1/14 Warning! Long tweet: The dark ideology of progressivism is reaching critical mass in America! I just watched segments from every news channel and there was NO conversation about Biden/Harris! EVERYTHING was about Trump!

They are possessed with loathing and like a bitter..
2/14 rivalry, they won’t stop until he is dead, politically! viewers watching these networks are being poisoned with lies! Not half truths or spin; I MEAN LIES! Democrats own the media, they own the power in government and have coordinated with unrelenting vitriol to eviscerate
3/14 the largest thorn and roadblock to their agenda, TRUMP! Every since his announcement to run for office, they have not stopped! Every minute of everyday focussed on way to being him down! Think about this! The FBI, CIA, and others, coordinated and schemed an elaborate...
4/14 plan to frame the SITTING president, in order to get rid of him! They lied and it was allowed because they needed to do whatever it took, to remove him! Each time their plan failed, a knew one was forged WITHOUT ANYONE saying, ‘this is not right!’ Fast forward four years and
5/14 This past election was certainly questionable at best, at worse, pure coordinated evil! You and I will never know the billions of dollars and coordinates effort at the state level, to do whatever it took to beat Trump, knowing that morality, integrity and virtue was not a..
6/14 focus of the democrat party or any of the republicans who were on the inside of this heist! LITERALLY there was cheating alleged and ignored! They could admit to cheating and the majority of democrats would applaud it because the end justified the means - Trump lost! ...
7/14 Fast forward to 1.6.21 and the incident at the capitol! The democrats finally found their great opportunity to banish Trump of the face of the earth! They pressured vigorously republicans in the congress and with the help of tv media, print media and social media, targeted..
8/14 Republicans backs were against the wall to betray the cause of fairness for the expediency of not being branded an evil person! They caved! No longer thinking based on principal but on people’s opinion of them! Now they are going to impeach the president tomorrow WITHOUT.
9/14 due process! Trump no longer has constitutional rights and NOT A SINGLE DEMOCRAT CONGRESS PERSON OBJECTS TO IT! Trump doesn’t deserve rights is how their action are plying out! If you cut off the head, the body is useless and this is why democrats want trump gone! 74 million
10/14 people appreciated the job the president was doing policy wise and those people need to be branded and marginalized to stop ANY future attempts to win elections for the republicans!
Whether you see this tweet or not, whether I am banned or not, whether, you..
11/14 Agree with me or not, the things that congress is doing AGAINST AMERICA AND ITS PEOPLE, is evil! The nation once available to anyone with a dream, has quickly become ruled by billionaire technology owners! They own congress because they have the money and platform for...
12/14 Politicians to get their message out! But! There is a remnant of Americans, whose eyes are wide open! They will never bow to government, be intimidate by media, nor bought with money! They will not compromise! They know by themselves they are no match for...
13/14 The ruling class and powers, but they believe that there is an incorruptible power who sees EVERYTHING! God will not let this evil go unchecked! America belongs to God! Someone, somewhere is praying for God to do a supernatural work that confounds the rich and powerful!
14/14The day will come when the ruling class will be no different than the working class! The politician no different than the person on the street! The media moguls will be no different than the newspaper delivery boy! There’s is a leveling about to take place!

• • •

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11 Jan
I am not a person of memes, gif and studios banners! I love intellectual dialog especially when someone has a different viewpoint. Iron sharpens iron and we can all learn from one another! With that said, I have to post this after watching the president’s speech just now Image
The warp speed rush to blame the president for what happened on January 6th, base on his speech is unfounded and no objective person can say otherwise! The media is sensationalizing a tragic situation to gain a deception advantage to hurt the president because he calls them out!
Both democrat and republican voters need to say enough is enough! No one has to like the president, but LYING, cheating and deceiving is NOT OK! It’s EVIL! Have y’all seen the amount of sexual misconduct allegations for CNN and other news network personalities? DISGUSTING!
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