This is it, this is the whole thing. As long as Trump is lying about the election—as long as he is lying about having the election stolen from him—and as long as *people believe him*, we are in serious jeopardy as a nation. This is not an exaggeration!… Image
If you can’t back the impeachment and conviction of Donald Trump when he is literally putting the country at risk because he’s so comically, buffoonishly self-obsessed that he would rather spark a civil war than admit he lost, when *could* you back it?
I just don’t understand the argument that impeaching him and convicting him and banning him from holding office now will inflame people more. You know what might inflame them? Allowing a defeated president to run around the country telling people the Biden government is illegal!
I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. How can you watch what is happening and think “well if we don’t repudiate him now everything will be okay.” You’ve lost the plot, man. He’s a literal danger to the republic and should be treated as such.

• • •

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11 Jan
And all this time all we had to do was get one guy at State to put up some bullshit to bring this nightmare to an end.
That’s some real Dorothy-had-the-power-to-return-to-Kansas-all-along BULLSHIT, screenwriters.
In case you do not understand what I’m blathering on about: Image
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6 Jan
No one ever listens to Sonny.
I’ve lost about 100 followers today and, honestly: I’m pretty okay with that.
If your reaction to today isn’t disgust for the rioters and their deluded, disgraced leader in the White House ...
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30 Sep 20
Alright. Debate thread! Please mute this thread if you generally prefer my (infallible) movie takes as opposed to my (often quite fallible) political takes.
(It’s a double, so: 3oz High West Double Rye, 1.5oz Dolin’s Sweet Vermouth, five or six dashes of Angostura bitters. Shake with ice. Pour into chilled martini glass. Enjoy!)
Joe Biden: “I am the rules.”

(Congrats to the six of you who get this reference.)
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27 Sep 20
If you don’t at least find the Trump taxes story *interesting*—if your default response is a casual “no one cares” or a strained “AvOiDanCe IsN’T EvaSioN!”—I am kind of curious what would you *would* find interesting.
I don’t think this is going to have 1/1000 of the impact on the election the SCOTUS fight will have. I don’t really care if it changes a single vote. (It probably won’t!) But an in-depth look into the taxes of a fabulously wealthy celebrity is kind of by-definition “interesting.”
The number of panicked Trump fans replying to this thread suggests maybe I was wrong and this thing does move the needle. I guess we’ll see as this story drips out the rest of the election and he’s forced to talk about how little money he has for the next six weeks.
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22 Sep 20
split every state until every county is one state and then split the states further until every township is a state
then split the states one more time until every HOA is a state

then let the HOAs go to war with each other

truly the civil war we deserve
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19 Sep 20
Knowing 2020, we’ll have a 269-269 EC split decided by a 4-4 SCOTUS.
::SCOTUS fails to stop premature end of vote counting in Wisconsin due to 4-4 split, sending 269-269 EC split to House::
::House delegations split 25-25::
::2020 spikes football right in all of our stupid faces::
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