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Someone made a choice NOT to tell @ODNIgov's #DanCoats that #Putin, the man who attacked our election, has been invited to the U.S. by Trump right before #Midterms2018.

This is the same as if @POTUS44 had invited #OsamabinLaden to the @WhiteHouse for the anniversary of 9/11.
How much more clear can it be that Trump knows how dangerous this is for the U.S.? Trump's outreach to #Putin over his own intelligence staff is that much-touted "shooting someone in the middle of 5th Avenue" that he always said he could get away with.

Director of National Intelligence #DanCoats informed on stage at #AspenSecurityForum that Trump has invited #Putin to the White House.

"Say that again," he responds.
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Re: today's events:
In February, Mueller released information clarifying how and why #Putin desperately wanted to stop #HillaryClinton from being elected.

Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Jill Stein were helped by Russian election interference…
In #Helsinki, #Putin stated directly that he worked to elect Trump. His intent was to stop #HillaryClinton. He tried to effectuate that during the primary by targeting Sanders supporters. Putin could not sway non-white voters despite his broad disinformation campaign against HRC.
But even though #Putin was unable to win the primary, he WAS able to plant the seeds of disinformation quite strongly. That included the parroting of #HillaryClinton being "corrupt," which Sanders and Trump had hammered (without evidence) repeatedly. (Details are in the report.)
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DNI Dan #Coats is very reassuring in interview with @mitchellreports. He's not afraid to speak the truth, even opposing Trump. He emphasized #Russia is by far the biggest cyber threat, which is where wars are fought today. But he had no idea Lavrov/Kislyak were coming to the WH🤯
@mitchellreports @ODNIgov Schizophrenia: DNI Coats just confirmed sane ppl in govt are working to protect us from threat of Russia. Congress rebukes Trump in 98-0 vote. Coats didn't know Trump just invited Putin—who ordered attacks on our election—to US in fall. To observe his operations in the midterms??
Trump is intent on normalizing Putin. All the post-summit clean up was cover. He invites Putin to WH, doesn't tell Coats. And we now know that Trump has been knowling lying—waging his own disinformation campaign—about Russia's attack which put him in the WH. WHO IS OUR POTUS??
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🚨NEW: #Putin told Russian diplomats he made a proposal to Trump at Helsinki summit to hold a referendum to resolve (his!) war in eastern #Ukraine.

It’s nuts we keep learning major news from #Russia. As if the Kremlin’s in charge of and guiding US policy!…
Let's review some facts: Putin invaded eastern #Ukraine's Donbas region to punish Ukraine for ousting his puppet Yanukovych. 10000+ dead, 1.7 million Ukrainians left Donbas as a result of war & occupation. How Soviet—Putin wants a referendum after Donbas is cleansed of Ukrainians
Now that Russia drained Eastern Ukraine of 2 million Ukrainians and local resources, Putin proposes a “referendum” to Trump at Helsinki summit. Maybe Putin’s tired of funding the criminal fiefdoms his invasion established. I’ll never forget how they desecrated the ruins of MH17.
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1. When #QAnon stops posting, it givers us exhortation to study his posts & unlock the amazing plan hidden inside of the drops. #Q
2. #QAnon's last post (1681) put [here] in the "kill box" brackets, such that some interpret this to REFELECT #Q's pause exhorting us to REFLECT ("Think mirror") because, he tells us, the "truth is behind you".
3. Let's look at these REFLECTIONS- God knows we are learning nothing from #DeepState-#Clown-#MockingbirdMedia propaganda.

1664: "Coordinated MSM hysteria designed to instill fear - change narrative."

1676: "'Divide they try. Fail they will.' Everything has meaning."
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#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
100 years ago the Russian royal family was BRUTALLY MURDERED by Communist scum.

The Bolshevik Communists not only murdered the Tsar, but also his wife and small children.

Never forget the evils of Communism.

RETWEET so that history won't be forgotten.
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump #Winning #Russia #TrumpPutinSummit2018
The Summit- re-writing history
EVERYTHING has meaning
Is this showing that the rightful heirs to the Russian Empire- the ROMANOV's- have now reestablished their stature as world powers?
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump #Winning #Russia #TrumpPutinSummit2018
This is only applicable if you can believe Melania is of Romanov decent. The US/Russia Summit occurred on the 100th anniversary of the assassination of the Romanov family by a Jew.
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This is harrowing.

That a sitting U.S. president would even discuss this, that a @PressSec would address it seriously, as if it were ever something to consider--the most shocking moments of a utterly gobsmacking day.

This is a grotesque and dangerous facsimile of a presidency.
●There is no crime here--not by former Ambassador @McFaul, not by @Billbrowder.

●There is no extradition treaty with #Russia.

●There is diplomatic immunity for ambassadors (to prevent exactly this).

Congress must speak with one bipartisan voice against this. Now.
Here is a transcript of the exchange with @PressSec today as she parlayed Trump's theory that he could turn over a U.S. ambassador to #Putin.

If it doesn't shock you, slap yourself. Hard.
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#President @realDonaldTrump's words, whether you accept his apology and his explanation, do not comport with his actions and his foreign policy toward #Russia. He has been one of the hardest presidents on Russia in recent memory.

#Trump #IntelligenceCommunity #Collusion
Where was the outrage when @BarackObama told Medvedev to inform #Putin "After my election I have more flexibility,"? I think much of the outrage being expressed- especially by #Republicans- is politically motivated.

#Trump #IntelligenceCommunity #Collusion #Russia
However, what @realDonaldTrump said was not right. It DID undermine our #IntelligenceCommunity, and it was a mistake. He has since corrected it and walked it back.

#Trump #HelsinkiSummit #Collusion #Russia #Putin
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#Russia's Amb to #US Antonov says #Putin, @realDonaldTrump reached some "important verbal agreements" at #HelsinkiSummit, spoke in favor of keeping START & INF treaties.
Antonov adds after return from #Russia he has a "clear resolve to go knovk on the door of @StateDept, NSC to have a sound idea of what we need to do together to implement these agreements." Antoniv conceded, however he "remains toxic" in the eyes of American public..
Antonov concludes "I cant guarantee, we, the diplomats in Washington, wont have any indulgences in terms of a more relaxed atmospherics until mid-term elections in Nov. And from that it's not too far until next Presidential elections."
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#Montenegro has the same population as Vermont--our 2nd least populous state with a mere 625k people. Montenegro is tiny and poor--median income of $18k.

Trump has no idea what and where it is.
He just knows #Putin told him about it Monday.
A year ago--THIS IS LIKE CLOCKWORK, ISN'T IT?--@SenJohnMcCain wrote and op-ed about...#Montenegro. You will want to read it.

Russia threat is dead serious. Montenegro coup and murder plot proves it
The MSM should be framing the #Montenegro story as the natural off-shoot of Trump's meeting in #Helsinki. Is there anyone on this planet who thinks Trump ever heard of Montenegro before his meeting with Putin? The big concern here is with how easily Trump is manipulated by Putin.
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#QAnon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #Winning
Q !
Jul 3 2018 23:21:31 (EST)
Who do you see?
To answer Q question some anon says, he is Bill Browder that was in HK
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #Winning
Q !
Jul 3 2018 23:21:31 (EST)
Who do you see?
To answer Q question some anon says, he is Bill Browder that was in HK
Here is the prove.
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #Winning #BillBrowder #Putin #PutinSummit #TrumpPutinSummit
Who Is Bill Browder? Meet the British Financier Putin Criticized at His Press Conference With Trump…
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1.Since 2005 #Russian Oligarchs have syphoned $335 Billion stolen money out of #Russia Putin himself is worth $200 Billion, and they are doing it using #Bitcoin, because its fast and effective, they use parts of it to interfere in elections.

#Trump #Putin #Bitcoin #Treason
2. One of the "henchmen" used by #Russia was Alexander Vinnick, who was arrested by @FBI laundering $4 Billion in dirty money through #Bitcoin.

#Trump #Putin #Bitcoin #Treason…
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We are scared. We are angry. We are outraged. You had a chance to elect the finest most competent candidate of a generation – yes I am talking about @hillaryclinton but your flawed electoral system did not allow this to happen. Your “President”....
...refused to release his tax returns, mocked the disabled, incited racially offensive comments about the Mexicans. He managed to “brush off” the Billy Bush bombshell where he said that he was able to grab women by the p**** had a fake University where he ripped off millions..
...and had been bankrupt a number of times stiffing small businesses and yet millions upon millions of you voted for him. The record job growths and financial recovery since the GFC of 2008 and the progressive socially uplifting 8 years of President Barrack Obama simply wasn’t..
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In September 2016, @KellyannePolls told Trump he couldn't get elected if he kept claiming @POTUS44 was born in Kenya--as he had 67x on Twitter over 6yrs. So Trump gave a press conference saying he believed Obama was born in the US, gave no explanation, took no questions.

Trump has since walked that back.

Remember at the Inaugural luncheon where he paid tribute to @HillaryClinton and all she has done for America and asked those in attendance to applaud her?

Trump soon walked that back as well & has directed his DOJ to investigate her again.
Everyone knows Trump lies, that he has always lied and that he believes his own lies.

Trump lied repeatedly at the #HelsinkiSummit presser. He also told his truth--that Russia didn't attack our 2016 election.There is videotape of the live broadcast which the whole world saw.
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@realDonaldTrump attempts to walk back his #treason, claims he meant to say there was no reason "it wouldn't be #Russia" behind election meddling.🙄

"I said the word would instead of wouldn't...I think that probably clarifies things."


Trump later said that he accepted the USIC’s conclusion that #Russia🇷🇺interferes in the election, but **in the SAME sentence** added that “it could have been someone else.”🙄

Even IF you believe Trump misspoke in that 1 sentence, it does NOT explain the rest of his TREASONOUS remarks:

👉🏼Praised #Putin as “strong, very strong,” as he accepted Putin’s denial
👉🏼NEVER mentioned the MURDER & attempted murders perpetrated by #Russia🇷🇺on British soil
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1) #QAnon #SaveTheKids

I have been Twitter-silent of late, waiting for the next shoe to drop…and there are a closet full of shoes. It was a needed break as it has been a struggle watching the cabal continue to walk the streets.
2) The breathless screams about yesterday's #TreasonSummit warrant an immediate reply. The best place to start is to ask WHY? Why are the political left and the #MSM/#LSM claiming the Trump-Putin meeting to be treasonous? What is the basis?
3) Did you hear concerns of #Treason when #Traitor44 went around the world on his apology tour, disparaging the United States? They PRAISED #Obama for bowing to leaders of foreign nations & ridicule #POTUS for NOT BOWING in submission, as if we are subject to their kingdoms.
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🔥In the charging documents for accused #Russian🇷🇺agent Maria Butina, the unnamed “US Person 1” — who established a “VERY private line of communication btwn the Kremlin & key [@GOP] leaders through, of all conduits, the #NRA” — appears to be #GOP consultant Paul Erickson. 1/

Note that #DOJ says that “US Person 1” arranged the secret backchannel btwn the Kremlin and **key @GOP leaders** (not just Team Trump).🔥

How many people in the #GOP freaked out when they read that Butina got busted⁉️ 2/


Mueller is investigating the alleged flow of ILLEGAL foreign (#Russian🇷🇺) money for @GOP campaigns via the #NRA.

Don’t think for a moment that at least some #Republicans didn’t know where the #NRA’s sudden influx of cash came from.🙄 3/

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If #Putin wanted a US president to do his bidding, it would look exactly like Trump, who puts migrant children in cages but shakes in fear before a dictator who attacked America.…
The lead-in to #HelsinkiSummit was Trump being mired in pro-#Putin rhetoric, as Gerson explains here.

The list is unsettling long and also speaks to Trump's jejune status. As evidenced during #TrumpUKVisit, he's unaware of basic geography or geographical terms.
"The president remains in total denial about Russian intentions and actions."

The fact that no one in Trump's inner circle has been able to adjust his mindset to accept this reality when he put this in motion July 27, 2016 with his shout-out to #Putin is alarming at best.
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Many Americans are joking about today's events while my friends and colleagues abroad are stunned and horrified.

I have come close to tears while writing about today's events. One Brit friend said, "I hope this isn't the death of your democracy."

I hope not, either.
What concerns me is that Americans are already inured to Trump's outrageous behavior and thus are shrugging this off. Many on the left are making inane comments like "we knew, so what?"

This isn't just about America. This is about the free world versus dictatorship.
The FACT that the POTUS spoke out AGAINST our own government in defense of a foreign dictator who attacked our country as clearly as the 9/11 attacks should give every American a frisson of fear.

Two superpowers aligned today against the West.

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Well it's pretty simple tbh

Would you like me to explain?
Trump was referring to US/RU relations not the supposed "hacking"

I say supposed because it was already disproven by #Binney

The wider press dismissed it & referred to him as a conspiracy theorist, but failed to mention he's the former head of @NSA
Given the fact that the @FBI were denied access to the server in favour of a private org (and DNC client), @CrowdStrike the question becomes:

Is #Mueller's indictment based on actual evidence from the server OR a report from crowdstrike?
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So the key @WhiteHouse access reporter from the @nytimes doesn't see today's events as #BREAKING.

That is hard to fathom.

.@maggieNYT stood with @PressSec against @Acosta during the #TrumpUKVisit.

Haberman also supported SHS after the #WHCD and the #RedHen incident. In 2017, Haberman said the cast of #Hamilton was rude to @VP Pence and that it was unseemly, as he was VP.
.@maggieNYT was primary reporter on the Hillary Clinton email beat. MH was personally bylined on 53 stories related to Clinton's emails.

No newspaper or reporter had more detailed coverage--incl the front page after the #ComeyLetter which NYT's own Upshot said cost the election.
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(1) #AboutWeaponizedBiologicalResearch

@GeorgWebb is talking about #Putin outing Russians conspiring with the #DeepState - on Long Island - and possible eugenetics or biological research

(2) #AboutWeaponizedBiologicalResearch

New York City -> Long Island
(3) #AboutWeaponizedBiologicalResearch

Long Island -> Plum Island -> Lyme Connecticut
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