Electricity is a state monopoly in Uruguay. And because I'm a 'good payer' (ie. I always pay on time), I received a 100% discount on my December bill. ๐Ÿ™Œ Thankyou UTE.

When you compare that with what the Tories do to Britain's starving kids, it's a completely different planet.
In Uruguay - in many Latin American societies - there's also a concept called a 'canasta basica' (basic basket). Which monitors the prices of essential household items, and is used to define relative and absolute poverty.
In 2012, with inflation running at 10%, the government stepped in to control the prices of those items for a period of time. I was fascinated at the very idea - and that contrary to the right wing economic illiterates who are ten-a-penny in the UK, no, the sky didn't fall in.
The main focus of the government when the pandemic began was to ensure that everyone at least received a basic basket. Luis Suarez donated 500 of them too.

The minimum wage, which is the highest in Latin America relative to US dollars, is a bit above the basic basket.
Again, compare this with the UK. Where the Tories simply change how poverty is defined - then reject evidence and data from the UN when it rightly condemns them.

The discourse from the right around poverty in Britain would be completely unthinkable here.
And just to return to energy... at least 98% of Uruguay's energy comes from renewable sources.


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13 Jan
Two things happening concurrently now. One good, one terrifying.

1. The dam is clearly breaking re: impeachment. I think it's going to happen. He's going to be convicted. Whether before or after January 20 is the question. But this thread isn't about that.
2. We now have testimony, both from footage on here and from Congresspeople that:

- Republican members were giving reconnaisance missions to terrorists the day before the attack

- Some police were helping the terrorists

- Republican members were revealing Democrats' locations
- AOC had an encounter in which she thought she was going to die

- Republican members insist on carrying weapons into the chamber and are bypassing metal detectors

Hint: they're not doing that because of their "2nd amendment rights".
Read 10 tweets
12 Jan
Can't wait for Kuenssberg's take on this.

"Families are receiving this food FOR FREE at the taxpayer's expense. And it's much better than spending it on drugs, said a senior government source..."
"The portion sizes will teach children the valuable life lesson that there is no magic money tree. If they're poor, it's all their own fault. They should tell their parents to stop buying iphones and widescreen TVs..."
"And besides, our great, glorious and heroic government has maxed out the national credit card! So cuts have to be made somewhere.

(But not to my publicly funded salary, obviously).

This is Laura Kuenssberg for BBC News. When will I be receiving that damehood again, Boris?"
Read 6 tweets
11 Jan
Since 1988, there's been an emerging Democratic majority in the US. The Republican Party has won just one - ONE! - presidential popular vote in that entire time: achieved solely through fear, ie. 'The War on Terror'.

And that's extremely relevant to the here and now.
What happens to a party of rich white men who think they're born to rule but can no longer win? A conclusion the GOP reached finally and irrevocably in 2012.

Answer: spread fear, spread lies, and suppress the vote.
Make it harder and harder and harder for anyone not rich or not white to vote. At the same time as whipping up the rhetoric; going to undreamt of lengths to anger and inflame and divide... because that'll inspire 'the base', and get out new voters. Racist, ignorant ones.
Read 13 tweets
11 Jan
Think, just for a moment, about the ridiculous fear drummed into so many Americans about "antifa".

First, "antifa" don't even exist as an organised group. Second, what is "antifa" short for? Antifascist. Y'know: like the entire Allied force in World War Two was antifascist.
Any fully joined-up member of the human race is antifascist, anti-racist, and pro-democracy.

THIS is what people are scared of? Seriously?

If you're scared of that, I can only conclude you're a fascist yourself.
"They are taking our country away from us!"

1. Who is 'they'? The People, over 81m of whom voted for Joe Biden?

2. Or do you mean 'Black people'? "Black people are voting democratically! The horror!"

That's what this all boils down to, isn't it? American racism.
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11 Jan
Among the more disgusting, moronic, pathetic takes I've seen in recent days has been from Republican voters. Unable to deal with their own role in what they've done to their country, they've decided that it's all the fault of... Democrats.

Yes, that's right. Democrats. ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿคฎ
"You started it by not accepting Trump!"

No you fucking morons. We WARNED you again and again and again about what would happen if you voted in someone so completely, totally, 100% unfit in every possible way.

Where the US is now is the inevitable consequence of what YOU did.
- You voted him in despite knowing he'd committed sexual assault and bragged about it

- You voted him in despite knowing he was a racist, sexist and misogynist

- You voted him in despite knowing that far right fascists supported him

And why? Your bank accounts and pocketbooks.
Read 11 tweets
11 Jan
I write as someone from an extremely dysfunctional family.

I write as someone with no family of my own: a deliberate choice owing hugely to the point above.

I write as a Remainer who will always support freedom of movement.

I write as someone tired of political illiterates.
Labour *should be* the party of 'family values' because Labour *should be* the party of community values.

Labour should accept Brexit because it's done. Over with. Finished. The end. Correctly, it voted for it.
Labour cannot win another election EVER unless it regains the trust of working class voters. As far as I can see, there's tons of people on here who demand Labour do this... while being every bit as liberal and left wing as ever, if not even more so.

Doesn't work that way.
Read 9 tweets

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