Just Because The System Is Stacked Against You Doesn't Mean The Universe Is

"Things aren't bad because the world we were born into is innately bad, things are bad because a few manipulative sociopaths have made them that way."
It's intense right now. Damn intense. Especially in America. Image
Wherever you're at on the political spectrum, it's intense. And it's scary. And that's just the latest development in what looks to conventional wisdom like a decaying society on a dying world. So it's very easy for a sense of despair to set in.
As things get increasingly weird and the possibility of a healthy impulse seizing control of the reins in this chaos looks more and more remote, it's common for people to assume they're watching a disintegration that reflects the actual nature of humanity, or of reality itself. Image
It's one of those beliefs that can creep in unnoticed, without ever even really being consciously put into words in your mind. It can just kind of hang out in your subconscious, pulling the strings of your thought and attention without your ever necessarily being aware of it.
But it's not true. It's not true at all. Image
The universe is not against you. Just because the system is stacked against you doesn't mean the universe is. We're up against the ephemeral agendas of a few mortals whose lives are tiny specks in a yawning infinity. They are tiny wisps of nothing against the backdrop of reality.
There is so very, very much more to humanity than conventional wisdom can currently perceive. We have so very, very much untapped potential that simply hasn't unlocked yet. Image
Sociopaths do not have inner vision. Their narcissistic wiring and lack of empathy allows them to use people as tools to get them what they want where the rest of us would shy away from such actions, but it blinds them to things like inspiration, healing, and insight.
Things are unpacking in ways that conventional wisdom can't really understand and language can't adequately point to, and the very last people who will recognize the fruits of that unpacking are the manipulative sociopaths who run things.
Despair is an irrational position when looking at our plight, because it assumes we possess a kind of omnipotence which can perceive all the factors at play in our situation and rule out the possibility of a desirable outcome. And we just can't. Image
What we know is dwarfed by what we know we don't know, and what we know we don't know is dwarfed by what we don't know we don't know. Anything can happen. Bad things. Good things. An unprecedented world where we collaborate harmoniously with each other and with our ecosystem.
The manipulative sociopaths and their schemes are just little blips against that vast backdrop. And then they die, as Sheldon Adelson has so kindly reminded us.

The universe is not against you. The bastards have not won. Keep your head high and your eyes wide, beautiful rebel.

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If your response to being told the US empire constantly does far worse things than the Capitol riot is to shriek "STOP MINIMIZING THIS", then it is you who is trying to minimize the horrors of US imperialism. Obviously the Capitol raid was bad. Now look at US military slaughter.
I'm always trying to find new ways of pointing at the horror of western imperialism. Sometimes that gets me accused of being an agent of Putin or the CCP. Today it gets me accused of MINIMIZING A FASCIST COUP. In every case it's just westerners refusing to look at imperialism.
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'Journalists' Who Smear Assange Are Pure Scum

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Capitalism doesn't drive innovation, it crushes it. If this were driven by profit-seeking this design would have been kept secret for years--making worldwide collaboration impossible--while the copyright was put in place so a medical company could sell it at extortionate prices.
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Uhh that's bat shit crazy actually. I'm an entirely crowdfunded writer and I've only been writing since 2016. Many different websites republish my work online; I don't write for any of them. I wrote to Katehon in 2018 and asked them not to use my work; they ignored me.
I think I've been accused of working for every single government that has been targeted by US imperialism. I do not work for or with any government nor write anything at anyone's behest. I'm entirely independent and nobody tells me what to write.
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"Well I'm a leftist and I haven't been banned on social media."

That's because you're politically impotent, you fucking tool. Unless this is just a hobby for you, at some point you should plan on becoming a threat to the oligarchs and warmongers. What do you think happens then?
Do you really think if the left actually becomes a threat to the status quo the Neera Tandens and Rachel Maddows aren't going to suddenly discover a reason why you're dangerous and need to be censored? The only way to be fine with censorship is to plan on never challenging power.
Tech billionaires are not on your side, and neither are the government agencies and plutocratic media leaning on them to implement censorship. Those institutions don't give a shit about silencing the right, they want to implement measures to silence you when the time comes.
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