A Thread - If my 48 year old self could talk to my 20 year old self I would say:
- No one's born knowing anything - we all learn. Never stop learning.
- You can do anything you set your mind to. Don't limit yourself, set your own goals, don't listen to naysayers.
- Love you /1
-Set your goals, have a plan, focus, focus, focus.
- Life will be there when you achieve your goals
- Trust your gut, especially with people. If you feel funny about a person, trust it.
- Keep your circle small and tight
- Create healthy habits
- Be spiritual - stay centered. /2
- Don't enter into any long term commitments if you have reservations, especially marriage.
- Never compare yourself to others. It is a recipe for unhappiness.
- It is okay to fail, I have learned more from failing than succeeding.
- Be kind.
- Be curious
- Forgive yourself. /3
- Learn to accept criticism, especially from those who truly love you.
- Perfection is a myth - we all make mistakes, try to learn from them
- Choose a life partner whom you are compatible with, have same interests, goals, respect and love
- Don't forget to have fun /4
- You can't control the bad things that happen to you, but you can control how you respond to them.
- Take care of your parents, you won't have them forever
- Choose your battles wisely
- Whatever your role in life, take it as a vocation. A way to serve God, give it your all. /4
- Don't fear calling out injustice when you witness it
- Get enough rest
- Find a place of peace : visit it often
- Follow your heart
- Read
- Be yourself.
- Help someone without expectation of anything in return
-Try to see the beauty in life
- Try to understand others. /4
Finally and most importantly find the courage to be yourself. /7

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24 Dec 20
# A thread Some of the greatest pleasures in life I have experienced are:
- a train ride through a beautiful landscape
- a great book
- a cup of tea on a rainy day
- a warm pair of socks (with pompoms preferably) on a cold day
- sharing a delicious meal with family and friends
- An answered prayer
- Watching ur child succeed at something they worked hard on
- A good glass of wine
- Travel to places you only read about
- Meeting an old dear friend
- Watching a garden grow
- A jumping baby goat
- Finding love and friendship all rolled up in one person
- A finished complicated construction project
- A perfectly rising dough
- Finding the perfect chair to compliment a room
- A beautiful piece of art
- A gorgeous manicure to lift the spirits
- Seeing your parents in yourself, and yourself in your children.
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2 Dec 20
Sibling Rivalry - a thread.
Many kids feel that their siblings are more special; get more attention. This can lead to lifelong resentments and psychological issues. As parents we have to try to give each child the love and attention they need, remember they are all different./1
Some thoughts:
- Kids have different emotional needs, recognize what works for one may not work for the other
- Each child has different strengths and weaknesses. Try to place more attention on the strengths.
- Its natural for a parent to relate to a child who is more like them/2
- Birth order is real. First borns may feel weight of responsibility, middle kids may feel lost in the shuffle.
- Every kid responds to things differently so discipline should be adjusted accordingly. Some kids are very sensitive; others more nonchalant. /3
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10 Aug 20
What I have learned so far, raising a bunch of boys:
- If toddlers refuse to eat, leave them alone. When they are hungry enough they will eat.
- There many things in life a warm hug, loving pep talk and good cup of tea will cure.
- Teenagers are always hungry - always /1
- Smelly socks, filthy clothes and untidy rooms mean a house full of healthy, active kids.
- Teach them to say please and thank you when they are very young.
- Thank you notes when you receive a gift or someones time are a must. It teaches an expression of gratitude
- Don't compare kids ability and weaknesses. They all have their strengths.
- Be kind, the world is so harsh, home should be a place of comfort, unconditional love and acceptance.
- Laugh at all the stupid stuff.
- Spend time with the kids, it all goes too fast. /3
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3 Aug 20
In 1967, my mother (a white American woman) moved to Kenya with my dad. They had been married 2 years, she lived in Kenya till her death 46 years later. In those years, she embraced Kisii culture, cooked the food, spoke both Kiswahili and Kisii, raised her children as Kisii /1
Decades later I also married a foreigner. I also embraced his culture - Igbo. I find the language hard to learn, I wish I could speak it like @nwanyi_ocha. I have found the journey as a foreign woman married in Igbo land to be interesting, fulfilling and rewarding /2
We make a point of bringing our children home annually to spend time in Igbo land and learn their culture. Foreign women embracing their husbands Igbo culture are not "cultural vampires". They understand that children need to know where they come from, who their people are /3
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23 Jul 20
Tips for real estate staging for showings/sales:
- remove all clutter
- stage house ie place certain objects like books on a coffee table
- remove potentially offensive items like explicit art
- remove too many personalized items like family pics, religious or political pieces
- Turn on lights to show house well
- ensure house is clean and airy
- present house to show strengths and minimize weaknesses
- Lightly scent room by burning candles, or baking cookies or any other pleasant homely scents
- Remove embarrassing items from view eg underwear
- ensure compound, balconies etc are clutter free and clean
- fix all dangerous issues like broken tile, exposed wires
- Before showing house, do final walkthrough , imagine viewing propery as a stranger.
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26 Jun 20
#1. Don't burn bridges. Years ago I was working as Asst Director of Nursing in a nursing facility, I was handing out assignments, due to sickness and we were short of staff. A nurse got angry with her assignment despite assurances that I would help and also call in more staff.
#2 In a rage, she threw the keys at me, called me all kinds of motherfathers and stormed out. I could have reported her to Dept of health for abandonment of post but I didn't, I worked the shift, help came in and we all forgot about the unfortunate incident.
#3 Two years later I was working a different facility. I was on a panel hiring for a plum management job. This job had excellent pay, benefits, good hours. Guess who walks in for the interview? The same nurse, she took one look at my face and just ran out.
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