Everybody they are arresting at the Capitol Riots are Democrats

Pay attention

They got caught

The impeachment is them trying to cover up their crimes
Like this guy

Who was working with Security at the time ImageImageImage
Watch him

He's an obvious Agent Provocateur

Or this Son of a NYC Judge, both of them Registered Dems

Why is he wearing a Police Flak jacket?????

What is going on?

He got arrested

Look at this guys sweet hand tatoo,

he was standing right next to the lady who got shot.

He was on CNN the night after

There's ore than meets the eye with this guy

Ask @Millie__Weaver Image
He plays both sides.

He's paid by someone within the military industrial complex

They got caught Image
Louie Gohmert confirms they were briefed

This is an Operation that went terribly wrong

Trump knows that

So do they

That's why they have to impeach

It's the only way to prolong the silly, ridiculous narrative
It was Antifa


They are too stupid to 'NOT' admit it on social media
Hey look

it was planned

They used Psyops officers to do it

They were caught telling the Police to stand down

They got caught ignoring the FBI

I do want to thank Jaden for filming his entire time in the Capitol Building,

It's probably what they're using to arrest people

Watch the girl with the camera .

This looks exactly like a movie set

the officer was never in danger

The people with cameras were perfectly positioned.

This was staged




Watch the camera

Perfectly placed for the best media shots

They waited for the Camera man to catch up ImageImage
They werent scared

They were showing them where to go

They got caught
I know no one actually watched Jaden's video from a few tweets earlier in this chain.

Why do I know this

Because nobody noticed he was already in the Capitol Building when they opened the gates
Here he is a day later.

He got arrested

Fairly confident the corrupt Judges in DC let him go scott free though

But they did nab him


Because they got caught
Here's the Chief of Police (who just stepped down right after this event) telling the world that he warned everybody of the coming disaster

Watch the cops, just begging people to move forward and enter the Capitol.


Congress was briefed by the FBI
The timeline doesn't work

They breached the Capitol before Trump was done with his speech

This is the narrative they are trying to pass off on us

Are we really going to pretend we believe it? Image
I'm not the only one that has been noticing what's going on

I always love being ahead of the news

From BLM to maga in 2 weeks Image
😂😂 Image
I wonder why Trump signed this on the 5th?

whitehouse.gov/presidential-a… Image


I called this on the 7th

I wasn't the only one Image

Here it comes

The House of Cards is crashing down


If they’re impeaching a President for something they did and it can be proven they knew about it???
He got caught btw

Was arrested this afternoon

But wait.......

That's not the biggest news......

There's more to the story

justice.gov/opa/page/file/… Image
Let’s take a look at this guys connections.

Where did he come from?


Looks like he was born into the

Military Industrial Complex

thegrayzone.com/2021/01/12/cha… ImageImage
But wait

I'm only just getting started on this guy


It was through his lens we witnessed the Ashli Babbitt Shooting

He also went on CNN the next day to showcase how terrible Trump was for inciting violence.....

Well.... ImageImageImage
June 30th, 2020

This is awfully strange???

Does the guy seem familiar to you?
Why is This J.S. character always around when someone gets shot? Image
He's everywhere
The video the the tweet right before this one was from August.

So is this pic.

I think this is my favorite part

This is where you start shaking your head in disbelief Image
Who is this guy? Image
When J.S. was speaking at the BLM rallies, his brother was speaking at the Proud Boys events


No Shit Image
Officers from Military


(let me say that again)


are being investigated?

The Son of a NYC Judge and REGISTERED DEMOCRAT Gave interviews while inside the Capitol Building?

The Guy from NYC was friends with with a guy waving a Confederate FLAG? ImageImageImageImage
A deadly rioter has time to give an interview to the press, while inside the Capitol??????

Psyops officers being arrested??
Let's get back to this guy

The podium theif

He was arrested also


Would you look who it is

Austin Stenibart with our favorite rioter

In case you are wondering what the deal is with this Steinbart guy is,
He invaded 8'k'u'n a while back
He was arrested for some shady stuff
All in all, he's bad news

Hey look

John was an aspiring Speed Skater that almost made the Olympics


Probably how this guy is connected.

What goes on at those Olympic villages?

But we have to go back to our NYC Kid

Let’s take a look at the end of his video.

Here it is.

Watch when the camera pans thru the crowd.

Who do you see?

Not the guy with the horns.

The other one

The guy in the -Q- shirt

Where did we last see him??? Image


we saw him here

Looks like the friendly conversations with the cops from earlier went sour as soon as the Camera Guys arrived Image
Well would you look at that

He's right here as well.............

Odd how he was laughing around with the police just a few minutes after this.....
They got him too


Great thread about a certain man's Discord Server

I don't think they're going to get away with it this time.

I think it might finally be happening


J.S. was arrested right away by the DC police.
He was released with no charges right away also.
Like in all Dem cities, The corrupt AG was in on it,

A few days later, he was picked up by the FBI.
You can see the surprise on his face, that wasn't supposed to happen
Just how deep does this get?

The teachers unions were there ready to hand out information packets to teachers right away.

They needed to make sure the kids learned the
'CORRECT WAY' about this event.......

how much planning was involved?


• • •

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