@apocalyverse @DonataLueck After 54 years walking IN His Love, enduring abuses & overcoming in trials most people couldn’t even begin to imagine—I can tell you:

Love YAH
Love All
Forgive All
Rejoice Always

Satan can’t defeat you!
He has NO weapon against
Love & Forgiveness!
@apocalyverse @DonataLueck My Testimony shows
YahShua’s Hands & Spirit
in my life & ❤️.

He’s PRESERVED my life
& my family thru’ MANY things
that should’ve KILLED us
& He’s delivered those I’ve
prayed for! HalleluYAH!

Father shelters me in His Love & Grace. So, I can comfort
& shelter others in HIS LOVE.
@apocalyverse @DonataLueck Peter loved Christ;
but John
was so HELD by
the LOVE OF Christ
we find him
at the foot of the Cross!
God’s LOVE
was so perfected IN John,
he was
the ONLY original disciple

He didn’t die!
They exiled to Patmos
& he received Rev🕊
@apocalyverse @DonataLueck 🙏🏻HE Heals-HalleluYAH!🔥

I’ve survived:
blood clot thru my ❤️
6 urgent cesareans/49 total surgeries
An abusive Marriage
4 minor❤️-attacks
double walking pneumonia
pulmonary embolism
HPV DEAD in my blood
7 hrs of FLASH Pulmonary Edema
(only PT that didn’t die w/o lungs suctioned)
@apocalyverse @DonataLueck Like Paul, Father kept my Life
& I’ve survived those
& MANY other
deadly things:

Sting-Ray barb poison
Black Widow bites
Brown Recluse bite
Lone Star Tick (STARI)
Pistol-whipped, beaten & robbed
-Satan got that far ONCE

I was attacked
the attackers
@apocalyverse @DonataLueck He’s shown me
Many Mighty Miracles!

By His Spirit,
He kept my ❤️ in His Love
even while choked
or held at knife-point

I repeated:❤️
They stopped,
heard Truth in LOVE,
repented, prayed
& ~ARE~Born-Again!

@apocalyverse @DonataLueck Satan tried to Kill all my babies-
but Failed!

1st son:FULL recoveries in

wreck: I was hit, 20 weeks pregnant

born 6 wk premature-2wks in NICU

Car hit HIM, at 19:
Cracked Skull, brain injuries,
coma, left side paralysis
DR said 10% chance
to survive as vegetable
@apocalyverse @DonataLueck At 28, he survived a collision
that TORE OFF the front of his car!
The truck that hit him FLIPPED
on it’s side just a split second
before it would have gone
farther & killed him!
Both walked away!

He’s 32 now, married,
Has 2 beautiful children
of his own.

@apocalyverse @DonataLueck Books would be needed to share all- but He has delivered us in EVERY storm, trial & device of the enemy!

My Dad’s dad died at 57 from Pancreatic Cancer; Dad was diagnosed with it; but we held to Faith in spiritual warfare & he lived 20 yrs longer! Nothing is too hard for God!🔥
@apocalyverse @DonataLueck In 2011, my dad was delivered from death:
He had multiple health issues & they needed to amputate his leg. They gave him 1% chance to live thru’ surgery.
I had a Word from Father & I told the DR, “It only took 1 stone for David to hit Goliath; it could be 0.1% and he WILL live!”
@apocalyverse @DonataLueck They had his surgery set at 10:30pm (no doubt thinking they would go home); but we had prayed, anointed him, & I stayed with him singing hymns until he went in. He came out of recovery SINGING praises just as he went IN! HalleluYAH! His DR prayed with us over his bed & is SAVED!
@apocalyverse @DonataLueck She said, “I never met a person of science/medical knowledge with such bold Faith before, nor had I seen any Power. It was illogical to me; but you’ve proven to me there IS a God & you know Him, He answered you with a miracle WE can’t explain. I don’t know Him, please help me.”🙏🏻
@apocalyverse @DonataLueck God turned that hospital upside down! The testimony spread like🔥& now about 1/2 the doctors there are believers! Years later, the Christian singer, Carman, was healed of multiple myeloma bone cancer at the same hospital.
I prayed & fasted 18 days
& had God’s WORD to Hold!🙏🏻🔥

• • •

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11 Jan
Holy is the one who was
And is
And is to come

Arise, arise
Can you feel the fire
Rising up higher
Higher, higher
Arise, arise
Darkness can't stand by
Cause the light is getting brighter
Brighter, brighter🔥

Beckah Shae-Awake (Official)
via @YouTube
And when we hear the trumpet sound
And the four winds blow
We will be the ones found
Looking up ready to go
And in the twinkling of an eye
We will be raised high
Every heart beating in time
With Adonai

Awake, Awake
Sleeping giant
Open your eyes, it's time
To rise and shine
Open your eyes, it's time
Dry bones come alive
Revive, revive
Breathe the breath of life
Let it fill you with power
Power, power
Revive, revive
Heed His voice be wise
Ready for the final hour
Hour, hour

And when we hear the trumpet sound
And the four winds blow
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10 Jan
@Jaja777Peter777 @anthonylwallace @kulibwoy @staceydash Sad indeed, one should encourage new believers.
@Jaja777Peter777 @anthonylwallace @kulibwoy @staceydash Matt 13:47
Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a NET, that was cast into the sea, and gathered of EVERY KIND:

Many WILL be drawn to Christ even from an “imperfect” witness, from an honest ❤️ BUT ALL will GROW!

One plants, one waters but GOD gives the increase, & HE calls! ImageImageImageImage
@Jaja777Peter777 @anthonylwallace @kulibwoy @staceydash 🙏🏻❤️
It took the Israelites a day to leave Egypt; but it took 40 YRS of learning to obey, wandering in the Wilderness to get Egypt OUT OF the Israelites!

“Judge nothing before the time”
1 Cor 4:5
& “let patience have her perfect work” James 1:4 🙏🏻

Jn 6:44; Rom 14:4; 1 Cor 1:27
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10 Jan
@kulibwoy @staceydash YahShua Ha Maschiach bless you!
That’s exactly what you should hear from all of us... it’s about Love, Fogiveness & Humilty

He came to LOVE & SAVE humanity
Not to condemn/judge us
Children Of Abraham
Know this👇🏻
@kulibwoy @staceydash In ALL eternity-
He decided the world needs exactly
ONE YOU, for this time & place!
There’s never been a copy of you,
There won’t ever be another!
He gave you talents,
a heart & mind
like no one else-
but pieces of Himself-

You are an original
His child,
His treasure!
@kulibwoy @staceydash IN ALL
We must see thru’ His eyes💔
1 lost lamb
YahShua gave His Life for

A Little 1,..in darkness
LIED to by Satan
Captive: in bondage
Against His will
Without Light:Truth🔥

1 🐑 in 100 Lost-
...PAID FOR at the Cross

& Truth🔥in LOVE❤️ sets FREE!🕊
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7 Jan
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6 Jan
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3 Jan
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