Ya know I was watching @AdamCrigler on his Ytube show. It hit me. Mark Levin (@marklevinshow) posited that with 2020 and the rise of the Democrat/globalists and their soldiers in BLM/Antifa, we got to see, for the first time in human history, an actual Marxist
attempted take over of a democratic republic. To have it truly well documented with all the public footage being taken by all the private phones and cameras. To teach history the tactics and short comings, and behaviors facilitating it. That is chilling at some level
But, I also realized watching #AdamCastIRL today that. The same also holds true for Constitutional conservative though. We are also getting to see, with the rise of social media and the ability to communicate in audio and video in real time, the next wave of young strong
conservatives waking up and becoming aware of their rights, how they are educating themselves, and how they are seeing the need to speak up to preserve the lawful republic as laid out in the Constitution. It all puts a heavy reminder that all the founding fathers and
all the patriots that fought in the Revolutionary War started their struggle and fought it all out while they were young men. But they didn't have the advantage of video or even photographs to display that fact. So many people have been brain washed into thinking
that the founders were old white men. They were young, with duties and responsibilities but still they found the time to build a country. And so today's young men and women are giving up their lives now to put the word out about what it takes lose and saves our
rights, our lives, our very future. So we should learn from all the videoed chaos, that there is hope. We can see it in the likes of the new generation of patriots in @RAZ0RFIST, @AdamCrigler, @SaltyCracker9, @Styx666Official and a host of other young up and comers.
They will be the future of our country, of our republic. The work ahead of them and their children, yes their children too, will be long and difficult. It will be the work of generations to reverse the over one century long train of damage that Fabian Socialism/
Marxism/Progressivism/Globalism have wrought upon our republic. Those of us older patriotic citizens who head into the sunset moments of our lives, at this most terrible time in our country's history, can fade into what comes next. Knowing that there IS hope
for the nation we loved and leave behind. I wish all the young patriots well, and pray for their strength. May they live long lives. Not just to continue to the fight. But so that they may see the work they have started come to fruition. And that their children and
and grandchildren will actually live in a free society again. And that the old prognosticaton of Ronald Reagan will have come full cycle where grandfather do not have to tell their posterity what a free country was like. But rather, will be able to them, to breath deep
and enjoy the smell and taste of liberty again. Thank you young patriots. You are the new fathers that will refound our nation. Take care.

• • •

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