There's a diff btwn Schwarzenegger using Krystalnacht to educate & draw a parallel to the defining moment where his country changed drastically & those who use it or "ghetto" to describe SM bans. My mom & MIL, children of Survivors & Holocaust educators are fine with the first
We have to allow certain parallels to be drawn when those who lived through certain things use them to educate. And we dare not let them be cheapened by people who use them for political points or to incite others. We must be discerning & intelligent, not reactive & reflexive.

• • •

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5 Nov 20
Thread (that may be a bad idea):
I guess for some reason I think this needs to be said so here goes. I again had a conversation last night, brief of course, with someone who couldn't understand why I wouldn't vote Trump.
He said "I'm not voting for my kids grandfather, I'm voting for someone to run a country. So he's a complete horror show of a person but he does good things for the country."
I don't really let these conversations go on because I don't have enough time in my life for this. But I guess I have to say it out loud.
Read 10 tweets
8 Oct 20
Thread: There are people in the Orthodox community who tell me I need to live and let live. But what they haven't understood, and maybe now they can start to understand, is that when you let people live by their own rules they will eventually come for you too.
It starts with the women & children because they're the easiest targets. Don't report sexual abuse, don't let women have authority, when women do start to have influence erase them, show them their place.
Don't believe in science, teach that the authorities are out to get you.
And when people in the community speak up against these practices tell people that they're intolerant, that they are culturally insensitive. Tell them to live and let live, and finally tell them they aren't one of us.
Read 7 tweets
5 May 20
Instead of preparing a future for children, hope of grandchildren , & peace for a nation, the Pal government (whose members live well, have their children treated at top Israeli hospitals & would never send them to die), feeds its ppl a steady diet of hate & expectation of death
They train them to expect to eradicate Israel and take over the entirety of the country.

They raise them on lies, on utterly false hope.

They pay for dead Jews, the more the better.

They don't rule a nation, they rule a death cult of their own making.
According to the Times of Israel, "Three times in one day, the PA’s official television channel carried a broadcast of a song telling mothers that their unborn fetuses will be “martyrs for Palestine,” Palestinian Media Watch claims.
Read 5 tweets
1 Apr 20
ok- there are videos going around that show Jewish religious extremists coughing on cops and as someone who has lived near these extremists for 13 years, I'd like to say something if you'd be kind enough to listen.

I will tell you the story in two videos.
In the first video you will see the horrifying reality of extremists that have been allowed to run according to their own rules for years. They cause tremendous pain to everyone outside their own community.

In the second video you hear other Ultra Orthodox Jews screaming from their balconies down to their neighbors who are violating lockdown, telling them they are murderers and criminals, that they are putting others at risk.

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19 Mar 20
Thread for the OrthoJews among us:
Im going to say this because I have to say it.

All the glorious creative innovative and thoughtful halachic discussions about minyan, kaddish, Torah & Megillah reading -- it's a beautiful thing.
The rabbinic tears for the closing of the shul doors, the men's pain at not being able to pray with nine others as they have done for decades-- it's touching.

It is.
Until you compare it with the lack of creativity, innovation and deep halachic discussion when it comes to women trapped by the men who abuse them and the law and community to which they are loyal.

Then, the tears, the pain, and the creativity seems extremely cruel.
Read 6 tweets
21 Jan 20
Two young women jumped off of a building early this morning in Israel. While this detail is not in the press, a source says that at least one was sexually abused & pressured by family to stop therapy. This does not surprise me, it was the first thing I suspected.
When sexual abuse isn't discussed, and worse, is covered up, when victims are shushed and left to suffer, when perpetrators are not held accountable or removed from other potential victims, we need people very few options, we abandon them
the girls were cousins, charedi. it is not unknown that sexual abuse is not spoken of in these communities and is too often dealt with quietly or not dealt with at all. I've written about this before but how many young people must we lose before the community takes responsibility
Read 4 tweets

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