1. Biden’s first 100 days in Office will be turbulent. He will face domestic & Int’l cold wars, & that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I hate the fact Trump is setting landmines in the way. Joe Biden have a lot to deal with in his first 100 days, & it won’t be easy at all.
2. The EU climate deal, Iran & Cuba sanctions, finding the balance between South/North Korea relations. How does the US continue to maintain relations with South Korea, after using the South to broker talks with North Korea? South Korea doesn’t exactly agree with DPRK methods.
3. So South Korea would rather not grant concessions to the North. South Korea has much to lose. She is currently in a nasty brawl with Iran, after seizing $25 billion Iranian money trapped in its banks. Iran went ahead & seized South Korean vessel & its crew in Iranian waters.
4. US sanctions is biting hard on Iran & the later is finding it increasingly difficult moving monies around to purchase COVID-19 vaccines. Trump sanctions has starved Iran of her billions trapped in US banks & inside US’s ally banks.
5. So it’s a delicate line Biden is going to tread. China trade talks is still on the table, but most important is Pyongyang. Kim Jong-un has always said the DPRK (North Korea) is open to talks with the US on the former’s nuclear program. But that’s a ruse.
6. In fact, Pyongyang has over 25 nuclear war heads at the last count & developing more as we speak. Trump erred by discontinuing talks with Kim. It allowed Pyongyang to expand her nuclear program. This will be one of the biggest issues Biden is going to face in his early days.
7. Kim Jung-un once said: “the mistake Gaddafi made was not having nuclear weapon. If he did, the Obama led coalition, would not have invaded Libya.”

North Korea now possess minimum of 25 nuclear war heads ready to be deployed, projected to the United States. THIS IS NOT GOOD!!!
8. China-EU trade deal is also sending a clear message to Biden - the dynamics of world trade is changing. China-EU is now the biggest trade bloc in the world.

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, whose tenure is ending this 2021, pushed the deal through.
9. She took advantage of the presidential election tussle in the US to get that quickly done.

Now how does Biden get a better deal from the EU? France & Germany are the biggest power houses in the bloc. They won’t relinquish any advantages both gained already, to the US.
10. France is still in a brawl with Trump, demanding digital service taxes from US tech groups. So the landmines are all over the place for Biden. How does he navigate all of that?

His first 100 days is critical. He just needs to put his foot on the ground & get things cracking.

• • •

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11 Jan
1. You shouldn’t agree with Aisha Yesufu on all topics, personally I don’t agree with her on personal reasons, “her involvement with the #BringBackOurGirls BBOG - Goodluck Jonathan Saga.” You can as well disagree with her on LGBTQ - Queer & all of that.
2. What isn’t right is dragging her in the mud to advance whatever grudge you have against her. Calling Aisha Yesufu a “Raggedy Bitch” was low in my opinion. Y’all have opened the floodgates for people on all divide to insult her & try to bring her reputation into disrepute.
3. Arewa moral police is dragging her, LGBTQ - Queer are dragging her also, even those who don’t even fully grasp the concept of LGBTQ - Queer rights are equally throwing jabs at her. Many of you are evening running wild, suggesting she’d be deplatformed. I won’t support that.
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10 Jan

1. It’s no secret the US, China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, much of the civilized world, are involved in espionage (theft of state secrets)

Each nation tries to outpace, get ahead of the other in the race to space, advanced medicine, technology, advanced weaponry.
2. Each nation have a network of spies embedded in other nations to gather these state secrets. Sometimes spies even switch sides. This is where espionage comes in.

Does Nigeria have network of spies, a single spy embedded in any of these technologically advanced nations?
3. Nigerians in diaspora is an array of fine technocrats, academics, well educated & can match their peers in any discipline throughout the world.

They fit the purpose perfectly. They can serve as incubators for breeding new network of spies.
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9 Jan
1. Is POTUS still the most powerful on earth? Dems cheering Big tech on now, may become victims tomorrow.
I don’t wanna see China become the most powerful nation. I don’t want communism. This is not about Trump, he’s gone now, but PRECEDENT. China is already neck-deep in Africa.
2. What Biden (Dems) will do in the next 4 years, will determine the faith of China. Biden will either accelerate or slow down China’s growth & dominance. What Trump tried to achieve with ban on Chinese companies & products in U.S market, was deliberate.
3. MAGA, AMERICA FIRST, wasn’t a bad idea. China has almost completely dominated Africa. China equally signed an agreement with the EU recently. China is reinforcing, embedding itself deep into new frontiers. She’s made incursions in almost every facet of issues facing the planet
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9 Jan
1. Donald Trump is now permanently banned on Twitter. Now we know the gatekeepers of America Democracy. America is more divided now, thanks to Big tech.

Few individuals now decide what’s right for public consumption. I won’t support Jack Dorsey banning Adamu Garba or Waspapping.
2. I’m still a rational being. I know the dangers of a single story; single narrative is dangerous, it all depends on the divide you are on.

This new era of “Radical Democrats Big tech censorship” will be turbulent. So Brace Up!!
3. Parler App is equally losing access to Apple Store & Google Play store. Free Speech, Social Networking space is under serious threat.

Now if you are a Nigerian, then this should worry you. The Nigerian government, Lai Mohammed & his gang, are taking note of this.
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8 Jan
1. If I understand you clearly:
A. Trump violated terms, FINE!
B. Those Social Media platforms are privately owned, OK!!

Now, do you know the number of times Congress tried to oversight Facebook? Do you know Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg especially cannot be controlled or regulated?
2. Do you know how powerful Facebook’s become? The platform has the power to bring down governments with the touch of a button (keypad if you like)

Billions of dollars in fine is not even enough, neither is it a solution. I don’t wanna go into the data breaches, privacy concerns
3. Obviously Nigerians simply don’t care about privacy, after all your information (BVN, NIN, SIM CARD REG, D/L, Int’l Passport, VOTERS CARD) are littered all over the place, in government ministries.

Some of you even have your information up for sale on alibaba & BEC websites.
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7 Jan
1. It’s too late in the day for “the Twenty-fifth amendment” to be activated. It couldn’t have been possible in December either. GOP had Senate majority. Now the numbers has flipped in favor of Democrats, it’s still a long shot. Mike Pence isn’t a hardliner, I’m glad he isn’t.
2. That said, any impeachment now has to take quick action & quick thinking for that to happen. There are multiple routes to getting that done in Trump’s last 14 days. Removing Trump now will take huge amount of efforts, a coalition from within Trump’s cabinet will be required.
3. Impeachment & trial of president Trump in the senate is not entirely impossible. If that happens, Mike Pence will oversee these last 14 days. Whatever happens, this has gone into the annals of history. For future students of history, this looks bad. The precedent here is huge.
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