1/16 A thread:

The enemy isn’t clever, only brazen
Tenacious and fighting for every inch
Every inch requires your submission
Your submission requires your consent

Your consent comes when you are unmoored from Truth
When your foundation is ruptured
When you are in fear because you no longer are connected to Truth
When you are lost in darkness and there is no Light to guide you
The Enemy knows this

It explains everything you are seeing in plain view
Forgive them for they know not what they do
It is the Serpent of Evil acting through them
They are conquered slaves who think they are kings

Why do you see the unraveling of everything before you?
Why are they intent on the Great Reset?
How do they formally execute the greatest power grab in the history of the world?

They must create chaos
Remove pillars of cohesive society
Erase everything you think you know
So they may tell you what you know

Kaleidoscoping upside-down tumble
Marxist Bolsheviks
Like the Nazis
Like the Chinese communists
Like Pol Pot
It is always the same story
Erase all that is known to establish a new throne
The throne of man

Everything laid low
Longstanding definitions
Freedom of language and thought
Biological truths
Virtues become evil
Evils become virtue
All must be upended
All by design
To remove your pillars of reality

Burn the books
Retcon them digitally in real-time
Before our very eyes
So they can confuse us to such a degree
We have no more points of reference to reality as we knew it
A compass that just spins

Stunning us into the stupor of submission
Individually and therefore collectively
A paralysis of confusion that stops a directed motion to fight against them
Led around by a bull's nose ring

An entire nation
The world under their thumb
This is the spirit of the Evil One in man
Playing God
Upending truth to usher in lies
To paralyze, to conquer

Your armor is the shield of faith
Hold fast to God
They shall be known by their fruits
This is why they try to destroy God
Co-opt God
Rewrite God
Subvert God
Every. Single. Time.

God’s Word is your lighthouse
God’s Truth your path to freedom
They cannot allow God to be your fortress
As they intend on conquering you
Conquering us as a society
Making us all slaves to their bloodlust for power

Hold fast to the Shield of Faith
The Spirit truly is your sword
These will protect you and slay the Evil One

This is the battlefield
This battle is individual
This battle is within you
You will be safe in the Lord
You will recognize and know Truth
When the world around you is upended
When chaos rules the day
You will know Truth
You will have peace
Individually, then collectively

God is real
This battle is real
The Evil One is real
It is as plain as day when you have eyes to see
Ears to hear
Look around you and pray for wisdom
Humble yourself before the Lord and you will be lifted up

In quiet confidence go forth like a juggernaut
The only battle to fight is within
There is no collective without the individual
Be a conduit for the power of the Lord into this Earthly realm
Be a humble hero for Him who strengthens you

This is the narrow path
Job 38-40:2

• • •

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