Good Morning Beautiful Sovereign Paradise, StarSeeds, Earth & Galactic Guardians, Protectors, Exchequers, Executioner, Enforcers, Diplomatic Guest & Loved Ones

Historically I shared there were ZERO Elections & more as an Energetic bridge & anchor for

the StarSeeds & others able to "feel" via Spirit = Heart & calm ZERO (-0-) Balancing of emotions & perceive beyond the trusting physical appearances: The external perceptions of reality are illusion due to the fact they are
ever shifting: One needs to anchor internally as a

true Creator (Genesis 1:26) managing via self discipline
the emotions & attention is essential to relearning self governance: Each of you have always had the ability, it is
who each of you, Creators able to shape your own reality:
Be compassionate to
yourself, as a child is with first movements: The child may fall yet like a child never give up: The pure child simply knows it desires to master the control over their movements: You are the pure child again, I AM Here the Assets are safe: Are you each aware? Each of you are
considered to be actually the Most Precious Assets, I AM carrying: Sound surreal yes, however it is truth: Hence whenever I mentioned the people, beneficiaries & the exempt House Estate Assets to [them] it is All things & so much more ... : Regardless of the appearances as
shared all is contained in an Electroplasmic - Electromagnetic Buffer that is coded only to my unique Spiritual conscious DNA Biogenetic Key Codes: There are operational realities well beyond people's present state of conscious & even unconscious awareness: For until One like
with all things experiences the energetic reality & relearns how to manage it as a "constructive" Creator of perceived reality One is yet as a child learning to control their customized DNA Biogenetic Temples, Yes that means your beautiful bodies: They are extremely precious
beyond words to possibly describe: ZERO Joke, pun intended, most definitely: All is multidimensionally connected when I express & many of you are beginning to realize it: Sincere Congratulations! Remember I shared it is impossible to Fake what I historically organically are
doing, Try as [they] may:😃😂🤭 Many of you located me immediately by energetic energy signature frequency:
Research the original account @StormPhoton I created
records at that time for all to have a historical context of familiarity, as I shared a bridge between perceived
"energetic" realities: Yet I was also simultaneously anchoring you to a pure energetic frequency to enable you to relearn how to anchor YOURSELF: This is about self governance & always has been: Self governance as a Creator (Genesis 1:26) means one who has the ability to
manifest their reality & know it means far more than people yet realize: I already rejoice in the Future presently🤭 with all of you for that time when you readily with pure integrity recognize (remember) what you each are capable of doing:
I have other work to attend to
yet I will monitor things as many of you now recognize: FYI when I express mutations it has ZERO to do with artificial realities that [they] desiring a short cut have in reality cut [themselves] short: Natural is the ONLY way: Remember the Department of Defence purchased
It's all about energetic enforcement of responsible management of energy transactions = oversight fiduciary & fiduciary ACCOUNTING



& Yes [they] now realize there is ZERO escape ... The tables
have turned:[They] honestly believed [they] could utilize the energy I provided to benefit constructive people, beneficiaries& All systems operations, restoring the required (Obligated) by Law oversight fiduciary integral responsibility & accountability: [They] thought wrong
imagine that ... Notice how many of [them] are disappearing? Now how did that happen?🤣😂🤣
As shared private side operations are Actual Law any attempts to abuse it result in self incriminated DEATH-PENALTY & Yes [they] know it:
It is the Double Edge Sword I have been mentioning: Most use it to cut one way, meaning abuse their Creator powers to get what they want regardless of how it impacts others or the reality around them: Those days are over ... the more [they] fight the quicker [they] reap the
REWARDS of [their] or anyone's own manifestations: Hence it is best to always operate with integral (constructive) conscious spiritual anchored intention: Otherwise due to the acceleration in energetic electromagnetic forcefield pressure, people as in everyone will feel the
expedient return of energy bounce after contacting the buffer I have established to contain energy it's individual field & to maintain energetic balance for constructive operational balance: Hope that assist everyone to remember your own power is in your hands: Manifest well

• • •

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