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For some reason I felt the need to write a poem today. I'm not very artistic, but the words wanted to be written. Please don't be too harsh on whatever poetic rules, if any, I should have followed. It's just some things I was thinking that just kept coming... #TrumpInsurrection
An American Insurgency

Do not forget the events of January 6
The consequences of lots of bad politics

The Misinformation & outright bald lies
Too many politicians w/eyes on the prize

Control of the branches of our government
Wanting to make claims on power permanent

Centuries of racism started it all
Its defenders fighting for the long haul

Lynchings, Jim Crow & of course Segregation
The War on Drugs & then onto Trump Nation

Trump’s presidency started & grew out of hate
His constant rallies & lies did precipitate

The greatest division since the Civil War
GOP lies grew bolder & Covid deaths soared

Many Americans resisted, cried out to beware
Democracy’s fragile, please we must have a care

Vote decency, vote Biden or it'll be lost
The shining beacon of America, oh God, the great cost

Stacey & Beto, the Dems they worked hard
Project Lincoln yelled vote, be Democracy’s guard

Millions voted & won & told Trump 2 get out
But Trump lied to put the election in doubt

Trump was joined in his lies by the GOP
Release the Kraken was yelled to much MAGA glee

Bipartisan officials, judges & SCOTUS too
Said there's no evidence, your accusations untrue

Trump ranted & raved & quaked in his boots
He knew charges were coming & many lawsuits

So Trump gathered around him those most corrupt
They plotted and planned to make violence erupt

They fanned high the flames of hatred & fear
Of MAGAts who held their entitlement dear

On Parler & Twitter, the MAGAts they planned
To travel w/ weapons they knew were banned

1st to Trumps rally where he lied & he screamed
His troops were incited, their little minds steamed

They marched to the Capitol & climbed up the stairs
Pulled out their weapons, put police in crosshairs

They bashed in the windows & attacked the defenders,
Called themselves Patriots though they were pretenders

They searched for leaders to hang & to shoot
Thank God most officials had found an escape route

Trumps people kept extra reinforcements at bay
Until Pence & others stopped that delay

With help the defenders pushed back Trump’s mob
As they departed, the mess made America sob

The traitors dispersed, they were home free
But forgot social media proved their crime spree

The terrorists are arrested across our fair land
Leaders of the attack, their arrest we demand

5 dead, many injured, who would have thought
A lot of us actually expected a plot

The years of Trumps term, things kept getting worse,
The lies & attacks on our law so perverse

We hope we recover & the violence will end
But unity we need on accountability depends

So Schumer, Pelosi, Biden & more
Expel Cruz, Hawley, Brooks, all who incited the war

Trump soon must reap the rewards of his treason,
Sooner than later MUST be Consequence Season

As Trump & his minions get what they deserve
America can heal, so we can preserve

The beacon of democracy that we still represent
And future division, think, how can we prevent?

Remember the lessons these last years have brought
Believe science, Facts Matter, these things must be taught

Keep the belief we've more in common than different alive,
IF we do that & vote smartly, our country will survive.

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