🧐Some videos of Ali Alexander from a recent interview published on January 12th, 2021.

Some interesting history and confessions from the man himself.

History of Stop The Steal:

It started in 2018 because he "believed" there was widespread voter fraud.

"Why aren't you people out in the street, they're stealing your right to vote".

He says @JackPosobiec asked him "to go to Florida and started 7-10 days of protests."
On November 4th 2020 he was asked by @ScottPresler and @alexbruesewitz to start up Stop the Steal again which rapidly expanded into multiple states.

@ScottPresler has me blocked 🤷
On November 6th - @duboo of @EXPOSEDbyCMD released an article detailing how Stop The Steal was tied to the Council for National Policy. The CNP is one of the most powerful right-wing groups in existence.

This explains how the group gained so much funding + influence so quickly.
When asked if he thinks the GOP party is over he says:

"Can Stop the Steal mount this bull that is killing itself...for reasons of mass psychology"

"We're going to attempt to punish the people who betrayed Donald Trump...y"

"We're going to punish the heck out of those folks.."
This part is a massive disinfo rant by both the host + by Ali Alexander.

"We have a paramilitary arm of the Democrat party... allowed to burn down major cities + beat its political opponents."

"We want paper-based voting..." (check next tweet)

George Soros is alluded to here
@Ali mate. Don't get me started on how the GOP blocked at least 10 election security bills including the safeACT which would have implemented paper-based ballots etc

Or the 55+ examples of GOP cheating, intimidating, suppressing votes I've documented.

As @SethAbramson explains it: Ali basically claims that "he has access to 'private' info about Trump calling election officials in Arizona. If true it means he had access to Trump and/or his team"

This is big.
Ali Alexander claims that up to 50 GOP in the Arizona House of Representatives are involved in some way with Stop the Steal.

Stop the Steal in Arizona "started with one man Mark Finchen."

"Stop the Steal has taken over Arizona"
Insightful clip on how delusional Ali Alexander and these GOP are. They actually believe and are actively attempting to delude people into thinking that they actually ARE the "silent majority".

He and his group also think Loeffler and Perdue weren't "radical" enough.
Ali Alexander + other GOP blame McConnell for losing the Georgia election.

"Republican party can choose suicide, or...put us in leadership"

"The government ought to be very careful...we are the majority...there are 80 million of us...we will not die quietly in the night"
There is much more to this interview. It is filled w/ disinfo talking points + delusions. Scarily, Ali isn't the only person who believes in these delusions. Millions do & these people have purposely been radicalized/brainwashed by these exact ppl/groups.

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More from @Real_QL

14 Jan
What you'll see is that a LOT of Right-Wing opportunists/icons were involved in the planning of Stop The Steal and what unfolded on Jan 6th e.g
- Alex Jones
- Nick Fuentes
- Scott Presler
- Charlie Kirk (and all of TPUSA)
- Jack Posobiec
- Ali Alexander
- Dan Bogino

They used it as a way to gain money, influence, and got a high from their connections with bigger and bigger top dogs all the way to the VERY top levels of government.

Some of them ARE already the top dogs of Right-Wing Social Media.

They were "blinded" by their continuously growing influence/power/connections/following that they became useful idiots for other more shadowy people/groups for darker agenda.

This doesn't reduce their culpability though.

Read 8 tweets
14 Jan
The day BEFORE the Jan 6th insurrection some MAGAs were telling others that:

Tomorrow, we need to go INTO the Capitol"

But that's not all. Because I noticed someone at the bottom of the clip. I got a little story for you. Trust me, it's worth it.

Well, color me surprised because the man that is yelling "Nooo, Fed Fed Fed!" is a Right-Wing streamer by the name of Anthime Joseph Gionet AKA Baked Alaska.

But wait it gets better. Image
Because guess what ACTUALLY happened the next day?

Well, Baked Alaska went INSIDE the Capitol and live-streamed the whole event.
Read 8 tweets
14 Jan
If you're keen to see what the protests @ali + his co-conspirators organized rapidly in Nov 2020 looked like

@BGOnTheScene has lots of videos from that time

Here's Ali Alexander, Alex Jones + Nick Fuentes saying that they are preparing to: "Storm the capitol"
After being obnoxiously loud in the Capitol in Atlanta, Georgia they were asked to leave.

Here's Alex Jones saying: "They may even win this battle, but we are going to win the war"

Which the crowd replies with "1776! Yea!"

One of Ali Alexander's speakers on Nov 24th says:

"This is tyranny, we either reverse this steal or lose our republic."


"They have so much propaganda in their head...if we do overturn this, they want them to burn this country down"


Read 5 tweets
14 Jan
Trump and the GOP incited assassins and terrorists into the US State Capitol housing every single member of the legislative branch + the VP.

These members were close to being murdered due to Trump and co's inciting of the mob and removing/impeding security measures.
It was a visceral attack that literally led to all members experiencing the possibility that they may die that day.

Every single Dem (and some GOP) congressmen/women are PISSED it ever went this far.

They were betrayed by Trump + by his influence over law enforcement that day.
Mitch McConnell knows this. Mitch McConnell is evil but he's very calculated.

He knows that Dems will control the House, Senate, Presidency, and DOJ.

He knows that if Trump is not impeached, Dems will be out for vengeance with full control of these bodies.
Read 6 tweets
13 Jan
List of *potential* co-conspirators for the January 6th insurrection/coup.

All these players had SOME role in causing what occurred on January 6th (as well as anything that occurs after).

An ever-growing list.


1/ Image
- Charlie Kirk + Benny Johnson (TPUSA)
- Don Jr
- Rudy Giuliani
- Josh Hawley
- Ted Cruz
- Ali Alexander (formerly known as Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar)
- Alex Jones
- Mo Brooks
- Lauren Boebert
- Andy Biggs
- Mike Flynn
- Scott Presler
- Kylie Kremer

- Roger Stone
- Steve Bannon
- Paul Manafort
- Donald Trump
- Marjorie Taylor Greene
- Mike Coudrey
- Mike Cernovich
- Amy Kremer
- Jack Posobiec
- Del Cox
- Virginia "Ginni" Thomas
- Matt Gaetz

Read 4 tweets
12 Jan
This is the tip of the iceberg for connections between one co-conspirator to another.

Look out for other connections with:
- Charlie Kirk + Benny (TPUSA)
- Don Jr
- Giuliani
- Hawley
- Cruz
- Ali
- Jones
- Brooks
- Boebert
- Biggs

Just to name a few.
To add to the list of co-conspirators to look out for:
- Stone
- Bannon
- Trump
- Marjorie Green Taylor
- Mike Coudrey
- Mike Cernovich
- Amy Kremer
- Jack Posobiec
- Scott Presler
- Del Cox
- Gunny Thomas
All these co-conspirators vary on 3 variables/factors on a 3D model I'm drafting to help all understand their role in the Jan 6th coup + Trump pres called the "Model of Accountability":

1) Responsibility/onus/culbability
2) Influence/power/connections
3) Competence/sloppiness
Read 4 tweets

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