I have a very bad feeling.
Why is Pompeo suddenly going on a tweet spree about Iran? Why did he do this earlier? Why did he reportedly have dinner with the head of the Mossad last night? Why have they been shuffling people around at the DoD and moving troops for weeks?
How did the two things I probably know most about—Iran and domestic terrorism—suddenly intersect in this awful way

Can we...give 2021 back

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13 Jan
Anyone who sincerely believes anything about this needs to have their brains checked. What are they scheming up now
I double dog dare anyone to get up in my mentions with “you call yourself a journalist” or “biased liberal hack” or whatever stupid shit you’re going to project at me. I am a journalist and a PATRIOT. I love my country. I want it to be a better place. I don’t want it to be Russia
I’m not the one advocating for the violent overthrow of the government that runs the country I supposedly love so much, in order to install the dumb American version of Putin. Don’t both-sides me. We’re way beyond that. YOU are Enemy of the People. YOU are the Fake News. Go away.
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13 Jan
A thread on why I have thought it over, and come to the opinion that rhetorical comparisons between domestic terrorist groups currently threatening our country and MENA terrorist groups are ultimately unhelpful. I have done this before, and one can analytically inform the other.
For example, it makes sense to use analysis of the ISIS recruitment and training process to understand the worst of these groups. Why? Because some white supremacist terrorists themselves are actively aware of that comparison and emulating jihadism, such as neo-Nazis the Base.
But ISIS was born in the aftermath of war and invasion. So was Hezbollah. Nazi terrorists aren't like Hezbollah. They're worse, in many ways, because they have no reason to be as they are. Hezbollah is its own kind of terrible, but it's the kind of terrible birthed by war.
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11 Jan
Thread on the media’s longtime failure to cover white supremacist terrorism with the urgency it should have. From 2018-2019, I was trying to write a book about this very topic, so after the Christchurch massacre, I must have pitched 10-15 publications something along these lines:
Most passed. In the aftermath of an attack like that, there is always a brief glut of coverage. It seemed the editors I pitched wanted their own writers—who rarely specialized in terrorism—to join the fray with some quick hits. They were not interested in a more in-depth feature.
Finally @washingtonpost took the pitch, but asked for it in argument format instead of a feature. Here’s what I wrote: washingtonpost.com/news/postevery…
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9 Jan
Every hair on my body is standing straight up after reading this...it has not sunk in for many of you what it will be like if these groups--a few of which legit resemble Islamist terror cells--put out a call for what is their version of jihad right now. propublica.org/article/severa…
For some context: the neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen holds military-style training camps they call “Doomsday Hatecamps.” Members are organized in cells scattered across the country, and they are said to be actively seeking military and law enforcement recruits. splcenter.org/fighting-hate/…
In just a few years, Atomwaffen members were arrested for five murders as well as a plot to blow up a nuclear facility. Before it was taken down, the group’s website boasted of hosting "hand-to-hand, arms training and various other forms of training." tampabay.com/news/courts/cr…
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8 Jan
This debate over whether to call an attempt to take hostages and blow people up terrorism is confusing me. I’m not a lawyer, so I’m not arguing the legal angle (though @hoffman_bruce makes a good case for it here). I think white terrorism should be taken as seriously as Islamist.
We know white supremacist terrorism is the greater threat now. So why do we talk about it differently than Islamist terrorism? Why is it covered differently in the news, as was on full display at the capitol? Why are we so unprepared to deal with it? csis.org/analysis/escal…
I agree the word “terrorism” is a shitty label that has adversely impacted people of color. But it’s not going away, and I think it’s past time to apply it to white supremacists the same way we would Islamists. Because this is what happens when we don’t: nytimes.com/2018/11/03/mag…
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7 Jan
I feel like people think I'm just idly tweeting about using the word "terrorist" to describe some of the men who stormed the capitol--the ones with weapons, zip-ties for hostages and explosives. I've interviewed dozens of designated terrorists. For my job. sulomeanderson.com/stories/
I insist on this point because A) that's what we would call them if they were Arab and B) because if we don't use the right wording, if we continue to downplay this kind of violence and intimidation by white extremists, they will continue to exploit that, and people will die.
The men we saw at the capitol yesterday were not the worst of these kinds of domestic terrorists, who behave in ways barely distinguishable from Islamist terrorists. For a little primer, here's a @washingtonpost piece of mine about online radicalization. washingtonpost.com/news/postevery…
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