Thank you so much, Monique. Do please read these: They may seem low-priority reading at a time like this, but they put what's happening in a global context that's critical to understand just how serious what happened really was--
and sure, everyone already realizes, "That was serious." But it's worse than you think. For the reasons @VivekYKelkar and described in those articles. If you find them worthwhile, please sign up (that's free);
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12 Jan
Pompeo is a perfect example of this thing that just baffles me. He owes America *everything.* His grandparents immigrated from dirt-poor regions of Italy at the turn of the C19th. He graduated *first in his class* at West Point.
He has a law degree from Harvard. He was the editor of the Harvard Law Review. Went to DC and joined a blue-chip firm. Also made a fortune in private enterprise. America gave the grandson of dirt-poor immigrants the opportunity to do all of that.
He knows *damned well* what the Constitution says.

He's also seen enough of the world to know *damned well* how lucky he was to grow up in a country at peace, governed by that Constitution--and to know *damned well* what happens to a country in a civil war
Read 17 tweets
12 Jan
The thing I don't get is the smart people who've gone along with Trump. Dumb people are dumb; that's why we call them dumb. But why would someone literate enough to have read the Constitution--someone who has publicly sworn,
"I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic" conclude that following Trump--not the Constitution of the United States of America--is a good idea?
There are people who are just too stupid to grasp how lucky they are to have been born in the United States and governed by that Constitution. I get that. And there are sociopaths and losers who feel the US hasn't done right by them--I get that, too.
Read 7 tweets
12 Jan
I agree with every word, and especially the last sentence. Image
It is more than "disturbing." It is absolutely terrifying. Image
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10 Jan
I wonder what the implications of this will be. In a normal world, this would be the right thing to do, and a sign that the United States will not allow China to do to Taiwan what it's doing to Hong Kong.
But this isn't a normal world. Were China to invade Taiwan, today, it's unclear the US could do anything about it: We do not, at this point, have a commander-in-chief who possesses the legitimacy to send our armed forces into a massive--even Apocalyptic--conflict in the Pacific.
The legitimacy of the chain of command has been completely undermined by what happened at the Capitol. Our allies? Do you think they would cooperate with *anything* Trump asks of them right now? We can't even be trusted to protect our own capitol.
Read 7 tweets
10 Jan
There's a distinct cohort of people who seem to have been unable--not unwilling--to see what most of the world saw as staggeringly obvious about Trump; to wit, that he was dangerously unfit. I wonder if in some cases this involves not a moral failing, but a form of autism.
i.e., a real--biologically-based--difficulty reading human emotions and intentions. Most of the people around Trump are flagrant grifters, or cowards. But I do know so many people--otherwise sensible--who kept insisting to me they *didn't see it.*
And I think they meant that. They didn't see it, in the same way someone visually-impaired does not see the curb. Something about the way they process emotional cues and understand human behavior is different.
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5 Jan
The South African strain is terrifying. It involves a significant modification of the spike protein, which could render every single vaccine useless. Both the mRNA vaccines and the traditional virus vaccines would need completely to be retooled.
Could be done quickly in the case of the mRNA vaccines (that's why they're so slick), but given the massive political incompetence on view almost everywhere, this is going to mean, if true, that the pandemic drags on indefinitely.
So sooner or later, every government is going to face the same choice: massive death tolls or complete quarantines.
Read 4 tweets

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