We wrote a 200 page report on why corporate concentration - including the big tech radicalization engines - worsened under both Democratic and Republican administrations. It has to do with antitrust enforcement, and it's fixable by Biden.
We researched multiple sectors of the economy - big tech, newspapers, aerospace/defense, media, telecom, hospitals, pharma, (even Ticketmaster!) to show that policy under the Obama administration shaped our lives in ways that we didn't realize at the time.
From QAnon to high health care costs, American life flows through our corporations and markets, and those are structured by *policy.* And we have a to do list for Joe Biden, state enforcers and policymakers, and Congress.
Courage to Learn describes why corporations got more powerful under Obama - from media to telecom to big tech, defense, pharma, etc. It was a deliberate policy choice by enforcers who thought concentration makes society more efficient. It's the philosophy!
The hardest part of politics is recognizing that it's mostly ideas - not money or political strategy - that matters. And with political chaos and major antitrust action against big tech, we're in a pivot point we haven't seen in 40 years. Let's learn! economicliberties.us/our-work/coura…

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More from @matthewstoller

11 Jan
I wrote up one simple thing Joe Biden can do to reset America. He should restore the FTC, which is the agency tasked with regulating social media, by appointing a real enforcer - Rohit Chopra - as Chair. mattstoller.substack.com/p/a-simple-thi…
I went over the life of Ashli Babbitt, the woman killed in the Capitol, and her experiences with war, monopolies and financial predators. Rage has roots. mattstoller.substack.com/p/a-simple-thi…
Babbitt was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, and served abroad for a total of eight deployments. She returned and revealed violent tendencies. She bought a small business adjacent to a monopoly, and then was preyed on by loan sharks. Then she went QAnon. mattstoller.substack.com/p/a-simple-thi…
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10 Jan
1. Since a bunch of people are asking, here's my view of the Parler-AWS situation. Yes, Parler should be removed from AWS, but not the way it was done and not because Amazon feels like it or wants political favors from incoming Democrats.
2. The problem is that what Parler is doing probably should be illegal, because it should be responsible on product liability terms for the known outcomes of its product, aka violence. But it’s not illegal, bc Section 230 means it has no obligation for what its product fosters.
3. So we’re dealing with a legal product and there’s no grounds to remove it from AWS. That said, this isn't a Parler-problem specifically, because Parler isn't any different from Facebook, YouTube, or Grindr in terms of fostering violence. mattstoller.substack.com/p/rumors-sprea…
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30 Dec 20
Henry Kissinger once asked “Who do I call if I want to speak to Europe?“

The EU finally has an answer: Xi Jinping
Merkel is probably Germany’s third worst leader. Just a complete monster.
With this deal with China, Merkel just forced the US to see the European Union as hostile to our interests. She’s far worse than Trump. And great job Obama in endorsing Macron. He really showed up for China.
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21 Dec 20
Rich Republican white people flipped to Biden as non-whites flipped to Trump. Can we be honest now and admit Trump won in 2016 due economic frustration and all the careerist racecraft scolds were embarrassingly wrong? Or do we have to wait until President Hawley takes office?
Here's Paul Krugman calling Josh Hawley a Nazi for making a class-based argument. In the time since Hawley has worked with noted anti-semite Richard Blumenthal to address big tech and famous bigot Bernie Sanders to move relief checks to working families.
That last tweet was sarcastic. The point here is the pervasive nature of what @thomasfrank_ calls Anti-Populism, how elites frame calls for democratic self-government over rule by experts as malevolent and dangerous.
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20 Dec 20
Just so people are aware @aoc voted against the CARES Act and no one had her back when she did so.
@AOC voted against it but it was a voice vote so it’s not recorded on the roll call website. Her statement is the record. But yes she voted against it.
Brad is a former member of Congress explaining how the House works. The reason there was no roll call vote is because of the pandemic - House leadership didn't want people showing up due to safety issues.
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19 Dec 20
So @BharatRamamurti is correct insofar as he goes but he's leaving out that the tools Toomey's proposal would kill were used to boost big business and toxic private equity shops, and that virtually nothing ended up going to state and local gov'ts and small business.
We all agree the Fed has helped Wall Street and stiffed ordinary people. But @BharatRamamurti thinks the Fed will eventually get around to helping ordinary people under a Biden administration, whereas I don't. That's the disagreement.
There's just no evidence for this perspective. I watched the Federal Reserve cover up foreclosure fraud during the Obama administration and refuse to lift a finger to aid Puerto Rico while the New York Fed encouraged PR to cut its minimum wage.
Read 7 tweets

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