Obesity is the biggest risk factor for covid; the difference between a bad flu & serious complications.

Anyone asking for lockdowns, masks & other superstitious BS instead of tackling obesity is either a whore profiting from big food & pharma, or a moron whose mind is made by TV
There is absolutely nothing that others can do for you that will be better for you than developing the awareness & self-control to eat meat & avoid junk food. No lockdown, mask, or vaccine will ever compare to you taking care of your own health. Only you can help yourself.
If you're not in peak physical condition, with no excess body fat, you must completely shut the fuck up about what others need to do to stop the virus. Why should anyone sacrifice anything for you when you won't sacrifice the junk food that's making you so vulnerable?
You are not saving lives with your mask & hiding at home. You'd actually save a life by losing weight, but that involves discipline & no sanctimonious self-righteous lashing out at others. You choose the ineffective option because you really value virtue-signalling over health.
Don't like fat-shaming?

It's much better than your stupid mask-shaming and stay-at-home shaming. Breathing fresh air & leaving home are far, far more important than eating the industrial junk that made you so mentally weak & vulnerable you want the world to shut down to save you
Health is not a mystery quest that needs WHO fiat scientists to crack. Eat meat, avoid junk, get sun & exercise and you're healthy.

If you're overweight you haven't figured that out & all your opinions on health are junk food & drug marketing from your dumb TV & fiat university
It's not that I don't take covid seriously. I take it so seriously I try to stay healthy as best as I know with every choice I make

If you have a belly & a double chin YOU are the one not taking Covid seriously. Forcing others to stay home & wear muzzles will never fix that.

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10 Jan
2021 in science, a preview:

Lots of fat slobs with manboobs and no self-control exercising full control over the lives of fit people to protect them from a virus that only poses serious risk to the overweight.
Remember when we were kids & looked up to scientists as people who solve problems & make the world better?

We were idiots.

Science is actually a method for normalizing profitable illnesses like obesity & using it to shame healthy people into submission to totalitarianism.
Our generation got swindled by dumb actors like Carl Sagan & Bill Nye into thinking science will take us to the stars when it was actually going to rationalize obesity as a life choice & scare us into authoritarianism & destroying aviation & basic 20th century technology.
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9 Jan
It's been an entire year of hysteria.

Whatever idiotic "public health interventions" they followed, every single place in the world witnessed mortality not significantly different from other years.

Anyone still freaking out is either profiting from fear or a complete moron.
Belarus, Sweden, Nicaragua, Turkmenistan & others didn't follow restrictions promoted by the "global public health" mafia. They witnessed mortality no different from other years.

If this doesn't cause you to reconsider the effectiveness of these measures, you are a moron.
Every year, around 10m people die from respiratory diseases. This year is no different.

The only differences are mass testing with a broken test which is optimized for false positives, & media & political hysteria.

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19 Dec 20
Getting rich by holding bitcoin is not an unfair reward for doing nothing. It's the market's just reward for divesting your wealth out of central banking & all the death, destruction & decivilization it brings the world.
We can have political money allowing govts virtually unlimited wealth for wars, socialism & capital destruction.

Or we can have bitcoin allowing free markets, capital accumulation & peace.

The market rewards holding bitcoin because it's how we get to the latter better world.
On a bitcoin standard, nobody can obtain any wealth by devaluing the existing wealth of others. All the world's govt-funded parasites (probably ~50% of world GDP) would have to find something productive to do or starve. Imagine how much more productive & rich the world would be.
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18 Dec 20
With a fixed supply of money, holding the money itself is similar to investing in a global index fund which offers no yield but appreciates with global productivity. Anyone can be an investor; zero fees, experience, or professional management required.
Anyone who earns money can expect to keep it and watch it appreciate, without needing to do any more work.

With easy money, you need to beat inflation to keep the value you earned & for that, you need several professionals working full-time trained for years and plenty of luck
Imagine if every child could expect any money they earn or get as a gift to appreciate over time without needing professional management. How much more would children grow up to value saving and low time preference?
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17 Dec 20
You will only be able to understand the fiat economics taught at fiat universities when you realize it's not an intelligent or honest intellectual pursuit, but an elaborate post hoc rationalization to arrive at the predetermined conclusion of "printing money is good".
If you read a Keynesian textbook trying to make sense of it, you'll get lost in laughably dumb reasoning.

If you read it as the work of slimy con artists trying to arrive at the predetermined answer of "printing money good", it all makes perfect sense.
What kind of idiot would begin their analysis by assuming unemployment is a function of the level of aggregate spending?

Anyone whose day job is to find reasons & justifications for government printing money & handing it out to cronies.
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6 Dec 20
It's been a year of hysteria over a low mortality respiratory illness & there are still cattle among us who want to impose govt restrictions on others to fight this doom.

Low testosterone & manboobs are the real epidemic. Nobody afflicted should be taken seriously by anyone sane
Next time you find yourself manipulated into joining a chorus of cattle braying for restrictions on others for "public health", ask yourself:

How many of the cattle are taking care of their own health?

Why should the sick, defective & disgusting dictate how the healthy live?
Do you have an opinion about public health?

If you have manboobs, SHUT UP and keep it to yourself.

Nobody listens to fatties lecturing on health or whores on chastity.

Try to figure out how to lose the boobs first. you'll quickly realize how dumb your manboobed opinion was.
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