At this point they don't seem to offer anything than obsessing over a phrase, taken out of context.
I'm educated (and lived) in both Western European and post Soviet environments, so I know exactly why they either spin it or misunderstand it, or both.

Most of them won't even get further than "we are always right, because we are" mindset.
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8 Jan
"Peasant woman! Begin to fight for your rights, trampled into the ground!"

Soviet propaganda plackard from Uzbekistan, then Uzbek USSR, 1927.

Whether people in the West like it or not, socialist countries had their own version of modernization, which includes emancipation.
Was women emancipation by the Soviets forced, in some instances? Sure. Was it eventually successful? Partially.

Was it the same as Western "missionary" complex? Not really, as it had nothing to do with religion.
It had mistakenly assumed that religion is evil though, which was it's mistake.

But this way or another, modernity kicked in and stayed.
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8 Jan
Lol, of course it is not investigative journalism.

"Investigative journalism" is a couple of SJWs from Vice, parachuting in XJ for a day and making an untruthful, sensationalist "documentary" about XJ, claiming they were "followed everywhere", lol. That's journalism alright.
Or maybe Aspi's satellite imagery "investigators" is a good example of investigative journalism? Hahah. Yeah.

Then, I guess extrapoliting leaked data from one XJ village on all XJ is good journalism?
I'll take accounts of visitors and guests of XJ like myself, telling truth over "investigative journalism".
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