There is literally a member of the GOP caucus who has made carrying a gun in Congress her signature issue, and who tweeted out the movements of the Speaker when the Capitol was under attack.
I'm generally against profiling, but someone should be following her around with a metal detector

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13 Jan
Those seeking to downplay an insurrection have made it a conventional wisdom that protestors were not prosecuted this summer. That is wildly untrue. Protestors faced felonies and terrorism charges often for little more than property damage or pushing back against a police charge.
Again, and again, prosecutors and police targeted protestors with the harshest possible penalties. Here are a couple of examples.
DOJ officials made it a priority to prosecute protestors to the maximum extent of the law, including applying terrorism laws.…
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11 Jan
New from me @ArcDigi: calls for unity or moving forward are pointless as long as Trump supporters believe the election was a fraud.
As long as this Big Lie is not debunked by Trump, the GOP, and right-wing media, expect more political violence.…
I wrote this piece b/c of statements like this from Graham. Yes, Trump finally conceded he will not be President but he refuses to tell his followers the truth: that he lost a legitimate election. If the GOP sees this as good enough, he will repeat the Big Lie for years to come.
It is unlikely that Trump will ever reject the Big Lie. But a willingness to do so serves as a reasonable criterion in assessing if GOP politicians and conservative media stand with American democracy or not. Some encouraging signs.…
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11 Jan
Thread: I'd argue that its not just that defaults matter, but that they matter more in situations of choice overload where the choices are enormously complex. Medicare is just extraordinarily complex to navigate.
Nudges work when people need information or to direct attention. That is not the problem here. It is that people cannot manage the learning costs. They need help, not a nudge. Other options: fewer choices, or use AI to create better matches
Making bad decisions more costly does not help people when they are overwhelmed by the volume of information that they are being asked to process, and don't understand the outcomes.
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11 Jan
If this quote is indeed representative, an account that bothsides Trump's sustained disinformation with universities responding to social justice concerns seems like it tells us something about our current world, but maybe not the lesson we need to learn.
One reason I get cranky about tales about declining standards at universities is that it just does not fit with my lived experience of two decades teaching students. By any reasonable standard the rigor of strong social science research has improve since when I started.
Since I'm feeling cranky, two other objections to the impression created by the quote highlighted above. First, there is no necessary tradeoff between rigor in research and attention to issues of inequality. I will immodestly point to an example of my own.
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10 Jan
All the evidence needed for impeachment is already out there…
Read this: the head of the executive branch directed a mob to attack the legislative branch to prevent them from certifying an election. There is no way to just move past this without accountability.…
The mob the President directed to the Capitol were shouting "Hang Mike Pence" and "Where's Nancy?" In other words, they were targeting the next two officials in the presidential line of succession.
Officials were calling anyone who could help as they feared for their lives.
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8 Jan
The US is in a dark moment, requiring serious people who can recognize real problems. People like Scott Walker helped to get us here: a divider who has undermined democracy.
Fortunately, some of us were there in 2011 and can set the record straight. Thread.
The WI protests featured 100,000 people. They were angry that Walker went after public sector unions with no warning. They protested peacefully. But to Walker, that is the same as a violent assault by an armed mob on the Capitol (below). ImageImage
The WI protests were remarkably peaceful, so much so that a prank caller to Walker pretending to be a Koch brother suggested that Walker plant some troublemakers in the crowd. "We thought about that" said Walker, who would later compare the peaceful protestors to ISIS. Image
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