Joe Biden has chosen Kristen Clarke to head the DOJ's Civil Rights Division.

It has been reported by Fox News that she penned an op-ed for her student newspaper while at Harvard. In the op-ed she lists a series of incredibly racist wacky claims:…
The context: Another student wrote an op-ed defending the book "The Bell Curve" which had just recently come out in 1994. The book contains a passage discussing black/white economic differences being based in part on IQ differences.…
Kristen Clarke's op-ed was written as a reply to that. I don't know if she has publicly commented on the story yet but I assume her response will be along the lines of, "I didn't actually believe that racist pseudo-science, I was making a point about how anti-black racist claims
dressed as science are accepted, while anti-white racist claims dressed as science are denounced."

Is that true? Unfortunately it's hard to say. In the article itself she gives no direct indication whether that is her intent or not. Her op-ed sparked a controversy at Harvard
with many arguing whether she was being sincere or just making a point. Her response at the time was to be coy and give a non-answer. She doubled down by inviting noted anti-Semite Tony Martin to speak on the Bell Curve. (his book is on how the Jews controlled the slave trade.)
Whether Clarke has made continual statements about melanin theory I do not know. If she has repeated these claims throughout her life, it would indicate that she was not being ironic or making a point, but that she truly believed them.
However without further statements, I could easily conceive of a college student using this controversy to try and make a point, while not actually believing the racist melanin theory nonsense.
But I would argue that her intentions at the time are irrelevant and Joe Biden MUST retract his appointment.

We now live in the world of dog whistles, unconscious bias, and subtle racism around every corner. Anything giving a hint of racism is automatically assumed to be racist
and Clarke's statements do more than merely hint.

Beyond the idea that rules must apply to everyone equally, Clarke's appointment will do nothing but further inflame and divide the country along racial lines. It will forever be used as evidence of anti-white racism being
accepted by the Left and by the MSM. It will be perceived in the same light as the UN having China on the Human Rights Council, the fox guarding the hen house.
Biden has already severely hurt his cause of being a "uniter" with his recent statement about PRIORITIZING non-whites
for covid relief. Clarke's appointment would only further make any attempts at uniting the country impossible.

She might pull herself out from the appointment quickly, and this could all be moot. But if she doesn't and the defense is given, remember it is entirely irrelevant.

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