The impeachment of President Trump, one week before he relinquishes power, does what Democrats wrongfully claim President Trump did on 1/6. It pours gas on the smoldering embers, which consists of tens of millions who have serious doubts about the integrity of our elections.
Leftists believe that impeaching the President for a second time will destroy Trump’s remodel of the Republican Party.
This new movement is defined by Trump’s America first policies that gave us a roaring economy, Middle East stability & peace, kept us out of any new wars while rebuilding the military, strengthened the U.S. position in trade agreements, and against our adversaries.
The ‘great unifiers’ in the Democrat Party and the media, worked to delegitimize President Trump before and during his entire presidency. Joined by their new ally, big business, they are working to eliminate the Republican Party.
They don’t want the status quo ante; they want single party rule. Their zeal in seeking removal of the President only a week before he leaves office is not healing, nor will it kill this movement.
Violence has been condemned, but it takes more than lip service to prevent violence. It takes resisting the temptation to destroy President Trump, and a realization that his removal now has the unfortunate likelihood of creating a conflagration.
I am disappointed that cooler heads did not prevail amongst Democrats today.

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8 Jan
The Capitol attack was shameful & despicable, & all Republicans, including President @realDonaldTrump, have denounced the violence we experienced.

Democrats are using the Capitol breach to once again try to take out the President, just a few days before he will leave office.
@realDonaldTrump Democrats have called for the President’s removal pursuant to the 25th Amendment.

When that fails, as it surely will, Democrats have promised to rush a second impeachment of the president. They hope to destroy the political movement he has created by destroying its leader.
@realDonaldTrump Democrats have hated @realDonaldTrump since before he pulled off the shocking presidential upset in 2016 over a corrupt Democrat nominee.

I unequivocally oppose this brewing impeachment plot.
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15 Dec 20
Today is the 229th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution.

Our founders understood that our rights come from God, not from men; and that government exists to protect those God-given rights, NOT to usurp them.
We have seen these rights under assault in recent decades, but more so this year w/ the COVID-19 hysteria. Americans have the power to rise up & reclaim our rights before it is too late. Will we answer the call? Or will we be content to see gov’t strip away our sacred rights.
The choice is left to each of us.
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7 Nov 20
While COVID-19 is serious for a small part of our population (as w/ many illnesses), it is not serious for the vast majority of our population (as w/ many illnesses).

And yet many mainstream journalists continue to report ONLY the stats that give rise to mass hysteria.
They aren’t providing you w/ context you deserve to make educated decisions about how you should handle COVID-19.

They have no interest in asking health officials about the sensitivity of PCR tests. Up to 90% of reported positive tests could be non-infectious/false positives.
They have no interest in asking health officials about the breakdown of these cases.

How many are serious?

How many are mild?

How many are asymptomatic?
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6 Nov 20
No context to these COVID-19 numbers.

The mainstream media refuses to hold Arizona health officials accountable to providing the context that is required for a rational response to this virus.

If the media will not do their jobs, then Arizonans should demand answers.
No one knows the sensitivity of the PCR tests

Here's why that is important:

MONTHS AGO, a NEW YORK TIMES piece found that, in 3 states, 90% of cases may have been non-infectious/false positives.

Few in the ARIZONA media have asked AZDHS about our test sensitivity numbers.
Few in the media are also demanding that Arizona health officials provide a breakdown of the seriousness of the reported cases.

How many cases are serious?

How many cases are mild?

How many cases are asymptomatic?

These numbers are important to provide context for Arizona.
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5 Nov 20
With most eyes on election drama across the country, the Arizona mainstream media has decided to intensify the COVID-19 hysteria to help their shutdown efforts after the election news subsides.

We’ve seen this script all too often this year. This is fear mongering at its worst.
Do not succumb to these efforts from the radical left and their allies in the mainstream media.

Do your own research and do what is best for your loved ones.
FACT: there were over 2,000 COVID-19 cases reported in Arizona, but most in the mainstream media haven’t bothered to lift a finger to find out the cycle threshold (sensitivity) for Arizona’s PCR tests.

Most of these cases could be non-infectious or false positives.
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7 Oct 20
For years, I have led efforts in Congress to expose the corruption at the highest levels of the Department of Justice and our intelligence community.

It was clear early on that American officials attempted to prevent @realDonaldTrump from being elected to office.
@realDonaldTrump Thankfully, these corrupt officials failed.

But their failure did not prevent them from taking the next step of their coup against America's duly elected president.

Many of these officials tried to overthrow President Trump, culminating in the Mueller witch-hunt/Ukraine hoax.
@realDonaldTrump In April 2017, I issued a statement on the revelations that Susan Rice allegedly attempted to unmask @realDonaldTrump's name in U.S. intelligence reports:…
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