"If accountability is not enforced, atrocity is normalized. The public takes their cues from how public figures and officials react. What did most people do during the weeks of the attempted coup? They denied it was an attempted coup!" -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/46151970
"When @AndreaChalupa and I tell people things that are well-documented as true -- like that Trump is a career criminal tied to the Kremlin for decades -- people think 'That can't be true; someone would've stopped him!' NOPE. They did not." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/46151970
"The media did not cover Trump. They covered up for Trump. Normalcy bias -- the belief that if there is a severe threat, someone would tell you -- created the conditions of his rise, his win, and his ability to force his version of reality on the public." patreon.com/posts/46151970
"One thing that needs to happen is narrative control. This is why @gaslitnation documents everything, because the imperative is to forget it, and we have officials telling the public to move on. We will never move on from this attack." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/46151970

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13 Jan
"There was clear intent. The Trump family and their enablers knew what they were doing when they incited a violent attempted coup. That is clear over and over. We've watched their assault on our democracy for years." -- @AndreaChalupa on @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/46151970
"Trump attacked when we were at our weakest. The US is suffering from a pandemic and the Kremlin unleashed a massive cyberattack. Trump chose this moment, when Americans were most vulnerable, to launch a violent coup." -- @AndreaChalupa on @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/46151970
"Roger Stone called for a 'bloodbath' in 2016 if Trump didn't win. This was always the plan: a violent insurrection, an attack on America. For four years, a Kremlin asset president dismantled US institutions to make this attack easier." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/46151970
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12 Jan
Whoa. Sheldon Adelson was one of the biggest donors to Trump and the GOP. He was a one-issue donor and his issue was Israel. Two weeks ago he lent one of his private planes to fly convicted American spy for Israel Jonathan Pollard to Israel.
We discussed Sheldon Adelson on @gaslitnation last week: gaslitnationpod.com/episodes-trans…
Sheldon Adelson had one unfulfilled dream which was nuking Iran. Let's hope that this hideous dream never comes true.
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10 Jan
"Controversial" lawyer Alan Dershowitz, huh? That's the adjective? Dershowitz was accused of raping an underage girl procured by his client Jeffrey Epstein -- just like Trump, who was accused in court of raping a thirteen-year-old Epstein victim. But they won't talk about that.
You all understand the decades-long Epstein/Maxwell operation is a major factor in the Trump crisis and the government obfuscation and complicity surrounding it, right?
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6 Jan
Thread from Dec 16 on the violence stage of the attempted coup
From the transcript of that Dec 16 episode: "It's a tiny slice of the Trump base. But it's still an enormous problem, because you don't need that many fanatical and violent people to cause a giant problem in America." gaslitnationpod.com/episodes-trans… ImageImageImageImage
Thread from Dec 9 on the inevitability of threats of violence aimed at elected officials during Trump's attempted coup, which people were denying existed...
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6 Jan
"We knew in 2016 that if Trump stayed in power, there would be mass death. We knew institutions would be further lost to organized crime. And we were like 'If we can figure this out, where are the people whose *job* it is to protect us?'" -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/traitors…
"In Nov 2016, the only thing we could see as worse than the coming humanitarian catastrophe Trump ensured was an *immediate* humanitarian catastrophe. So we've long wondered if control over hacked infrastructure was their real leverage." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/traitors…
"For years before the latest Russian cyberattack, we'd get admissions from officials that yes, hostile operatives permeated the grid. But it wasn't widely discussed. It's up there with Jeffrey Epstein as an topic officials tried to dodge." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/traitors…
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6 Jan
"The reason little pundits are saying Trump 'acts like a mafioso' is because *he is one*. Trump is a career criminal. Trump has been immersed in transnational organized crime for his entire life." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/traitors…
"Over the years, anyone who tried to bring Trump's long criminal history to light and hold him accountable was threatened. Judges, juries, whistleblowers, journalists, representatives. These threats were successful: this is a mafia state." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/traitors…
"Trump doesn't seem to have secured the support of the military for his coup; he acted too late. The next time someone like Trump gets in the WH they're going to pack the military and security services with their cult." -- @AndreaChalupa on @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/traitors…
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