This is the second time in three years I have seen political violence firsthand. Republicans and Democrats alike must have the moral clarity to call out violent rhetoric whenever it's spoken, not just when it’s politically convenient.…
I am still outraged by the domestic terrorism we saw at the Capitol last week, and I condemned it immediately.

Many Democrats who were rightfully quick to condemn last week’s events were noticeably silent over the summer as Americans watched cities go up in flames.
Elected officials and the media have a responsibility to condemn political violence and violent rhetoric across the board.

Selectively condemning it sends a message that cruelty and destruction in the name of political agendas will be celebrated. We must end this dangerous idea.
Both the politically-motivated gunman who shot me on a baseball field and the anarchists who rioted at the Capitol were radicalized by extreme rhetoric.

It would be naive to think that either of these actions occurred in a vacuum.
I reject the notion that Wednesday’s attack was justifiable or that antifa led the mob into the Capitol.

I also reject the notion that the mob’s actions represent the motivations of the millions of Americans who voted for President Trump or the Republican Party.
America settles its differences through debate and democracy, not mob rule and violence.

Republicans and Democrats must come together and resist the urge to throw fuel on the fire.

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15 Aug 19
Reps. Omar and Tlaib have consistently refused to recognize the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state, and actively support its demise by supporting the anti-Semitic BDS movement that calls for a worldwide boycott of Israel’s economy.
By attempting to travel to Israel with an organization that includes members who support terrorism against Israel, Reps. Omar & Tlaib made it clear the only intention of their visit was to spew hate & advocate for policies that would actively undermine the Jewish state of Israel.
Just like we expect people to respect our laws, Israeli law allows the government to block the entry of those who advocate for these destructive BDS policies, and we should respect their laws as well.
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6 Jul 19
Joe Biden claims Russian election interference wouldn’t have happened on his watch or Obama’s watch.

Seriously, Joe?? It DID happen on your watch and Obama’s watch!!

Let’s walk down memory lane...
Russian interference in America’s elections happened on Obama and Biden’s watch. That’s irrefutable. Even CBS News admitted Obama knew about Russian meddling.…
Has Joe Biden forgotten about how weak the Obama administration was on Russia? Like when Barack Obama himself told Russia “after my election I have more flexibility” on missile defense when he thought no one could hear him?
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6 Mar 19
H.R. 1, the “Democrat Politician Protection Act"

+ Forces states to allow felons to vote
+ Overrides state voter ID laws
+ Removes safeguards to prevent voter fraud
+ Creates a system where taxpayer money funds candidates the taxpayer doesn't support
After promising to run a transparent House, Democrats let special interest groups write a 622-page federal takeover of elections blatantly tailored to use taxpayer money to enrich candidates and campaign consultants with a 6 to 1 taxpayer-funded match of small dollar donations.
Follow the money: H.R. 1 diverts taxpayer funds into candidates' and consultants' pockets by expanding the use of campaign funds to include child care and other personal expenses. Democrats are pursuing "reforms" that benefit themselves, not the American people.
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27 Feb 19
I strongly oppose the gun control bills brought forward this week under the guise of background checks. Republicans identified many problems with this bill and the Democrat majority shut out almost every one of our solutions.
Under this bill, a woman might have to wait 20 business days to get a gun to protect herself from domestic violence if the NICS system isn’t working. If she borrows a firearm for self-defense, the friend who loans her a gun would face a year in prison and up to a $100,000 fine.
Democrats say there is an exemption for hunting in the bill, but it’s written so vaguely that if you want to loan your gun to a hunting buddy, you might need to bring along your attorney to find out if loaning a shotgun to your friend makes you a criminal.
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29 Jan 19
Dozens of Democrats have claimed a barrier should be part of the border crisis solution & should be negotiated on once the shutdown ended. @POTUS opened the government. Will they keep their word? Or allow Pelosi to cave to her party's open borders faction?…
Democrat leaders in their own words → Rep. Steny Hoyer, House Majority Leader: "Physical barriers are part of the solution"
Rep. Collin Peterson, House Agriculture Committee Chairman: “Give Trump the money… I’d give him the whole thing…and put strings on it so you make sure he puts the wall where it needs to be. Why are we fighting over this? We’re going to build that wall anyway, at some time.”
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26 Jan 19
Over the last month, Speaker Pelosi and liberals in Washington have put their personal differences with President Trump over the security of our border and the paychecks of federal workers.
Time and time again, President Trump proposed reasonable solutions that would open the government and secure our borders, while also including policies that Democrats like Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have previously supported.
Yet each time, Pelosi and Schumer refused to come to the table or even present a counteroffer. Now, once again, President Trump is exhibiting leadership by agreeing to re-open even though we still haven’t reached an agreement on border security.
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