Everyone except Donald Trump, Darren Beattie, and the editorial staff of Revolver, and maybe Gateway Pundit, is an unbearable moron who couldn’t get into an Ivy or Ivy-peer school and has an IQ between 95 and 105, who can’t read Hegel...

You’ve lost touch with reality, Darren.
For MONTHS, you contributed to idea and information population with you obviously incorrect nonsense about a coming Color Revolution and a stolen landslide election.

Either you’re smart and immoral, and you consciously lied. Or you’re unhinged and dumb. Which one is it?
Due to your record, no serious person will ever take you seriously. So you’re left with the applause of Casandra Fairbanks, some job (which will be taken away from you) promoting Holocaust education in Europe, and constantly yammering about education credentials.
Also, it’s really not that big of fucking deal that you got into Duke grad school. Just saying.

• • •

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14 Jan
This is unambiguously a crime.

At the very least, Fuentes is disrupting government activity. And that’s a charitable reading. The whole event has been declared an insurrection by prosecutors. They will treat it as such.

Under the 1A., and in light of *Brandenburg*, you can boldly declare, “We’re going to march on Washington!” or “Trump should throw out all the illegals!” The problem is, Fuentes was referencing stopping the vote and directly urging on and celebrating those entering the Capitol.
If you’re a dissident, you need to learn a lesson: major Republican figures and conservative grifters wanted to stop the vote, or at least make a spectacular display. They needed some loons to do the dirty work and take the real risks.
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11 Jan
The passion of Steve Turley: The world will prove my thesis correct! I will live in a paleocon fantasy land! Just you wait!

I actually like Steve Turley. I’ve gotten a lot from him, in fact. But he’s describing a phenomenon that has already played out. He won’t give up the ghost of 2016–and perceives everything in this frame of reference. He’s smart enough to change course. The pure grifters aren’t.
Turley became a grifters by accident. The grift fit his biases, but he clearly didn’t start out trying to be a grifter.
Read 4 tweets
10 Jan
For decades, the “Nationalist Right” has been a shit magnet—that is, an attraction for unhinged, mentally ill, and self-deductive people. I’m beginning to wonder if “nationalism” isn’t better understood as “magnetized to shit.”
Whenever there’s a shitty individual who does shitty things, moments later, without fail, “nationalists” fall over themselves to defend him, begging him to join their cause: *This is your home, shithead. Together, we will build a world of shit!*
It’s worth asking if these self-declared “nationalists” have any concept of a nation at all. An actual nation includes varieties, levels, and hierarchies. To paraphrase Jesus, we will always have the shitty among us. But building a shit movement wasn’t what he had in mind.
Read 4 tweets
9 Jan
§230 of the Decency Act gives tech companies immunity from being sued for libel over comments left on these platforms. It lays the groundwork for treating these companies as neutral platforms, not publishers.
Basically, if the New York Times publishes libel, you can sue them. If someone publishes libel in a reply to one of your tweets, you can't sue Twitter.

This is a reasonable law, as it acknowledges a fundamental difference between old and new media.
Critics of §230 are correct when they say that Twitter was able to grow into a major platform, in part, by being immune to libel suits. This was also the basis of the "Wild West" nature of social media throughout the 2010s.
Read 7 tweets
9 Jan
Many MAGA people have lamented, "How can Twitter ban Trump, when they allow this or that dictator to tweet freely?"

There might actually be more to this rhetorical question...
From reports we've heard, Pence overtook Trump's authority in calling in the national guard. Nancy Pelosi has openly talked about preventing Trump from accessing nuclear capabilities, etc.
Many assume that Twitter banned Trump at the behest of woke millennials on staff—which is a fair assumption and undoubtedly played a role.
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9 Jan
Confessing to a federal crime on a live-stream can only be described as suicidal.

The “America First” eCelebs will be in prison by the end of the Year. Mark my words. There is a digital trail of funding during the “stop the steal” period. And here Fuentes is bragging about disrupting Congress—not claiming that things got out of hand but establishing intent.
You could say all criminals secretly want to get caught... My sense is that Zoomers can’t separate real-world consequences—in this case, those that come from attacking the government itself—and the “lulz” and “keks” of playing a video game.
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