A list of questions about the 1/6 siege: a thread. About motives, planning, and operations.
Did members of Congress or their staff unwittingly take participants in the riot on private tours before the rally? If so, and after the tours, did any of them have reason to think that these tours would be used in service of a seditious act?
Did these private tours (if they happened) bring participants by leadership offices? Did the participants request to see certain Democratic offices? Did they gain access?
During the hour snd a half that President Trump was watching the insurrection in real time, did he explicitly say no to a request for National Guard troops?
Did Acting SecDef Miller speak with the President during this period? Did Trump convey disapproval tacitly? Was he in communication with any outside advisers during this period?
Did Trump’s staff believe he was refusing to put out a statement because Trump generally thought he would succeed?
Before 1/6, what was the extent of any contact between any member of Congress or their staff, and anyone in the administration and their staff, with anyone who was arrested (or will be arrested)?
If it’s true that the Secretary of the Army had full powers to employ the DCNG, why would be need to bump the request to employ the force up to the SecDef? Isn’t alacrity the point of predelegation? Image
Did the Secret Service send reinforcements to protect VP Pence in the Capitol hard room?
The DOD seems to suggest that 40 minutes elapsed from the request for NG activation until the troops received a FRAGO (basically, an order to mobilize.). What accounts for this 40 minutes? Who worked the request?
Why didn’t the NMCC initiate action on its own as soon as continuity of operations procedures were initiated for the Congressional leadership?
Why aren’t there plans for every member of congress to be evacuated to the COOP site in DC? Flying them off to a faraway bunker is impractical but evacuating them from a besieged target would seem to be a priority?
Has inter-branch tension over continuity of government and umbrella plans for three branches made it hard to conceive of totalizing events like this?
Does the USCP, USSS or any other entity in the NCR have a specific counter-targeting group that feeds recommendations into plans and SOPs?
Have MPD and the USCP ever exercised a joint operation to clear a Capitol that has been taken over by insurgents while members of Congress were present?
Is communication interoperable?
How many command centers were working this? Who was in charge, and when? Was there an incident commander assigned? Did that commander have full operational control over all the assets?
Why doesn’t the USCP have tactical non-lethal crowd control technology (like Shockwave) devices)?
What did Rep. Dan Crenshaw perceive his “special mission” to be? What was the desired effect?
Why didn’t the FBI warn Republican members of Congress that there was significant online violent aspirational rhetoric linked to the Stop the Steal campaign? As in - “Stop saying it because it’s being used to amplify aspirational calls to violence?”
Why weren’t tactical teams assigned to the inner perimeter? (Only one, the team assigned to Pence, seems to have been there. The rest arrived well into the insurrection behind the protestors and were tasked with rescuing colleagues.).
By “unwittingly” in question one I also mean to say (as you move down the line of questions) that were there staff or members who knew in advance that the chamber might be / would be stormed? If so, did anyone inform USCP
Was the delay in sending National Guard troops a real delay (an attempt to not intervene), an artifact of bureaucracy (it takes time to spin up move assets), or something else?

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12 Jan
LA needs to crash the 284636 tiered CA system; ask for more vaccine based on imminent collapse of the system; open 24/7 vaccination centers in every zip code, (2 per underserved zips), mobilize contract health workers and start jabbing. This can be done. It’s not being done.
We are numb to the deaths. We are numb to the press conferences with the same faces urging us to do more. We are masked. We are shut down as much as we can be. Stop yelling at us. Start breaking rules. The quicker we do this, the quicker we save our medical system. And lives.
I know we are also not fully complying with the byzantine health orders. We have all violated the rules in some way. Some egregiously and recklessly. But many of us try really really hard to stay home 24/7. We try. Many others are forced to work. What else can we do?
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Here are the actual physical and temporal limiting factors on presidential nuclear launch authority. 1/
1. POTUS needs to contact the NMCC or an alternate command post. This requires a phone number. These number are on speed-dial on the phones carried by the military aide and emergency action team from WHMO.
2. He could also ask a White House operator from Royal Crown, the secure switchboard to connect him. But he’d have to know exactly what to ask for. Not a big constraint - a tiny one.
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27 Nov 20
* Biden will choose either Michelle Flournoy, Jeh Johnson or Tammy Duckworth for SECDEF. He takes the civ-mil distinction seriously.
* former ADDO Justin Jackson is being considered for DCIA, along with Donilon, Jeh Johnson and some others. Jackson is on the CIA landing team
Note that, for each position here, 5-7 people are being vetted; some candidates are vetted as fallback choices. The nat sec team faces huge challenges. Biden wants them to work well together and to support his vision. Lots of conversations taking place. Process takes time.
One big consideration: Biden knows that morale in these agencies is shot because of Trump. He wants nominees who can win over their constituencies quickly. He cares about the federal workforce.
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25 Nov 20
The sad truth here is that LA has been locked down to the point where there are no more plausible interventions and closures in the government’s toolkit. So health authorities are improvising and then getting their backs up when citizens dare question them.
And closing down OUTDOOR dining might well drive people to have more private parties and dinners inside, which does facilitate transmission. So, LA closed down outdoor dining for three weeks. They mean well. But this is the “last mile” enforcement problem.
You can’t enforce “don’t gather with friends indoors” at the point of a gun, so the idea is to maximize safe options. In LA, there’s still a rush to shut down OUTDOOR stuff ... which always has increased indoor stuff. It doesn’t make sense. We know it doesn’t.
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5 Nov 20
President’s pollster willfully amplifying completely BS claim here. Percentages are of RV, not VAP and are not out of line with history. Also, the source for the claim of turnout exceeding 100 percent has retracted its data. This adult human knows better. Receipts to follow. Image
This is the source for the claim that Powerline amplified. It has corrected its data. worldpopulationreview.com/state-rankings… Image
Wisconsin routinely has dealt high turnout among registered voters, often exceeding 80 percent. But the claim falsely says that this is 80 percent of eligible voters - a much larger category. In 2016, turnout was 64 percent among *eligible voters* Image
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4 Nov 20
1) Denying agency to Cuban American voters in Miami-Dade and assuming they were the victims of disinformation OR that Dem consultants didn’t spend enough money “reaching out” is a fundamental misreading of why people vote.
2) some (but not all) consultants who spend money on ads (which generally don’t work) targeted at “Latinx” voters as a group are grifters. Cuban American voters do not consider themselves as Latinx. They are Americans with Cuban heritage, South Floridians, with diverse concerns.
3) for a party that embraces intersectionality, some folks in it (not all) sure have a habit of assuming that, for example, the politics of immigration play the same with women and men whose parents emigrated from very different countries for very different reasons.
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