The backstory is that Twitter and other tech giants tried to interfere in the Ugandan election by mass-banning certain accounts.

So Uganda took the entirely appropriate step of leveling the playing field by banning Twitter altogether. The U.S. should have done the same in 2020.
Here is Twitter admitting it ("we were just trying to help!")

Uganda: we don't want your help!
Twitter did not know de way

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11 Jan
"Global elites" is a misunderstood term. They aren't primarily the politicians. They're the NGOs, corporations, media conglomerates, academic institutions, pressure groups and bureaucrats that shape the views and policies of politicians. They aren't always successful.
Politicians range from those who are 100% agents of that ecosystem (Buttigieg, Clinton, Blair) and those who are 100% independent of them (Orban, Salvini, Bolso).

But there are also plenty of politicians who are in between those two extremes. Boris Johnson is one example.
There are also countries that are completely outside the ecosystem. Hungary has shaken off most of it, Poland is also in the process of doing so. Russia and China were obviously never a part of it (but you still probably wouldn't want to live in the latter).
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11 Jan
The irony: Europe, without a First Amendment, may end up with more internet freedom than the US.

In Europe, governments decide definition of hate speech, extremism, etc. They are bound by legislative processes.

In the US, Silicon Valley decides. And it is not bound by anything.
Called it.

Even foreign politicians who are the complete opposite of Trump in terms of style/policy aren’t happy to see Silicon Valley silencing a world leader.
Boris Johnson was alarmed by Twitter’s censorship of Trump during the election and was considering new laws as of November. That was *before* Trump was fully banned.…
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10 Jan
It's not like they put this all down in writing or anything.…
Not like they were caught on video!…
It's not like the made lists of dissidents to persecute...…
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9 Jan
I've seen a lot of media-democrat outrage spirals so I know how they go... thread:
Day 1: Media gaslights conservatives into engaging with their concerns in good faith. Dead Syrian refugees, George Floyd, etc. Anyone who offers a contrary opinion is immediately destroyed. The smart conservatives stay silent. Cowardly ones grovel.
Day 2: Either more facts emerge, or the media-dems overreach, revealing the horrifying breadth of its agenda, the depth of their plans to control the population, eliminate rights and liberties, and otherwise reshape society. Dissent starts to emerge.
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9 Jan
Journalists really are to blame for this.

The YouTube ad boycott, the Facebook ad boycott - that was all them.

The transformation of tech companies into weapons of the ruling elite would not have happened without constant pressure from the media.
There were always people inside the tech giants who wanted censorship. But numbers swelled because of agitation from the media, and media-inspired ad boycotts immeasurably strengthened their hand. More than Democrats, more than the tech companies themselves, the media did this.
Panics over "fake news" and "misinformation" didn't start inside the tech companies. They started in the media, were picked up by the most radical employees inside the companies, who went on to craft the policies that would placate the media -- until the next panic.
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8 Jan
If only there had been a conservative news organization that, five years ago, established a dedicated team of reporters to cover Silicon Valley's growing attacks on free speech.

If only there had been whistleblowers, and leaks, and smoking guns proving that the leaders of Silicon Valley were determined to stop the President and his supporters from effectively using the internet to communicate with voters.…
If only there had been whistleblowers, and leaks, and smoking guns proving that the leading big tech companies didn't care about interfering in democratic politics.…
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