🌠 Keep navigation centered in a lopsided container (logo on one side, nothing on the other) with Flexbox!

“Asymmetrical centering” like this has befuddled me for a long time, but I've cracked the code: `flex-basis` is key 🔓🗝

Demo + Code: codepen.io/joshwcomeau/pe…
When `flex-basis` is set to `0`, it distributes ALL space, not just empty space.

So: we put columns on either side of the nav, make them greedy with `flex-grow`, and distribute the space with `flex-basis`:

.column {
flex-grow: 1;
flex-basis: 0;

(Image credit: w3 dot org) A diagram showing how flex-basis: 0 distributes all space re
(You can also use `flex: 1` instead, but that shorthand obfuscates what's really going on here!)

Another nifty trick: The nav items "fan out" as the window gets larger, thanks to viewport-based gap sizes:

nav {
display: flex;
gap: max(calc(10vw - 60px), 16px);
} Two side-by-side screenshots of a large window and a small o
How it works:

→ `gap` adds space between flex siblings
→ The `vw` unit scales with viewport
→ We crank up the scaling impact by picking a big number (10vw) and subtracting a fixed value (60px) using `calc`
→ To avoid having negative gap on small screens, we clamp it to 16px
I'm currently building a CSS course, “CSS for JavaScript Developers”!

The course features a number of in-depth workshops, and for the Flexbox module, we build an e-commerce webapp! It uses these tricks (among others) for its primary nav 🔥

→ Learn more: css-for-js.dev
Final little note: `gap` isn't supported in Safari, though they just added it to their Technology Preview, so it's on the way! In the meantime, you can use margin:

.nav-item:not(:last-of-type) {
margin-right: max(calc(10vw - 60px), 16px);

• • •

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6 Jan
Woaaah — An AI that can generate delightful illustrations from text captions.

This will be GOLD for folks who want custom illustrations to visually explain a concept. The content creator in me is *pumped*.

Heard from some folks that are concerned about the effect it'll have on artists. Wrestling with this a bit.

In my view, it's similar to the effect that Squarespace had on web developers. There's still plenty of demand for us, but it changed a bit.
Essentially things shift upwards a bit. It's less common to get paid $500 to build a website for your local bakery, but still plenty of opportunities building dynamic products for businesses with big budgets.
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9 Dec 20
✨ This year I decided to take blogging more seriously. In 2020, I published 30 articles on my blog, joshwcomeau.com.

We're nearing the end of the year, so I thought it'd be fun to do a "Top 10" countdown, sorted by # of views 😄 I'll share some context about each one!
#10 — Boop! joshwcomeau.com/react/boop/

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I was unhappy with the hover animations on my course platform, and decided to experiment. I was so happy with the results, it became a blog post!
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Tools like `gatsby-image` and `next/image` are making it redundant, and I'm thrilled ✨
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23 Nov 20
The most infamous CSS rule is:

button:focus {
outline: none;

This style removes the "ugly" focus ring on inputs and links, but it means keyboard users can't navigate; it totally breaks the experience for them (and any non-mouse users) 😬

A thread with some solutions 🧵
First, some quick options:

• Leave them as-is! Outlines aren't so bad.
• Provide an alternative focus style, like changing the background color, or adding a border.

There's a nifty new pseudo-class you may not be aware of, though…
🌠 The `:focus-visible` pseudo-class is just like the `:focus` one, but it only matches when the browser determines that a visible focus state is necessary (eg. not a mouse user).

Keyboard users will see the focus rings, but mouse users won't.
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31 Oct 20
For the past week I’ve been using the Xiaomi Redmi 8 as my main phone. It’s the most common “budget” smartphone in India.

In some ways, this thing is shockingly good. In others, downright surprising. But there were some disappointments.

🧵 My experience in-thread: ImageImageImage
For context, I ordered this phone from AliExpress. Cost me $90 USD.

It costs ₹8,000, well below the average Indian smartphone price of ₹12,000 / $160.

Source: statista.com/statistics/809…
Quick caveat: I’m not pretending that my internet experience has been identical to that of an average Indian smartphone-user

The average mobile internet speed in India is 12Mbps, roughly 1/3rd global average. But unless you’re video-streaming, 12Mbps seems OK to me?
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6 Jul 20
At a couple jobs now, I've been tasked with reviewing incoming applications, so I've read _a lot_ of cover letters. IMO, a lot of them miss the mark 😬.

Today I thought I'd share some cover letters I've written which led to an offer, + some cover letter tips.

See thread 🧵 👇
All cover letters can be read in text here: docs.google.com/document/d/1a6…

Letter 1: Khan Academy.

This letter isn't my best work, but it tells a compelling story about why I'm passionate about the space + the organization. Could be improved by sharing more about my skills/background Screenshot of doc linked in tweet
Letter 2: Glitch

I'm proud of this letter. I cover why I care about their mission (online code education), their product (mentioning specific features), and why my skills/background are valuable to them in their mission / for their product. Screenshot of doc linked in earlier tweet
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6 Apr 20
So many folks have lost their job in the last 2 weeks :(

I've been writing a short book on software dev portfolios. It isn't ready yet, but I wanted to share some of the highlights, to hopefully help folks who are job-hunting again!

The most important stuff I know, in-thread 👇
Your developer portfolio is a showcase of your most important projects. I'm using the term "project" loosely, to include:

• Stuff you shipped on-the-job (if not restricted by NDA)
• Side-projects
• OSS contributions
• Volunteer work
Your homepage should list your 2-5 most impressive projects. You should have an image, a brief summary, and a link to a dedicated page to learn much more about this project.

(GIF credit: juliacodes.com)
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