NEW: The House will impeach Donald Trump on Wednesday for inciting violent insurrectionists who — just oneweek earlier — stormed the U.S. Capitol, battered police officers and sent lawmakers fleeing for safety.…
The charge — willful incitement of insurrection — is the gravest ever lodged against a sitting president.

And it will be bipartisan. At least five Republicans, including Liz CHENEY, have already announced support. More are expected.…
Trump’s schedule on the day he’ll be impeached again: No public events.
OH in my household: "Kyle, when impeachment is over, can you bring the laundry upstairs?"
NOTABLE: House Republicans have not said a word to defend Trump in the first hour of impeachment debate, nor have they given floor time to any of Trump's main defenders. Their main argument so far is not that impeachment isn't warranted but Impeachment is too rushed and divisive.
PELOSI, flanked by two of her impeachment managers, speaks on impeachment.

"We know that the president of the United States incited this insurrection, this armed rebellion."…
PELOSI: "We know that the president of the United States incited this insurrection, this armed rebellion."…
MCCLINTOCK (R-Calif.) says if proescutors went after BLM and antifa over the summer, the Jan. 6 incident might not have happend (??)

He also says Trump is being impeached for his Jan. 6 remarks, ignoring the House's case that Trump had primed his supporters for months.
SCHIFF calls it a "Trumpist and white nationalist insurrection."…
Cedric RICHMOND speaking before he joins the Biden White House emphasizes that Dems warned the world during Trump's last impeachment that they knew Trump would offend again:

"Simply put, we told you so,"…
JEFFRIES: "Donald Trump is a living, breathing impeachable offense."…
RASKIN goes through litany of destruction caused by "bloodthirsty" mob.

"It's a bit much to be hearing that these people would not be trying to destroy our government and kill us if we just weren't so mean to them."
MCCARTHY: "Some say the riots were caused by antifa. There's absolutely no evidence of that and conservatives should be the first to say so."…
MCCARTHY: "A vote to impeach would further divide this nation. A vote to impeach would further fan the flames of partisan division ... That doesn't mean the president is free from fault."…
MCCARTHY calls on Trump to "Accept his share of responsibility."
A line that shouldn't be newsy but is:

MCCARTHY: "Joe Biden will be sworn in as president of the United States in one week because he won the election."
MCCONNELL lets Trump twist in the wind. New statement:

“While the press has been full of speculation, I have not made a final decision on how I will vote and I intend to listen to the legal arguments when they are presented to the Senate.”…
So much Dem praise of Liz Cheney.…
BREAKING: The House has voted to impeach Trump again 232-197

10 Republicans joined in support.…

-This is the most total votes EVER for any article of impeachment, even more than in 2019, when Democrats had a much larger caucus.

-It's the most bipartisan votes for impeachment, with 10 crossover Republican votes.

Clinton's two articles of impeachment passed with 228 and 221 votes, respectively.

In 2019, the two articles against Trump passed with 230 and 229 votes, respectively.

This time, Trump's lone article of impeachment earned 232 votes.
UPDATE: She didn't forget.

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15 Jan
Federal prosecutors, for the first time, described the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol as part of a broad, ongoing “insurrection movement,” powered by Qanon adherents and others who intend to capture and kill lawmakers.…
The description was lodged in a Thursday filing attempting to deny bail to the so-called “Q Shaman,” Jacob Chansley. My late-night thread on this with more details:
But more importantly, read the filing itself — and juxtapose it with the president’s initial response to the ongoing attack, while insurrectionists were beating police and attempting a government overthrow —“We love you.”…
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15 Jan
NEWS: Prosecutors edged closer to alleging sedition Thursday, warning in a new filing that the Jan. 6 Capitol assault was part of a violent — and ongoing — attempt to overthrow the U.S. government.

w/ @joshgerstein…
@joshgerstein The filing, urging a judge to deny bail to "Q Shaman" Jacob Chansley, say Chansley is "an active participant in—and has made
himself the most prominent symbol of—a violent insurrection."…
@joshgerstein Though the filing focuses on Chansley, it also spells out clearly the government’s view of an ongoing “insurrection movement” that is reaching a potential climax as Biden’s inauguration approaches.…
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14 Jan
DOJ makes clear that if you had a cell phone on inside the Capitol on Jan. 6, you will get caught. Image
NEW: Police have arrested a suspect from the Jan. 6 Capitol riots who threw an object believed to be a fire extinguisher that hit three officers in the head.… Image
The guy in the red hat with the bloody cheek in the Senate chamber has been arrested. He said the crowd became unruly "once we found out Pence turned on us."

"The crowd went crazy. I mean, it became a mob."… Image
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14 Jan
Yesterday, Republicans asked whether any of the rioters had actually said they acted at the behest of President Trump.

This is from the newly unsealed criminal complaint against "Q Shaman," Jacob Angeli >>> Image
WHAT A SENTENCE: "Your affiant and an FBI agent spoke on the phone with CHANSLEY, who confirmed that he was the male in the face paint and headdress in the Vice President’s chair in the Senate."
Here's the image included with the complaint. Image
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13 Jan
NEW: Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-N.J.) says she witnessed colleagues on Jan. 5 leading would-be rioters on "reconnaissance" trips around the Capitol.

She didn't name names or provide any details about the basis for her allegations.…
Sherrill made the claim in a Facebook video posted Tuesday evening for constituents. It's a startling allegation that's going to demand additional public details.…
UPDATE: Rep. SHERRILL tells @sarahnferris that she has referred details of her allegations to investigators.…
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13 Jan
RASKIN just yielded Democratic House floor time to Rep. Katko — a Republican — who just came out tonight in favor of impeachment.
"The president's role in this insurrection is undeniable," Katko said
RASKIN now quoting Liz Cheney's statement — accusing Trump of being singularly responsible for the violence at the Capitol — as a rebuttal to Republicans who say it's simply a Democratic talking point.
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