Funny thing happened on the way to the Gulag: UNITY.

So, they staged a Riot (predicted) in the Capital. Both sides UNIFY around the need for Domestic Terrorism Legislation (they'll pass it). They did nothing over the summer to (Antifa/BLM) but will now call MAGA terrorists.
They will be "Unified" in crushing the decent. While MAGA folks (like the Tea Party before them) clean up after themselves, Antifa/BLM burned, looted, & murdered. This instantiated "Domestic Terrorism" as an issue in the minds of Everyone. Now, both sides will UNIFY to stop it.
Listen closely to this Marxist: She means exactly what she says.

Listen Closely to this James O'Keefe video: This guys means it too:
Notice how the GOPe Leaders are working so hard to not acknowledge in anyway that the events were staged. I point to the cover up thread I laid out yesterday:…
What you are seeing is the result of the UNITY that started w/ the election of 2016. Both sides were UNIFIED in destroying the one real threat to their power, Regular Americans Values, as reflected in the Election of the one guy that was really not of either Party.
Trump was the "Stand-In" for YOU. The Regular American. Normal everyday, every walk of life American. The middle road. You see, in order for their system to work, they can't have a middle. They need LEFT vs RIGHT. Binary. Yea I know that's funny (we'll do biology stuff later)
We begged Barr, the NSC, the DoD, the staff in the WH all summer long to declare Antifa a Terrorist organization. They refused. The GOPe refused (ostensibly under pressure from the Left--yea right) Now, with Election Fraud right in all our faces, GOPe Congressman call the Army.
They burned downed a historic church in DC, physically assaulted Senator's in the Capital (@RandPaul) nobody called the Secretary of the Army & asked them a damn thing. As #Electionfraud is about to get written into the Congressional Record, they stage a riot, #murderofveteran
The GOPe jumps into action, puts out the bullshit readout above, & the Dems go full-on Mao. They will UNIFY to now pass some form of Countering Violent Extremism Act (been in the works since at least 2008). Conflate Antifa w/ MAGA. Call all of it "White Nationalism" & crush YOU.
Lay it all at the feat of Trump to destroy him so he can't comeback in 2024 (I hope he doesn't either way, had his shot & blew it) & make it next to impossible for these "stupid people" to pull a stunt like this again. Modern version of the Reichstag Fire w/ Enabling acts.
The calls for UNITY are open communications b/w the Left & GOPe Controlled Opposition. They're communicating & negotiating in the open b/c if they met you'd know. This is how these things work. Open Comms. They are using it to coordinate Narratives (which are always false).
They (Elites) Control the Political Parties. All the Institutions of State & Corporate Power. Now they are moving to control YOU. So you can't resist them. See this for what it is, they fear you. If you don't own it, you can't control it. Also, never own 49% of anything.
It's why they can't have a middle. These people are out to dominate YOU. They will stop at nothing to keep their grift going. Things will never be the same. Best Embrace the horror.

Just sayin.
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13 Jan
The Picture below was accepted as fact by the West after the Cold War. They never thought in "free society" the Press & Corp would willingly cede those powers to any Government/Movement having saw first hand where it led. Yet here we are today. What below isn't true here today Image
The West couldn't conceive the ability of Tech Oligarchs, nor how much liberty we'd willing hand over for convenience, entertainment, & security. People pointing fingers soley at Trump, we countrymen need to own our part in this. We failed to hold the line.
Times up folks. No going back from here. Those you know in the Press, on here, Bluechecks, etc etc. Ignore them. They failed too. Time you, each and everyone of you to step up. The next few years will determine our future. If we get cowed in voting GOPe again, we're doomed.
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11 Jan
This deserves a quick Thread. The article below is illuminating on several levels. I'll point out the obvious. And link and additional tweet down thread. The first point to make, I've made for months. DoD Leadership are all ideologically aligned w/ the ruling class or are
Feckless cowards that pose no threat to them. Evidence of that has been their constant undermining of Trump since he's taken office, I've said this before & it's crucial we understand; Since the Bush Admin, no Gen/Admr was confirmed unless 1)Ideologically aligned 2) Not a threat.
I'll not go into the laundry list of evidence to support these assertions, but will submit this one: We are still at War. The complicity in that is beyond incompetent, it's criminal. Moving on, The reporting on the woman attending the rally is egregious.
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11 Jan
The chef's kiss. Former Army Ranger (just like Stan McChrystal) Notice the words "insurrection" as opposed to riot. Insulting your intelligence.
Shows how completely feckless & utterly incompetent the DoD is. Fools & Cucks. Why can't we beat with savages in caves after 20 years?
Your DoD leadership should all be fired. I would fire every one above the rank of Col. Tomorrow. Every last one. Worthless boot lickers or traitorous Marxists, take your damn pick. Those excuses were fucking pathetic. Wouldn't accept them from a Buck Sergeant Sqd ldr.
If China or Turkey doesn't invade someplace it's b/c they are laughing their asses off at how utterly pathetic the State of our Military is. Social Justice Generals and Marxist indoctrination. You want to be mad @ POTUS for something? This right here. Fucking inexcusable.
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7 Jan
all your base are belong to us: Just so folks are clear.

The violence in DC during the EC was not organic. It was orchestrated. It accomplished several goals, one being shutting down debate on Election Fraud & preventing evidence from being written into the Congressional Record
Something else it did, if you paid close attention, was identified those who are entirely "Controlled Opposition" & those who are trapped in the "Narratives" of the day. Basically, it ID'd your enemies from those who aren't actively trying to destroy you.
Those who came out denouncing the violence initially but have since backtracked & correctly pointed out the Antifa involvement are those that are trapped in "Narratives". They will respond in a very predictable way on all issues, be it racism, sexism, etc etc. They are trapped.
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21 Dec 20
The Real Damage of Q & Disinfo: Passivity - Illusion of Action

It has taken me sometime to formulate my thoughts so I could write this thread. We're at risk of losing it all, so while this may not be perfect, I'm putting it out there b/c folks need to understand the dangers.
"It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled." This is a common theme, especially among LE working big Fraud cases. Often, even when shown demonstrative proof, victims refuse to believe that they were scammed. It happens more than you know.
People invested massive amounts time, resources, emotions into the various permutations of Q. It got attached to Gen Flynn & other decent people so now has legitimacy in the eyes of many. Applying the "Conspiracy Theory" label just further cemented that status. Intentional.
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19 Dec 20
This rubio "retaliate" is really an order for some operator to go kill someone. But, because its vague, the people don't connect his media smooth "retaliate" to the kill order. This means a person may get killed not b/c they are bad in the here and now..
But b/c the "narrative" demanded a "retaliation" & the target emerged from that narrative. Often there is no relationship b/w who gets targeted & the events on the ground. Rubio is calling for a "hit" on some poor unsuspecting soul, good or bad, it matters not. This is evil.
The "narrative" Russia is more important than the lives that will be lost from his "retaliation" to "send a message". These are the people that run your Government. The taking of human lives is a big fucking deal. Anyone that's ever done it, & is physiologically sound, suffers.
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